My thoughts

I am a mother of 3 boys
My husband is a truck driver and only home weekends
I get lonely alot.
I am a petite nice looking woman and have fantasies about cheating.
Whats got me confused or upset with myself
The past week i was watching tv with boys i was on love seat and the other 3 were on floor and couch
I wont say which
Anyway i was cold so had my legs pulled up and blanket on
I was alittle h**** and never done this but I slide my hand down my sweats
And masturbated in room with them close by
They couldn’t tell.
Problem is I wasn’t thinking of any fantasies at time so was having issues with climaxing
I was h**** and wet as i ever been
I usually close my eyes to. But wouldn’t because boys were there.
I was staring at tv and my eyes dropped to my son on floor he was on his belly his back to me watching tv and his but his bare back i stared at my son and had to choke down a moan and came in my sweats.
That night i went to bed no one the wiser
I was still h**** and I imagined me straddling him cowgirl and grinding into him.
My hips were bucking and i came hard 3 times in a row.
I sink into matress and drifted off to sleep.
Now i do it all the time two or three times a day.
I have used all 3 at different times in my fantasies.
Always me just taking them.
In the bath i climb in and pull him on me.
In the kitchen i let the oldest bend me over.
Taking turns in my bed.
In my fantasies i keep it a secret not one knows about the other.
I need to stop i try to the more i try the hotter i get.
Is there a way to break this.
Anyone else have fantasies like this?

Jan 10, 2020

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  • Don't break it. Live it. Love them babe, take them to bed. Best thing my son and i ever did.

  • How old are they ? Do you bath them ? Maybe you could play with their parts when bathing them, depending their age, it might give them their first h*****.

    If their in their teens, find out if they have any fetishes. For instance, if one of them got a women-wearing-satin fetish (like I do), you could wear more satin clothing and nightwear. Causing him to get unwanted erections and such… then you could "accidently" bump in into him wearing satin….

  • Sister yeah

  • I fantasize about my mum and my two sisters all the time.

  • Yes I started masturbating over my 2 sons they were 15 Bobby and 17 Dan as we sat around at night like you did 25 years ago. I wore large t-shirts at night not sweatpants.

    Mentally my I was already have an incestuous relationship with my sons. I was only a matter of time before I lived it out.

    Two months into it, they caught on to me. That Friday Dan sat next to me as I did it. He took out his c*** it was hard and Bobby pulled off my blanket my fingers were in me. He took out his c*** also it was hard also. I said No Boys Please we can't.

    The simply ripped my t-shirt off my body, and forced me on my hand and knees on the floor. Bobby was I my mouth and Dan inside me. I was split roasted by them. It was pure heaven, we f*** for 15 minutes then they both came. I swallowed Bobby and let Dan fill my p**** with his c**. I had been c****** the whole time.

    I was 44 at the time. 10 years later we share a bed and I am used and completely satisfied by them. They always want me, God knows how much c** I've swallowed over the years and the number of loads in me.

    Just be careful if you do this. I got pregnant at 45 by one of them. We have a girl. She started to join uscat 17, as she wanted her both her fathers to pleasure her and she wanted girl girl with me.

  • Sounds like a lesson in NOT being wanting to be careful. ;3

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