Wife's niece

Well, We just returned from a family vacation and it was a little awkward for some of it. My wife's sister and her cousin both traveled with us and their families as well. We have three children under 13, Her cousin 2 under 11 and her sister 1 under 13 and one 18. My wife comes from a family of well built, Good looking women and it's never a bad day when you get to see one of them in a bikini, My wife's niece though has really come into her own in the last couple years. I know, She is only 18 but holy has she got a body on her. She is gonna make some lucky man VERY happy one day since from what I have heard from my wife she is planning to wait until marriage before really giving it up.
My wife's niece may be holding out but she is not shy about showing off, First morning on the beach she wore a thong bikini, Not super small on the top but she has quite large b****** so there was still lots showing, her mom was not super happy about her beach attire since she showed up in a beach wrap and when she took it off was when her mom realized what she had on and immediately commented to her on it. Her response was "Oh goodness mom, Step out of the dark ages...It's a bikini", She was not even remotely shy about it and spent the day palying with the other kids in the sand, swimming and did lots of bending over and sitting in front of everyone. Not sure who all seen it but there were a couple of unexpected moments where a little more than even she planned I am sure ended up getting shown. A thong doesn't cover much in the back and when you bend over it leaves nothing to the imagination and I am sure everyone there seen her butt hole.
That evening she wore a little sun dress and no bra, Her b****** are too big for no bra in my opinion but whatever, Not up to me to decide, Second day she showed up in a bikini not much bigger than the day before and her mom again commented and again she didn't leave much to our imaginations. The next day there were two very attractive women sitting not far from us and they had removed their tops, She took notice and mentioned it to her mom who replied "Well...That's different...I mean...I wouldn't but it's a personal choice" and probably 15 minutes later I was sitting in my lounger and looking over talking to my wife when her niece sat in the lounger on the other side of her and peeled off her top.
My wife right away noticed my facial expression and turned to look then turned back to me wide eyed and looked at her sister to see if she had noticed yet which she hadn't, My wife played it cool for a few minutes then whispered to me "Ready for the fireworks?". I have to give it to the wife's sister, She played it cool and when she got up to go get a drink she stood up, Looked over and just shook her head, took a deep breath, sighed and walked away. She spent the day completely topless and it was tough not to look when she would reapply sunscreen or go for a dip and come walking back in just her thong bottoms, I later asked my wife if her sister said anything and she said she just wondered if her daughter was trying to get a rise out of her or if she really just was that comfortable with it all.
This went on for a week and she completly quit wearing tops on the beach and she attracted a LOT of attention which didn't go unnoticed by her parents, Her dad never said a word to me about it but was visibly unnerved by it.
The first day of week two she came down for breakfast and was wearing a little belly shirt, No bra and completely see through stretchy black pants, completely see through, Everything was visible and she had nothing on underneath, A couple times when she bent over you could see her vag from behind, When she walked toward us you could see she is shaved bald and there was nothing hidden, I couldn't believe how see through they were and her mom said to her "Where did you get those pants?", She said "At the shop here", Her mom said "I am not sure the quality of them is very good" and she shrugged saying "They were cheap but apparently I didn't pack any from home". They younger kids were all playing in the grass just outside the breakfast area and her dad hadn't come down yet, When the wife's niece walked back to the breakfast bar her sister said to my wife "Ok, Does she know?", My wife shrugged and her sister said "She has to know, Everyone can see her v*****...Everyone...Don't they have a mirror in the store".
After breakfast they went up to their room and later her sister told her that she told her daughter to look in the mirror and she right away realized how see through the pants were and she took them off so maybe she just actually didn't know but she continued not wearing a top on the beach and continued flashing her butt hole and even her v***** a few times, Second last day of the trip I was sitting out front of our room and most of the kids were there, We were on a big, Covered beach cabana thing and she came up, Crawled on and sat cross legged, Right away her vag was on display from the angle I was sitting to her I could see right up the leg of her shorts and see the whole thing, Nothing hidden, legs crossed, Vag spread and just sitting there like nothing was happening. Probably half an hour passed before anyone else came along and thankfully I had moved by that time, My wife walked up and I was standing off to the side where it would have been impossible to see it but my wife noticed right away and she looked at me motioning toward her, I squinted and she nodded her head toward her, I picked up some toys off the sand and looked over, I looked at my wife and she didn't say anything so I took another look before standing back where I was.
My wife leaned over and whispered to her that everyone could see her vag and she fixed her shorts, We are home now and my wife hasn't said much about it but it was a very difficult vacation and it's nice to not be rock hard all day for a change LOL.

Jan 10, 2020

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  • My wife's cousin has a daughter who stays with us often since they live on a farm so when she comes to the city she stays at our place, She is large breasted like her mom and NEVER wears a bra around the house, Hard not to stare sometimes as some of her tops are quite thin and very see through.

  • You get to see the younger p****'s too?

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