Accidentally Exposing Myself On Purpose

I was feeling sooo h**** on the subway coming home from my last college class that I let a man see up my dress as if it was by accident.

I picked a harmless looking old guy figuring he'd be more appreciative and not hassle me. He took the bait and stared so hard he didn't know I was looking at the l*** in his eyes that lit up like he hadn't seen up a woman's dress in years. I call that a mercy show, and he probably went home and jerked off over seeing the black panties between my legs and thinking about my sweet p****. I have to admit even thought he wasn't the least bit sexy to me, I masturbated at home because showing myself like that for the first time in my life made me sooo h**** I had to relieve myself from the intense horniness. Felt good. I might carefully try that again.

Jul 18, 2011

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  • Harmless fun for everyone

  • I was the old man whose life you made better by allowing me to worship your dear dear p****. You can't imagine how beautiful your p**** is to me!

  • Love the ladies in their short skirts when they let a glimpse up their skirts exposing her sexy panties or even the natural beauty with no panties!

  • Mercy of what? You are just a sad show off with an inflated ego.

  • I have to agree that "accidental" exposing is a HUGE turn on and fun hobby of mine too.

  • There is a raised walkway near where I live. I love to watch the girls walk along it giving me a wonderful view up their skirts. You would be surprised at the number that are wearing no panties, leaving everything exposed to my gaze.
    A few days ago a girl spotted me looking up. She paused for a moment and then widely opened her legs to show me that she wasn't wearing panties and was beautifully shaved. Wonderful!

  • Leather skirt &no knickers.
    I have a lovely, short leather skirt with buttons down the front. It's so short that it barely covers my rear, and bending forward causes it to rise, showing everything.
    As an exhibitionist, I love to go out wearing it and 'accidentally' bend over in a public place, giving everyone a good view of my firm ar-se and pus-sy. Also because it has buttons in the front, it's good to allow the bottom one to open while I walk along. Another trick that I often use is to allow the middle ones to become undone. This causes the skirt to gape open, totally exposing my smooth pus-sy. I've done this several times, allowing loads of folk to have a good look. Only once has a woman come up to me to tell me my skirt is open and everything is on show. I looked quite startled and said that I didn't know as I quickly buttoned up. She told me that if I was going to wear that skirt again I really should wear some knickers underneath. Little did she know that I did it deliberately.
    Rachel, England.

  • Rachel, your a lady after my own heart. I find it so arousing when I got without knickers. I love bedding over when shopping knowing that anyone can see my pus-sy if they look. I've had a lot of whispered comments from both men and women which I must confess got me tingling, it's one of my favourite hobbies now. Andrea England.

  • I have a very short imitation leather skirt. I call it my pis-sing skirt. I love to wear it with nothing beneath and then pis-s myself in public. (By the way, I never wear knickers). When I get up in the morning I go out without visiting the bathroom first. Soon I am bursting for a pis-s. I attempt to hold on until it becomes impossible, then I just let it go wherever I am. I have pis-sed myself in shops, town centres, parks and cinemas. Sometimes I pretend to be distraught at what I have done and people come and comfort me. Little do they know the pleasure that pis-sing in public gives me. It's almost better than s**.
    Ginny. UK

  • Hi Ginny. I also like to pis-s myself in public. The great pleasure is having a full to bursting bladder and slowly letting it go a drop at a time dripping from under my skirt in all sorts of public places. I don't wear any knickers either. Sometimes I can go all day without fully emptying my bladder. The pain of a bursting bladder is just exquisite. My favorite time is slowly letting it out at the cinema or on the bus. I pull my skirt up and let it soak into the seat. When I get up I have a wet as-s but its lovely.
    Dawn T

  • I had a really embarrassing accident yesterday. I was in the centre of town and desperately needed to pee. I ran to the nearest toilet only to find that it was closed for repair. The only other one was in the nearby park.
    Desperately trying to hold on I attempted to go there, but about half way I couldn't hold it any longer and wet myself in full view of everybody. My skirt was soaked, and as I was wearing no knickers it became quite transparent, allowing everyone to see that I had no knickers on.
    I had to walk all the way home like that. Dozens of people must have seen everything.
    Sarah J

  • I think that is fantastic. My wife and I are both enthusiastic exhibitionists. We read your comment together and it got us hot & xxxcited and we dressed provocatively and went to our favorite club to show off. We want to thank you for being you.

  • I have a short denim skirt like that. It has poppers down the front. Unfortunately they have become worn and sometimes pop open unexpectedly. As I don't wear underwear, people sometimes get a quick flash of my naked cu*nt.

  • I've got a really short denim skirt with buttons down the front. I have enlarged the buttonholes so that they quite often pop undone unexpectedly. I love wearing this without knickers, knowing that I can be suddenly exposed. This has happened on several occasions. The thrill it gives me knowing that someone has just seen my naked, shaven cu-nt almost gives me an org-asm, and I have to go and rub myself off in the nearest toilet. I then leave with a streaming wet pus-sy as a reminder.

  • I wanted a new pair of shoes. My boyfriend said that he would buy them for me if I was willing to complete a task that he would set for me. When I asked what it was, he said that he wanted me to walk the length of our local high street wearing a really short mini skirt. That didn't seem a big challenge until he said that I had to do it wearing no knickers or tights and with my favourite d**** inside me. He said that if it slipped out I would lose and not get the shoes.
    Next morning we went into town, and in the car I inserted my d****. I held it in position as I got out, and keeping my legs tight together I tried a few steps. It was very risky. My skirt barely covered my cu'nt anyway, and if it started to slip it would be visable to all. I decided to give it a go and slowly walked down the street, praying that it wouldn't slip out. With luck I made it to the river bridge at the end of the street. My boyfriend then said that I could take it out. Checking that nobody was looking I quickly removed it from my dripping cu'nt and put it in my bag. He then said that we could go to the shoe shop and get the shoes. I said that I wanted to go to the toilets and dry my cu'nt, but he wouldn't let me. In the shop I was very aware that my skirt was too short to hide my cu'nt as I tried on the shoes. I'm sure someone must have seen that I had no knickers on, but I got my shoes.

  • Becky that was quite an arousing story! Loved to of been a clerk to help you with your new shoes. I was once in a shoe store and the girl helping me was wearing a short skit with white lace panties. As I stood up to feel how the shoes fit, Her legs were spread allowing me to see her wetness as our eyes met I could feel the budge growing in my pants as her eyes focused on my growing excitement. Thanks for sharing.

  • My wife is 38 now and I am 42. She started showing herself when she was 19 and I was around 23......makes sense. She has shown herself through several ways at malls. One time we went to a shoe store and she was dressed in a short skirt with no panties. The skirt was a denim miniskirt. I acted as a different customer and was not with her in the shoe store. But, I kept an eye on things to make sure she would be OK. This was one of the old stores where the guy would help her on with the shoes. With the very first pair of shoes he could see that she was putting on a show. And she kept trying on different shoes. She would send him to the back to get more shoes and each time he left, she would slide down in her seat, which would ride the skirt up more, and she would open her legs more. So, each time he came back he got a better view. By the time she was done with him she told me that his face was about 3 inches away from her bottom. She told me she could feel his breath on her. And when they were done, she could see he was visibly excited. When we left she was also extremely much so that on the drive home I had to finger her to get her off a couple of times.

  • My wife is 68 and still a damn looker. In the summer she wears short sundresses without panties when we are doing yard work giving the neighbors a show. There is one guy in particular, about 50, she’s hot for. She always gives him a good look, front and back. We both love it!

  • During this COVID lockdown we have only been allowed out once a day to exercise. I have done this every day by riding my bike. Each day I try to choose a different route. Nothing unusual about this until I tell you that I am an exhibitionist. When I ride my bike I always wear a short skirt and tight form-fitting top. I never wear a bra or panties. My nipples are quite prominent and my skirt never quite covers my shaved pus-sy, so as I cycle along both are easy to see.
    To make things a little more exciting for me, each day I have chosen a shorter skirt and thinner top. As I cycle my bare bottom is on the saddle. With my skirt riding up it is easy to see that I have no knickers on.
    Dozens of folk must have seen my bare pus-sy. A couple of lads have called to me as I passed and they saw everything that I have.
    Yesterday as I cycled I felt the desperate need to pee, so I just let go as I rode along. Pee went everywhere. Several people saw me do it, and my little skirt got soaked.
    Always by the time I get home my pus-sy and upper thighs are soaking wet. I just have to get indoors and finish myself off, reaching a tremendous org-asm as I think of how many have seen my pus-sy today.

  • Hey Jilly, very hot story! Do you live in Melbourne by any chance? If so I’ll have to keep an eye out for you! Hopefully you live nearby. Very h**** now, James

  • It was a lovely warm day yesterday. I went to my local park in the afternoon. I was wearing a skimpy top and very short skirt. I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were quite stiff. I wandered around for a while, getting quite hot. I saw a bench in the shade of a large tree and decided to have a rest. As I sat down my tiny skirt rode up exposing my little white thong. I didn't bother covering up, so several people saw it. Suddenly I wondered what it would be like if I took it off. They would then be able to see my bare shaved pus-sy. The thought was beginning to make me feel sexy. Looking around I saw nobody close by so I quickly removed my thong. Too late now, my skirt was just too short to cover my pus-sy. Within the period of half an hour several people passed by. They could see everything. With each minute my pus-sy was getting wetter. One young guy just stopped and stared. I gave him a naughty wink. I was by now getting desperate for some relief. I was almost coming. I got up and walked to the toilet block nearby, feeling the wetness soaking my thighs. Once in the cubicle it took but a few seconds to bring myself to org-asm. Im sure others heard me as I came. Without replacing my thong I walked home thinking that I must do that again as soon as possible.
    Lisa R.

  • Okay, you are such an exciting erot** lady! As I read the pleasures you had at the park, I could visualize your beauty as you enjoyed the passerby's looking at you. Just the thought of you in the park got me a wonderful raise and some w****** as it got harder. Hoping this was a start to more exciting adventures you could enjoy!

  • I would still love to photograph you with or without knickers. Just our secret. xxx Martin

  • I would love to photograph you like that. Would you pose?

  • Let me know when and where xx
    Chris xx

  • I think it’s much sexier seeing the panties ,some nice sexy panties satin and lace /thong

  • Yup. I'll usually only expose myself if I can make it look accidental

  • Here's the thing. You really need to do it with no panties on and make sure your L**** lips are pulled wide open so guys can get a really good look at you. I can tell you that's what I would love to see 😍

  • My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

  • What a wonderfully exciting wife you have. I assume you luv it too. When my wife read this comment she immediately said, "Yes, that's going to be me from now on". And it is. We make it a point to go out (to stores, bars, clubs, even her parents house) right after we have f***** and she leaves it all in. She loves the feel of my cream dripping down her sexy legs. Even better when someone notices and gives her that look. I plan to do the same with my c** left on my chest, stomach, legs. We love being s**** for each other.

  • Over the Easter weekend my 17 year old cousin came to stay with my parents and me. I'm about 18 months older than her, and have fancied her for some time.
    On the first evening we were all sitting in the lounge. I was directly opposite her. She was wearing a very short skirt, and as we talked I noticed that her legs were slowly drifting apart. As she moved in her seat it was clear that she had no panties on. I got a perfect view of her smoothly shaved vag-ina. You can imagine the effect it had on me. She didn't seem to notice, and continued talking for some time.
    Next day in the garden again she had on a short skirt, and again I saw her naked pus-sy as she sat on a bench.
    Each day while she was there I got a super view. She never wore any panties and seemed unaware of how much she was showing.
    Do you think that she was teasing me on purpose, I wish I knew?
    I'm afraid to say anything to her in case it was all innocent.

  • She knew very well what she was doing.

  • Loved your experience, would have been hot to watch you also

  • I’m a 25 year old British woman. A few days ago an ammusing incident happened to me that I would like to tell you about.
    I was at my local shopping centre, which is on two levels. It was a nic day and I was wearing a quite short skirt. As I wandered around I was aware of a man following me holding a camera phone. I got the impression that he was trying for a shot up my skirt. This went on for some time, but I doubted if he had been very lucky.
    I decided to test him out by going up to the next level on the escallator. Slowly I went in that direction, giving no indication that I knew what he was doing. Checking the reflections in the shop windows I knew that he was still following me and still holding the phone quite low.
    Reaching the bottom of the escallator I stepped onto it. As it assended I deliberately stood with my legs somewhat apart knowing that he would be able to see right up my skirt. Nearing the top I bent over from the waist apparently checking my shoe. This would give him an anyone else behind a perfect view.
    There was one thing that I bet he didn't expect. I had no knickers on.
    I never wear them.
    Jenny, England.

  • That is so naughty Jenny, but so sexy, I bet he needed a wa-nk after such a nice view, does the thought of him doing that excite you? it would me, excellent. Julia Uk

  • I’d love to take a look up your skirt Jenny you naughty little s*** ;)

  • Nice pne

  • I was upskirted the other day in a shopping mall. I knew that he was doing it, but did nothing about it.
    I too had no panties on under my short floaty skirt. Hope he got some good snaps.

  • While visiting a large department store I became aware of a man following me. I was wearing a short skirt and I believed that he was trying to look up it. I noticed that he was carrying a bag which I suspected held a camera.
    I did nothing to make him aware that I knew what he was doing. Eventually we reached the shoe department. I took my time browsing the stock, and at one time bent over to look at some boots on a low shelf. I knew that my skirt was riding up and giving him a good view, but pretended not to.
    Picking a pair of shoes I went over to one of the stools to try them on. I didn't see my follower as I removed my shoes. Then suddenly I saw his bag peeping out from behind a display cabinet. As I attempted to try on the shoes I had to open my legs quite wide. My skirt had ridden up high on my thighs leaving everything exposed. I do mean everything, because I had no knickers on. I hope he got some good pictures.

  • An oasis in the middle of desert

  • I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and have to park my car in front of the house. Every time I go out to give it a wash I'm aware that the middle aged guy that lives next door is looking at me through the window. As I normally wear fairly short skirts I'm sure he gets a good eyeful of my little knickers if not more.
    I have to admit it quite excites me and makes my pus*sy a bit damp.
    Last Saturday was a warm one and I was wearing a short sundress. I decided to give the car a wash. I prepared a bucket of water, and as I put it beside the car I spotted him in his window.
    I think the devil caught hold of me for a second. I would give him something worth seeing. I nipped back inside and quickly removed my knickers and bra before coming back and starting on the car. Standing with my back to him I bent over to wash the wheels. I could feel the hem of my dress rise up and I knew that everything was on show. I held this position for some time and then straightened up. Turning around I bent over again, knowing that he could look down the top of my dress at my exposed nipples.
    I took my time washing the car, giving him many more views and succeeding in making my pus*sy so wet that it began to trickle down my leg.
    At last I could stand it no longer and went inside to rub myself to a mind blowing org*asm.
    I will be doing it again soon. Becky from London

  • When we lived in an apartment we would go outside to the parking area and hook the hose up to wash the car on Saturdays......complete with a bucket with soapy water and all. We were still in college then. She would were short shorts and a crop top with nothing on under. I would be in shorts. She and I would start off washing the car but sooner or later things would turn playful and we would make sure to soak each other and get soap on each other. During this her crop top would get wet and stuck so that much of her b**** could be seen. Before long it became a popular place for guys on bikes to stop and "rest". One Saturday I had to work on a paper and didn't have time to wash the car. But, she was all dressed to wash the car the crop top and shorts. After awhile a guy on a bike to stop to rest. I was watching out the window of the apartment and could see what was going on in the parking lot. She stop washing the car and walked out to him. She talked to him for awhile and came in to the apartment. She told me she was going to give him a bottle of water. I asked her if she was interested in "playing". And she said, "Sure." I told her she could pretend to drop something to her left on the way back and he would be able to see most of her b**** from the bottom. We even tested it in the apartment and I could see almost to her nips. So, she went out and gave him the water and talked to him for awhile. I might add that her nips were pretty visible through the crop top. Then she walked away and bent over to her left to pick up the imaginary object. When she did that I could see his eyes get really wide. She came back in and we had a good time talking about it. She said that while she was talking to the guy she could see that his shorts were getting a little tight on him. After that she and I really ripped into each other. There are other things we have done.

  • That is awesome Becky. Wish I lived near you

  • I Love you, I am a Leg man, However, I have masturbated in public whenever I get the opportunity, I Love Kissing P****, yours fits my desire perfectly, I had a room mate who always walked around nude, then she would peek into my room to see if I was Wanking, I was.

  • Every time I go out into the garden to work I am aware that my neighbour is looking through the gaps in the fence. I'm twenty five and my neighbour is about sixty.
    I admit to being a bit of an exhibitionist, and seldom wear underwear in the summer.
    I can't resist bending over in my short skirts and giving him a good view of my bare pus*sy. I can tell the effect it has on him. I'm sure he brings himself off while he looks. I sometimes hear him grunt as he shoots his load. God, how it excites me and makes my pus*sy drip.
    I bet he can see how wet I get!

  • Sylvie, I bet he would of loved it and shot a bigger load if you'd watched him while lifting your skirt, showing him just how wet you were ( dirty grin)
    Chrissy London

  • You naughty girl! Giving that dirty old pervert a big hard stiffy!

  • Mmmmm, I would love that too ;)

  • ’d love to hear more of your adventures. I’d love to chat with you. Maybe I can encourage you to be more naughty. Would live to share stories. Email Duit4meplz on yahoo

  • I have to confess that I'm an exhibitionist. Nothing excites me more than exposing myself to a complete stranger.
    Because of this I always dress in a provocative manner. This entails low cut tops and very short skirts usually worn with no underwear.
    I like to choose my moment when someone seems interested and then either bend over or sit in such a manner that they can get a good view up my skirt. I am always clean shaven so there is no doubt about what they are seeing.
    The effect on me is wonderful. My pus-sy immediately gets wet and my nipples erect. There has been occasions when I have been close to an or-gasm just knowing that someone has had a really good eyeful of what I have on offer.
    Julia from Kent.

  • I have just spent the morning in the town centre doing a bit of shopping. It was a rather chilly day and I was wearing a warm coat. The hem was about three inches above my knee. After purchasing a few items I went into a cafe for a coffee and a cake.
    Nothing unusual in that, until I tell you that I was wearing absolutely nothing under my coat. I was completely nude, and nobody knew.
    Julia from Kent

  • There is a cafe near where I live with tables on two levels. I know that if I choose the higher level those beneath can easily see right up my skirt. I do this quite frequently. I face the lower level and gradually let my legs drift apart as I drink my coffee. I never wear knickers and know that my shaven pus-sy is in full view. Its so exciting!
    Julia from Kent.

  • When my wife and I were dating, we often went to a pub that had 2 levels with a dance floor on the second level. Guys sitting on the lower level could easily see up skirts. I know guys iften had a virw of her blonde curls as we danced

  • I was sitting in the cafe the other day at the higher level when two suited business men came in and sat facing me at the lower level. I was wearing a tiny miniskirt, and no knickers as usual. It wasn't long before one of them realised that he could see up it and I watched him tell his mate. He moved his chair so that he could get a better look. Slowly I started to move my legs apart giving them a superb view of my shaven cu-nt. I pretended not to know how much I was showing. By now they were both staring hard up my little skirt.
    I decided to give them something more to see before I left.
    I was beginning to need a pee so quite suddenly I let out a large spurt, giving a little shreek as I did so and pushing my hand between my legs. I'm not sure, but I believe one of them came in his pants by the look on his face. I quickly got up and made for the loo with my hand still holding my cu-nt. Everyone could see what was happening. I was almost having an orgi-sm myself. Once inside the toilet I brought myself off. It was fantastic. Must do it again.
    Julia from Kent

  • Julia, if I had seen you in the cafe, I would of got my co-ck and let you see just how excited you'd got me.
    Carl Dartford Uk

  • Excellent, I live in kent and would love a flash..

  • Oh my god, I am fainting

  • Julia , your stories are so amazingly hot that I could c** just by all the visuals you give me. I'd love to see how wet you get( as my tongue comes out to lick and wet my own lips wanting a taste of your dripping p****). I'd make sure I was on your train every day just to get a glimpse of your Sexy self. You have made me so freakin h****!! Mmmm thank you

  • Julia you are such an amazing girl, it really makes a mans day XXX

  • That's so f****** sexy, I'd love a day out with you treating strangers to a flash of your wet p****. Keep up the good work xx

  • I went to a bar that had bare as you dare
    It was mostly guys at the bar. Thought it would be cool to have some fun. But I wasn't keen on being the only woman going up on stage. I had a couple ammoretto sours and the neighbors were encouraging me.

    So I took the dare and gave it a shot and there was 2 guys that also went up on stage with me.

    I told my neighbors that I wasn't going to take off anything more than my shirt exposing my bra.

    But I had agreed that if one of the guys would take off their pants that I would take off my pants as well.

    The deal was if both guys took off their pants than I would have to take off my pants shirt and bra.

    I figure the likelihood of both guys taking off their pants was Pretty unlikely.

  • Finishing the story
    So my neighbors had told the 2 guys that were going up on stage what I had agreed to do.
    That wasn't part of the plan.
    The announcer also knew and now I was quite sheepish.
    The announcer told the group that in general the contest doesn't get very wild and at most a woman would expose her bra and maybe the guy exposing his underwear.
    I knew I was in big trouble when my neighbors and everyone was clapping and cheering and ready to have fun.
    They announcer then said when an item of clothing comes off It has to stay off to the rest of the night and they would keep the clothing behind the bar.
    I then realized the awkward position I was potentially going to be in. The guys could be in tshirts and boxer underwear and I would be in just white cotton panties
    Both of the guys removed their shoes and socks.
    I was then told to take off my shoes and my top, and I did.
    Then I was told to take off my pants and I did without hesitation.
    Then the 2 guys took off their shirts
    Now I was standing on stage in just panties and bra and the 2 guys had on their pants and T-shirts.

  • The crowd was enjoying this act that I was in just my panties and bra. One of the guys on stage took off his T-shirt and then he unclipped my bra. The other guy took off his T-shirt And they took off my bra. Now I was really embarrassed I'm standing up there and just my cotton panties and these 2 guys both have their pants on. I then realized that the 2 guys weren't about to take off their pantsAnd I pretty much had almost stripped nude only my panties on. The neighbors did not think that I would strip this far in this public bar. I then started to pull my panties down. The announcer was just watching as I dropped them to my ankles and stepped out of them. I wish now totally naked on stage.

  • I’m so proud of you well done

  • At a Halloween party I got dared to try to accidentally expose myself. I pretended to get drunk. I was wearing a revealing blouse, shorts and a mask. I eased not wearing a bra. I was wearing white cotton panties. I had loosened up my blouse and unbutton to below my b****** and I leaned over you saw everything I owned. I had loosened my shorts and they were sliding down. I was pretending to be drunk and pretending not know where that my panties were exposed.

    I dared one of the neighbors to take my shorts off when I pretended to be unaware. He casually pulled my shorts down and I had to pretend that I didn't know he was doing out as I was sitting kind of dozing on a couch. Then he started getting more frisky and completely unbuttoned my blouse completely and open it up exposing my b******. Some of the others were daring him to take my blouse off completely and also to pull my panties down.

  • Many times I know that people are looking at me and I can hear them talking about my being exposed, and they will be watching me. I have this backpack purse that makes it ideal for my dress to be pulled up. During the summer I was at a county fair, and I literally was walking around the fair with my bottom completely exposed for over 30 minutes before someone told me. I also have done things like go down a water slide and deliberately would lose my top. That was always quite interesting and I would act embarrassed.

  • I frequently and accidentally expose myself in various ways to see how long it takes for somebody says something about my being accidentally exposed. When I wear a dress and sometimes I have a backpack and I'll have the bottom of my dress get caught up and exposing my panties. And I'll walk around in public with my panties fully exposed. I've also done it without panties. If if

  • Watching my wife accidentally exposing herself naked to the neighborhood by the window of our bedroom makes me extremely aroused.

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