Last night I got the BEST bl0w j0b EVER from some street h00ker. I’m talking F****** AMAZING!!!!!!!! $25 and she sucked my c*** for at least a good 15-20 minutes parked on some dark side street. When I came she didn’t even stop sucking. Swallowed every drop!!!!! Even had my hand down her shorts fingering her wet box. I have messed around with a few different h00kers over the years and non of them were anything like her. She gave me her number and told me to text her next time I needed some “relief”. I’m DEFINITELY texting her tonight!!!!!!!



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  • Take her home, let her get a good shower and feed her well - she will let you f*** her for whole night. I have this girl in her mid-30s, I do this to her almost all weekends, and she is mine for 40 hours f****** and sucking each other in every possible ways. Plus I pay her $50 on the top of our enjoyment!!

  • I'm a 45 year old African American, and been getting the best blow jobs I've ever had for the last 6 years from my now 18 year old son Travis. He gay and very feminine, he prefers women clothes. I woke up to him giving me head he morning of his 12th birthday. I was so close I couldn't stop and came in his mouth. He swallowed.

    We live in a place were it dangerous to be gay, so I give him want he wants and needs sexually. He gets to dress up dressup in his sexy things. He has long hair and wear make in safety. We went on a vacation last year and men when hitting on him, think he is female. I never thought I could commit incest, but I come to love my son as a wife.

    His late mother was never good I bed, but Travis know how to please a man. His ass is so tight I can't get enough of it and his mouth is like a vacuum cleaner.

    I can't imagine being with anyone else. The site of my c** on his face or dripping from his ass is so sexy.

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