Caught the wife

I have a job where I have to work every other weekend on second shift. It sucks, but I need a job and this one pays really well. I’ve been working this shift for several years now and normally don’t give much thought to my wife being home alone on my weekend to work. Several weekends ago in the middle of my shift, the pump malfunctioned that feeds the cooling pond that I monitor. The system had to be shut down until someone could come in and fix it, so my supervisor decided to send me home because there was nothing else for me to do.
When I got home, I noticed a car in the driveway that didn’t belong to anyone I knew. Kind of odd, but I didn’t think anything of it. I walked into the house and then through to the kitchen, but there was no one around. The lights were on, so I figured my wife had to be there somewhere. Still not thinking much about it, I headed upstairs to the bedroom so I could change clothes. As I walked in the door to the bedroom, I got the shock of my life. There on the bed was my wife on her back with another guy between her legs f****** the s*** out of her. He immediately jumped off her as soon as he saw me and grabbed for his clothes. Before I knew fully what was going on, this guy had his clothes and was out the door. My wife covered up with the blankets and started crying about how sorry she was. She was crying so loud that I couldn’t even say a word. I finially just turned and walked out leaving her there to cry alone.
I haven’t talked to her or even said one word to her now in several weeks. I’m sure she knows I’m p***** off at her, but I’m not sure if I really am. To be honest, I find it kind of hot that she was f****** someone else. I know I should be p***** and I never thought I would have a cuckold / hotwife fantasy, but the thought of her f****** that other guy every other weekend for the last several years has my p**** so f****** hard I’m not sure what to do. I have masturbated so much thinking about it that my arm is starting to hurt. I kind of want to tell her, but I think I’m still p***** off because she f***** this guy behind my back.
What should I do? I want to leave, but then I don’t. I want to f*** her and tell her my new fantasy, but I’m still p***** off. If I do stay, should I ask her to f*** this guy again so I can be in the room? Is she going to f*** him again without me knowing about it? My mind is going crazy.

Jul 14, 2017

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  • I don't think this relationship is over. He doesn't seem to care if she f***** the other guy. So who cares if she f**** other guys too? It can all be pretty hot!

  • Prepare your exit strategies from this marriage now. She is a cheating w**** and if not this guy then very likely she has done it and will do it with other guys.
    She is not thinking about you here at all and in the long run you will be the odd man out so get out on your terms. Like some others said, get to the best divorce lawyers now and start you plans beginning with what they have to say. Don't talk to her at all but use the h*** out of her sexually. Make her your exclusive slave while the lawyers work up your case. Take advantage of things just don't do anything to hurt your case. When the time comes have her served when you are at work or otherwise indisposed. Throw her out of the house and throw all her stuff outside for the world to see. Put the house up for sale and go ahead and find a new place for yourself. The more you can spring all this on her at once the better off you will be. Quit thinking with your d*** here and use your damn brain about it. Your marriage is already over.

  • Tell her she can continue f****** him but only in front of you and if she refuses, tell her its divorce time , you can pick the guys you want her to f*** and take a picture of her s,,,,g and f,,,,,,

  • Drop her, yesterday. Run, do not walk to a competent lawyer!

  • Be the new bull in her life use her like she used you and don't let her know what is next. sounds like she will respond to what you want and not know it is something you want to see her doing, gang bang her she will look forward to it. i know i did

  • Use it against her. Maintain control. Don't let her think you enjoyed it or she'll cuck you.

  • If she f***** around on you once, she will do it again. Even if you let her f*** him, she will not tell you about all that she does. Run, and don't look back. Cuckold relationships are built on trust first, not because someone can't keep their pants on. Your relationship is over dude. Time to move on.

  • She's already f****** another guy. So why state "even if you let her f*** him?" Do you mean because he knows about it now, he has a choice whether to let his wife continue having an affair or not? You do realise, he never had a choice in that matter and he still doesn't. If his wife continues to cheat, he can't do anything about it.

  • Exactly my point. He can't let her because she is already a cheater.

  • Nah... she might be fine with openness. It might make for a great new relationship.

  • It is admittedly difficult at first to admit how hot it is to watch/know of/ hear of/ or even THINK of your wife enjoying someone other than her husband (you). However if it did in fact turn you on you may have stumbled upon the El dorado the rest of us are chasing!

    At the same time you should ABSOLUTELY parlay her "cheating" to your own advantage 😉

  • I think we're all missing the point here...

    Regardless of your fantasies(which personally sounds pretty hot too), you need to ask yourself a few questions about this. Was she cheating because she wasn't getting enough from you? Or was she just h****? Or maybe she also had a fantasy of cheating on you and is a sexual exhibitionist? The worst could be that she likes this guy...which is why you need to find out first before you do any sεx slavery or cuckolding because if she's innocent, then fυck her all you want or watch her get fυcked by other guys. But if she's not innocent, then you have every right to be angry at her and possibly get some revenge by doing a little cheating too perhaps.

    I really hope she is innocent so that you both can still be a thing and fulfill each other's fantasies.

    Oh and tbh if I had a wife who did that and i walked in on them, I think i'd continue watching and wαnk while they fυcked. Maybe even join in the next time. Man my dιck is so hard right now I actually cant wait to grow up and get married!

  • I would use her as a s** slave and fulfill all of my sexual fantasies.

  • You have leverage. Don't lose it by forgiving her and or telling her your fantasy. In my case I would make her my sexual slave.

  • Its natural. Seriously it is. Don't think its bad. You need to punish her by bringing another guy, or the same guy over and having her used in front of you blindfolded. Because she didnt come clean, with what she wanted and how she needed more C***... force her to play. Then after that initial punishment, you two need to talk about how you want to try this new stage out.

    You have the perfect wife, and you have some internal fantasies that you didnt know you had. things happen for a reason. To make sure she is safe, and you are safe, and no strangers are up in your house, screen the future men, no playing at home, do it at first in a local hotel, until you find a Bull who can come regularly and use her.

    Join a cuck website, it acts like a support group. not a confession website.

  • Lol!!!!

  • Seeing another guy doing your wife turned you on. Stop being mad at her and admit the truth to her. Let her have some sexual variety - she obviously wants that. Tell her you want some variety, too (all men do). Have her invite the guy over again so you can watch them and take your turn after they are done.

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