I've never wanted anyone this badly before

I have an employee that is phenomenal. She is really great, smart, hardworking. I am lucky to have her but the problem is that she is really f****** hot and it makes me crazy. She looks like a p*** star and has a masters. I can’t talk to her for more than a few minutes without thinking about all the things I want to do to her. Sometimes I have to run off the the bathroom to j*** off after we speak. To get close I bump into her or stand next to her shoulder, I call her into my office so I can be near her, just looking into her eyes when we talk gets me d*** hard. I have been promising her a promotion for years because I want her to stay here with me. Every year I make up a reason why I can’t do it yet. If I give her the promotion every one will know I have a soft spot for her. Would my wife suspect anything? I worry people already know. We are both unhappily married with kids. I am scared of a sexual harassment lawsuit. I can’t tell if these feelings are real or if it’s because she’s something I can’t have. I can’t tell if she has feelings for me. Sometimes she looks nervous or shy when we talk but maybe it’s because I’m her boss. When I take a step towards her she sometimes she lets me get close, sometimes she moves back. The other day I made up an excuse to feel her hand and now I want to feel more. She’s p***** at me because I just gave someone more junior than her a promotion. Im scared she’ll leave, I’m scared a promotion would expose me but most of all I just want her and can’t do s*** about it.



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  • Hey dumbass.. if she’s a great worker like you say she is reward her. Do the right thing and reward her for her hard work if it’s deserving and quit making this about your sorry ass!
    This is one reason we f****** dispise Bosses. Poor wife and poor employees cause you sound just like a D bag
    You’ve already passed the sexual harassment line long time ago

  • Fake

  • She prob has herpes.... people are just retarded. You're a s***** dad and boss

  • How can you expect her to like you when you haven't come through on your promises? Give her the promotion if she really deserves it. If you're serious about a relationship then try starting off with lunches. If you just want s**, that's a whole separate issue. I don't know how you could ever trust each other if either of you are cheating so it sounds like you both just want s**. It also seems like you two just need to talk openly in private.

  • This is a fantasy to escape your troubles at home. Feelings aside. If she is qualified for a promotion, then you should promote her. Are you looking for a relationship with her or you're thinking with your d#ck and just want to sleep with her a couple times? Because both will be a sticky situation in the work place. If you are unhappy with your marriage you should deal with that issue before entering into another issue where more kids are involved. And yea, you don't know what she's thinking or she could just be flirting with you because you're flirting with her and she just needs the job. And you're her boss and she probably feels that she can't really go to HR to complain about you....

  • Let go of her.

  • It's better off if she leaves, but then you maintain contact with her via phone, social media, etc. She probably has her scruples (unlike you) and doesn't want to s**** around with someone from work. But maybe you can catch her interest on the flip side.

  • Be careful what you wish for .....

  • Women like that always use some one like you.

  • Don't focus on outside things like master's degrees and money. I have friends and relatives with those things and they are not nice people. therapist kept telling never judge men by those things, like is it so big deal? heaps of people are smart and never get degrees and she probably has walked over everyone she ever knew to get there, cuz that is what people like that do, and bet she has been married several times and kids and lies about her life for pity that is undeserving. my cousin used to have us crying for her and yet she was rich, pretty and married young, had everything, a hot rich glamour husband and kids and big house and socialising all the time with rich men and she was never nice to us ever. don't judge someone base on external things like looks or degrees, one day you will grow to be jealous, or resentful of all she has and is when she doesn't live up to what you want or takes up with another man because her sort always do and never miss out on heaps of d***. if I were you I would go for the nice girl with less who will value you more cuz she will walk all over you.

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