Strange Relationship Works

After 25 years of marriage my wife left me. She turned into a rather apocalyptic Catholic and obsessive/compulsive hoarder with an attitude that counseling or therapy could not work. Luckily our kids were adults when this happened. It was horrible nonetheless. I did nothing wrong. She wouldn't compromise.

I still had needs and desires that I met in massage parlors, escorts, etc. What I found was respect, dignity and friendship. What I learned was everybody has a story. These fine ladies had bills to pay, kids to support, and job opportunities that didn't provide enough pay to support themselves, especially those with children. We are all just trying to survive.

I developed many friendships with the ladies I paid for companionship and sexual activity. I fell into a great relationship with one lady that was sexual at first but turned into a very supportive relationship. We talked, we listened, we understood and built trust. Her husband had essentially abandoned her with two kids and no support. We helped each other get past our mutual distrust and disappointment and, quite frankly, fell in love.

Fast forward from 1999. We were married after spending the time to build great honesty. Her kids now have fine careers. We are happy and content, She knows the value of great communication and great s** in marriage and has made me happy and satisfied. I have done the same for her. All I can say is don't underestimate the possibility of love and respect, even if it comes from someone others would call a w****. To me she is a heroic goddess and we are a source of happiness for each other. Finally, although my past wife will never read this I must say, "Hey, the world wasn't destroyed and I am happy and deeply in love with someone you would call a w****! She is a loving kind and intelligent human being. Wish you could have been half as normal as her!"

Jan 14, 2020

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  • My wife became like your wife but worst.

    In the end her younger sister Gloria, decided if my wife did not want me I was going to be hers. She was relentless in her pursuit of me and I gave in. I divorced my first wife and married her sister.

    BTW I was 35 when Gloria came after me and she was 16 the age of consent in our state. We been married 20 years now. She is a s*** w**** in bed, who wants s** alot and FMF threesome often occur with us.

    She thinks nothing of blowing me in a bar in front of people. It gets her off.

    I love that little s***.

  • What a refreshing post.

    My ex and I started off religious. We met in the church in fact. Over time, she got busier and busier with all her good works. In the end, s** felt like just another of her good works. There was no foreplay or emotion. As the emotion dropped off and I tried to get her aroused, she'd say do you want s** and give it to me. Then it progressed to me just saying can we have s** and she would take off her panties and lie on her back with her legs apart and her mouth open for kissing. I could push up her nightie and fondle her b****** and shed lie there and I'd f*** her and that would be that. So cold.

    Then she left. At first I was devastated and depressed.

    Then I had a girlfriend for a while that was hot hot hot. Unfortunately she also left. That was h****** me and made me question my humanity but never going back to the wife. Hopefully another gf and in the meantime working on being a bit more relaxed as a person.

  • There is strength in this kind of honesty and both of you reap the reward. You opened the door to possibility and honesty. You didn't judge. You fell in love with the right lady. Your ex-wife made decisions and unreasonable demands that were making life miserable. The apocalypse thing is also arrogant... Of course that kind of folks think it is happening soon, in their lifetime. I wonder if they feel betrayed or relieved when it doesn't happen? Your story made me happy and hopeful for humanity. Carry on brother!

  • Thank those of you who responded. I am sure there are many who have similar situations. When love is interrupted by a partner's religious mania or paranoia the first thing they want is for you to feel it too. You might try because you promised "for better or worse" but I advise you to quit the relationship and offer all your normal goodness to another person who will cherish and appreciate you rather than drag you into their vision of doom. You get one life. Don't waste it one another person's unreasonable dysfunction.

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