Naughty Young Bride

We were barely married when my innocent young wife became a w****. We had dated since we were kids and I was always jealous of the other boy's flirting. But I was the lucky one that had won her heart. She enjoyed flirting with the guys to draw their attention but I always knew she was my girl. As far as I know she was always faithful up to the point of becoming my wife. After being married a couple years I asked if she ever felt cheated because she didn't have the opportunity to date other guys. She said she had thought about it and it would have been fun and exciting but she never had any regrets. I knew she enjoyed flirting and told her she didn't have to stop just because she was married. She said ok and from time to time she would tell me about different guys hitting on her and trying to get her to cheat with them. I asked did she want to and she said, it would probably be fun but no, I'm married, I can't do that. I told her if she ever found someone she really wanted to talk to me, I may allow her to meet for a date. She told me "thank you but not going to happen". It wasn't but a month or so when she asked if my offer still stood. I said perhaps, have you found someone and she said yes. Thomas was a lot older than her, almost old enough to be her father, a nice looking guy with a wife, kids and a good reputation. I would have ever believed he would cheat of his wife but there again, I didn't think my wife would ever be with another man. She met him out of town at a motel and they made love, not just s** but made sensual love to one another. That was the first time my wife had been with anyone other than me. She came home around midnight that night glowing with l***. She loved the experience, engaging in such forbidden pleasures with another married man with no rights to her. She was on fire when she walked into our bedroom, you could see the l*** radiating from her body. That one night changed my wife forever. It was like her being addicted to a drug, The two met once or twice a week with her going down on him and he making love to her over and over. She never tried to hide how she felt about him or their s** and I never felt threatened by their love making sessions, she would rush home to tell me all about her adulterous adventures. I began looking forward to her whorish adventures and hearing all her stories. I never felt the need to cheat, I had my own w**** lying next to me in my bed every night. Eventually she began wanting to broaden her experience and she began f****** other guys also, some younger, other's her own age, but they were all married, she enjoyed the forbidden l*** of committing adultery with other married men. It was so out of character for her to be this type of girl, my sweet little girlfriend and now wife had become a full blown w**** to other men. She was truthful and honest about all her lovers and never lay with anyone without first asking my permission. It became a part of our s** life just as foreplay is a part of other's. I know my wife is a W****, she knows her behavior drive men think of her as a W****, it is our secret and we both embrace it and will enjoy the excitement it brings us as long as I am #1 in her life and she puts me first in our relationship.

Jun 30

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