Part 2 using my underwear

I would come home to find he's used my underwear again so i sent him a cheeky message for the rest of that week he hasn't been here gutted at that,came home as i put the key in the door it opened he's standing there completely naked aroused luckily only one neighbor could of seen i asked why he stayed away he said to build his load up you could see pre c** coming out he stopped me from going in my house take your knickers off you don't need them and pass them to me so hiked up my skirt and pulled them down in the front garden and handed them to him and put them over his c*** and then let me in i sat in the chair he's standing still with my knickers on his c*** said well it's not going to w*** itself i slowed down when i thought he was going to c** when he did c** never seen so much of it before in my hair over my work clothes and some on my face he looked so pleased with himself and i asked why the knickers i was wearing he said it's like having your p**** on my c*** he needed to sit down but him saying my p**** on it was all i needed to hear i stood up took all my clothes off walked over to him grabbed his soft c*** wanked him till he was hard again lowered myself down till his c*** was at the entrance and slowly went down untill he was fully in me all he could say was f*** f*** i asked if he was ready then began riding his teen c*** going nuts on him 5 minutes later in between catching his breath said im going to c** feeling him shooting his seed in me when i stood up his c*** was still hard covered in my p**** juice he looked drained poor lad when he had enough strength he said thank you and left,the next day i was at my sister's house he was there to my sister said she was going to get ready he messaged saying take your knickers off she's still in the room when she went to get ready he got me in the kitchen pulled my knickers down halfway and started f****** me over the kitchen side from behind it was risky she was calling him as he didn't answer her heard her come out of her room to the top of the stairs called him again and started coming down the stairs only a few steps when he shouted out im coming so she headed back to her bedroom he wasn't lieing when he said he was coming shot his f****** load in me,there was me trying to act normal when she came down I've got her sons c** in me, can't wait for the next time.

Jan 16, 2020

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