Keeping my husband heavy

I haven’t been married long but we’ve been in a relationship for as long as I can remember. On and off for many years. For as long as I can remember he’s always been a big guy. Oh not in the way you’re thinking although.......

Anywho back on track!

He was never a thin guy. Ever. When we first met he had just hit 210. He’s 6’7 and when we first met you couldn’t tell he was pudgy. He was always a tad embarrassed about gaining weight. (He has slow thyroid so that contributed to his gain.) He’s always embarrassed about his weight. Especially after eating. Going into it he never seems to care. However as soon as he’s done it’s always
“Woah, why’d you let me eat that much. Gosh this is a little awkward. Definitely gotta go work out...”
It’s been almost 6 years and he gone up a lot. Actually a lot is an understatement. He does work out. Even tho I tell him it’s not necessary. He tries to drop the weight but it’s not working. He’s muscular in arms and legs. Except his belly lacks any change which I love.

I know it’s kinda messed up and weird but I don’t want him to lose any of it. I kinda like it. He looks happy. But he never believes me when I tell him he’s perfect. I understand what he means by worried about health conditions so I don’t mind if he drops some weight to stay relatively healthy.
It’s so embarrassing that I like him like that. But I can’t help myself.

Jan 15, 2020

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  • Do you think your satisfaction with the situation has to do with your sense of control in the relationship? Like you gained the upper hand?

  • I love my husbands belly too. He sleeps on his side and it’s like a kickstand! I love to spoon him and grab it and pay it knowing I’m the one who grew it.:))

  • Do you show that belly love? Is he still embarrassed or more accepting now?

  • He says he doesn’t care about it at this point. Which is lovely. Dieting doesn’t look good on him.

  • How do his family and friends react?

  • Lucky him… and you!

  • How much does your husband weigh now?

  • He’s now 360lbs.

  • Plenty of guys get fat anyway from their love of food. How lucky to have a woman who loves him just as much, if not more, for being himself!

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