My brilliant career

You can call me Julia. I'm 34, and the CFO of a mid-sized publicly owned company. I've been with this company for over twelve years.

I started right after college graduation and a June wedding, as the administrative assistant to an older woman executive. In that capacity, in my second week on the job I sat in on a meeting involving the CEO and a number of executives. That meeting proved fateful for me. I of course said nothing during the meeting, but exchanged glances and smiles with the CEO several times. On our way out the door the CEO, Ted, a tall man with a benevolent face, stopped me and congratulated me on my new job. I thanked him, then he asked if I would like to come to a weekly meeting in his office at 5 PM the next Thursday and afterwards sit down and discuss my career. I was taken aback because he didn't yet know anything about my abilities, but I agreed to come to the meeting on Thursday. When I got home, I happily told my husband, Don, about my day and the opportunity I would have to discuss my career with my boss's boss. He was happy for me, and if he had any misgivings he kept them to himself.

I should say that then, as now, I was a tallish brunette with small, pert b****** and a tiny waistline. When I was feeling confident I would tell myself I was beautiful. Maybe I was. Don and I had a happy new marriage and we made love several times a week.

Thursday came and I eagerly watched the clock. I was dressed very professionally as always, with no cleavage and a long skirt. When I knocked on the door Ted let me in, saying he was glad to see me. I looked around and saw that we were the only people there, and I asked, "When are the others coming?" He replied, "The first part of the meeting was cancelled, so we can go straight to discussing your career." With that, he settled on a loveseat and asked me to sit on the one opposite him. He told me, "I've studied your file and seen your graceful demeanor. I've decided to mentor you- with luck, all the way up to the executive suite." I was stunned, and said, "Why would you do that? What do you gain from doing that?" Then a light came on in my brain and I knew the answer to my questions.

He looked supremely confident and said, "What you would need to give me in return is s**, usually once a week. We would have to be discrete here in the office, but I don't see any reason this wouldn't work for the long term. I promise you I will do everything necessary to make sure your husband... what's his name?"... "Don", I replied."...that Don never finds out. I'll respect your marriage."

I sat, stunned, and looked at him for a long time. Something in the back of my mind was telling me this is what a real opportunity looks like, and so I replied simply, "Okay," and tried to smile. I decided at that moment that if I was going to do this I should do the h*** out of it to get the greatest possible return.

He said, "Excellent! Why don't you shift over to my loveseat." I did, and without any preamble he began kissing me and rubbing my b******. Then he took off my blouse and bra, and stood me up in front of him, then pushed me gently down onto my knees in front of his crotch, which was bulging. I unzipped his pants, rubbed his nice-sized c*** a little, then undid his belt and took his pants and underpants down. For the next 20 minutes I gave him the b****** of his life, and when he came in my mouth it was almost more than I could swallow. In the back of my mind I was telling myself I was only sucking his c***, not f****** him, so I hadn't crossed the Rubicon.
He lay back, sated, then pulled me up to cuddle with him a little. He said, "That was incredible, Julia. Unless you're really h****, why don't we save the rest until our next 'meeting' next Thursday?" It was only then it came home to me that I was going to be cheating on my new husband, whom I adored and who loved me in return, every week from then on.

I felt like a s*** on my drive home, and determined to make it up to Don that night and every Thursday after that. He greeted me with a kiss and, probably since I was late for dinner anyway, took me straight upstairs to bed and made sweet love to me. Afterwards, in the dark room, he saw I was crying and asked me why. "I'm just happy," I told him.

The next Thursday, I told my husband that I had my "regular" weekly meeting at the end of the day which would usually run until after 6. He was fine with that as he trusted me. Come 5 o'clock I showed up at Ted's office and he let me in saying, "I'm glad you decided to make it, Julia. This could be the start of a brilliant career!" Then he pulled my clothes off, careful not to tear off any buttons, laid me down on a thick oriental rug, and f***** me for the next 45 minutes. I would be a liar if I said I didn't love it- he was in his early 50's but he was a great f***.

Once again I had him c** in my mouth rather than in my p****, so Don wouldn't notice.

This weekly meeting went on for the next twelve years without my husband suspecting anything, and I received one promotion after another. The only changes to the routine were when Ted and I went to a conference out of town, usually staying about two nights. He would rent two rooms, not adjacent, then I would put up the DO NOT DISTURB sign on my room and roll my suitcase straight to his room for the duration. I never cheated with anyone else until a conference came where Ted solemnly told me he needed my help to close a deal with a Chinese investor, and asked me to f*** him. I looked at Ted sadly, then I said yes, and an hour later I was doing it with a complete stranger. This tryst, which gave me no pleasure, brought in an investment of over $50,000,000. Ted began doing this to me a few times a year, always telling me I was free to say no, and about the fourth time it was a group of investors, maybe eight in all. I had never agreed to my husband's desire to try a threesome, let alone a g*******, although I had fantasized about it for many years. After the first time, this kind of illicit f****** gave me a special thrill.

After ten years, Ted and the Board, who were clueless about us, promoted me to CFO. It was in the business sections of all the papers, a "woman who pulled herself up by her bootstraps to the executive suite." Bra straps would have been more accurate. Then a few months ago, Ted retired. The last time I met him on a Thursday after work he made a half-hearted effort to convince me to keep meeting him after he left the company. I refused- I was really looking forward to being a faithful wife again.

Don never found out about us, and he was always faithful to me. Our s**, while becoming less frequent, remained warm and exciting, and I made sure I always gave him my best on Thursday nights. For twelve years part of me felt like a s***, or more accurately a w****, since the additional salary I earned over the twelve years added up to over $800,000 dollars. I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy f****** Ted, and after the first time even f****** his business associates, but now I'm free to put my s** life back together with my marriage.

Jan 17, 2020

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  • You said "I had never agreed to my husband's desire to try a threesome, let alone a g*******, although I had fantasized about it for many years", so at any time did you give it to Don or was he left out in the cold.

  • Hmm. So this wh0re is a "winner" in our messed up society and women who tweet #metoo are "losers." Humanity is made up of cancer cells pretending to be professionals.

  • I was wondering are you still at the same job and have you still remained faithful since and do you ponder on the Thursday meetings would love you to post again

  • I was just wondering why you felt the need to explain in such detail about ted and his friends could it be that you miss the Thursday rendezvous, are you sure you didn't grow a little attached to ted after all ,12 years of s** and working with someone you are bound to get caught up in all of there nuances after all every time that you made love to ted Yes made love! You and him gave a little bit of your being to each other. the Only good thing about this affair was that Don was oblivious to all the going on or was he and did he just love you that much he accepted that his wife would do anything to further her Career.
    I think that after ted made the first advancement the l*** for furthering her Career was more powerful than her desire to be a true wife in all it's splendour
    I had to read the article twice you did say that ted Shared you three of for times a year? You kept having s** with this Man who obviously had no respect for you as a person you were just a s** thing for him to pass around at the drop of a hat When Don is making love to you do you ever think of ted or is that behind you now that you have achieved the CFO position? I hope you respond to this Comment I think that Don Deserves much better At the end of your story you said that you looked forward to being faithful again. Out of all the years you and Don have been married. How many have you been faithful and how many have you not! The Definition of Faithful is never to once you have had s** with someone other than your husband you can NEVER be classified faithful again.
    the best you can hope for is a little bit of piece of mind knowing every time you go past teds office that Thursday evenings are no longer needed P.S just thinking back you said that you gave Don your best on Thursday nights was that guilt after what you had just done to your loving husband.

  • Great story on how you climbed the corporate ladder. Did you think about don feelings when you agreed to start having an affair so early in your Marriage, do you think Don would of Married you knowing that you would sell out your principles for a higher paying job and title, So you f***** Ted approximately 700 times in twelve years between Thursdays and seminars. This was not just about job opportunities. It was about the thrill of having a Husband at home and a Lover at work, Knowing Ted was Married meant he was never going to leave his wife or tell Don which gave you comfort to pursue the affair you didn't mention if you have Children if you do are they Dons or teds or can you be sure one way of another. If so how do you think they would react if they found out what you have done or how many times. When your alone just thinking. Does it ever cross your mind the damage that you have caused to your marriage and Don. The man Who loves and treasures you and would do anything for the woman he loves it's obvious that you don't love him in the same way as he loves you unconditionally don't worry about trying to put your s** life back together because you know deep in the dark recesses in the back of your mind what you have done and every time you are Don and you are intermate you will be thinking the guilt will become overwhelming. You mentioned that Don asked for a threesome. You never said that you gave him one? even though you had Eight guys that you had never met inside you at once. That piece of information Would DESTROY Don for ever, There would be no coming back from that piece of news. P.S W**** is the right Definition S*** does it for FREE and Own's it

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