Yoga Pants Bonanza!

I'm a middle aged average guy with a good family and a good life. I don't have a problem, just an observation. In the last decade or so yoga pants have become popular in public. They seem to be a standard fashion item for nearly every woman. Of course we see plenty of scary examples who don't know or care how horrid they look in them, causing quiet comedy for those who observe them. Most ladies look just fine in them however.The culture changes. Nobody would appear that way when I was growing up.
I would, however, like to thank the women who wear them. They are almost like public nudity but for a thin layer of shiny black fabric. Sexy butts shape up and move for public inspection. Very sexy! Knowing these sexy butts and thighs are are covered with fabric about as thick as spray-paint works to the viewer's advantage. Sometimes the crotch area moves and creases in fascinating ways.
I am not weird. I am every man, and display polite manners and no touching or comments. I am only seeing what you are showing! I thank you women in skin-tight yoga pants for your public show. Bless you for making Wal-Mart less boring!

Jan 21, 2020

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  • Geez, since I read this post I think my awareness of yoga pants went up in a big way. We've also had a run of good weather over the last month. Been getting many pleasant views out there. Boy, those pants really do shape and sculpt a nice butt. Ladies, keep up the nice work. You are walking works of art!

  • My woman knows how to excite me. I love her in pantyhose and she wears it under her shiny yoga pants. No panties, just pantyhose under. We go shopping and she makes sure to give me every possible move and view. What a flirt. She knows what is coming when we get home. I peel those yoga pants off her, rip apart the crotch of the pantyhose and incredible s** begins, o****** aplenty! Well worth the price of a new pair of pantyhose. I'm a lucky guy!

  • I have seen so many in them that now I do not get aroused to m*********!!

  • One warning. Plenty of women wear them to cover up the fact that they haven't shaved their legs in awhile. Yoga pants can be a cover for a lazy attitude in personal care. I miss the days when a woman would not be caught dead with an unshaven leg because they wore pantyhose and skirts. Oh man, those were the days. Pure class, style, fashion and classy sexuality. Dang it! I don't care if I am on social security and medicare. I still want to look at classy women in pantyhose and dresses!

  • I totally agree!!!

  • Even when I see a too large woman in them I am still intrigued. I sort of think' "Well, on the right day, right situation, level of urge I'm feeling, etc." But I would definitely feel her legs, probably kiss her and see what develops. Could be a pleasant surprise!

  • I love the camel toe

  • It’s even cooler if your younger. I’m 22 grad student and all the girls since I was like 14 have been wearing leggings showing off there a****. At University of New Hampshire at least like 90% wear them.

  • And then whine and cry that guys are staring at their a****, pretending that they're in danger of being raped. God, girls are dumb. If it weren't for that glistening clam and those bouncy juicy boobays they would not have any useful function in life

  • Love it at 14

  • Hey, are you a recruiter for the University of New Hampshire? Where do I sign up?

  • Oh man I agree with you. I hope it at least encourages women to stay in shape but, if not, I'll still look at the large ones. Question: When they wear them do they know we will always be looking or do they wear them because they are too naive to think we are not? Question: Do they know we will divert our cart and walk down their aisle slowly pretending to look for an item not realizing THEY are the item? I thank them all and enjoyed the fun of this writer's topic.

  • Quite right. You can even figure out the shape of her p**** and the size of her butt. I almost disrobe when watching one in yoga pants!! I now so much used to them that I do not m********* on them.

  • I think every man in America agrees with you. You just said it out loud. I repeat his thanks to the ladies! You know you look good and deep down you want to show it off!

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