Girlfriend Almost Discovers Crossdressing Secret

Back in my mid 20’s I was gradually coming to terms with my love of crossdressing and spent as much time as possible secretly wearing my girlfriend’s lingerie around the house. She loved her undies and wore fine 7 dernier stockings and suspender sets to work every day.
It drove me wild watching her getting changed in the mornings and I envied her being able to wear such beautiful underwear every day when I had to steal a few secret sessions whenever I got the opportunity.
She was smaller than me but I loved the feeling of her lingerie being tight on me and restricting me whenever I moved.
Eventually I decided to call a few numbers in a contact mag to ask likeminded guys to meet up. I explained that I was very nervous and the few that I met were really pleasant and not pushy even though we didn’t do anything sexual.
Those meetings convinced me that I wanted to go the whole way with a CD and see if it was as exciting as it was in my frequent fantasies and so I planned a meet with a young local CD.
On the day we were going to meet, she called me to tell me (long story) that she’d been to meet a chap like me the previous lunchtime for an informal chat but in the meantime her flat was broken into and most of her clothes etc had gone so she had no undies or makeup to bring.
I told her she could use my girlfriend’s sexy undies and makeup, the thought of which made me extremely h**** to say the least!
When the doorbell rang and I opened the door, I was met with a lovely, petite olive skinned guy not much bigger than my girlfriend.
We made pleasantries, poured some wine and headed upstairs to the bedroom.
I watched as this complete stranger rifled through my girlfriend’s undies being careful to ensure that a perfectly matching set was selected, same with the stockings, checking for runs and that the tops were identical. I couldn’t help but notice her stiff c*** bulging through her jeans as she sat at the makeup table.
I was way too shy to dress up in the company of anyone else at the time so I just stripped off and waited in bed.
Eventually the door opened and I was shocked at the transformation! Hair swept back, beautifully sexy makeup, perfectly dressed in my girlfriend’s ivory suspender set, bra, panties and shiny lace top tan stockings pulled up very high, just how I like it!
She sexily walked over to the bed and straddled me.
As soon as her stocking clad legs parted, her rigid c*** sprung from the lace panties.
I loved every second of this new experience with a crossdresser and knew this wouldn’t be the last time I would try it.
After lots of playing and exploring, we both came together holding each other tightly as we did.
I was filled with embarrassment afterwards and ushered my guest out rather quickly which was rather rude.
After that I double checked to make sure there was no evidence of my activities, cleaned up and carefully returned all underwear to the correct place in the draw and was confident I’d done a good job.
It wasn’t until my girlfriend decided to take a bath before bed that she came into the bedroom holding a white towel from the bathroom and asking me point blank why it was covered in makeup (mainly foundation).
I thought quickly and told her I’d been riding my bike off-road and wiped the dust off my face with the towel. She looked at the towel and then stared at me with a disbelieving look, turned around and took a bath.
She never mentioned it again but I always wondered if she suspected anything. Guess I’ll never know!

Jan 24, 2020

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