I force my wife to wear short skirts

Ever since before were married I have "encouraged", let me say, my wife to wear short skirts. I tell her off if she wears pants. I threw all her pants away once. She bought another pair of jeans but if ever I see her in them I tell her to take them off. I like to kiss her in public and run my hands over her bum and feel her undies. Sometimes I make her walk about 6m in front of me and I just enjoy the sight of her legs and the short skirt. When I ask her how she feels after we have been out she will say she was humiliated or words like that. I feel sorry for her but aroused at the same time.

Other things I have done is make her reach up in the supermarket to get things off a high shelf so people could see her undies and also when she bends over to put things in the car. Also one time we were having fun at a friends house and I made her play twister. Everyone saw her undies. Every now and then she just bursts into tears and cries and cries and carries on but eventually she gets herself together. One time we went to a pyjama pool party. I have her wear this lovely vintage style white baby doll nightie at home. It is made of this shiny white satin material with undies made of the same shiny white material. I made her wear it to the party. At first she would not get out of the car but then some friends came past and she was kind of forced to get out. One of her friends looked at her and then said that 'he' meaning me 'was such a lucky guy' and she looked so sexy. I like her to hear that.

Jun 16, 2016

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  • This is totally F'd up. You make her cry, say she feels humiliated, doesn't want to get out of the car, and you think this is okay? Confession? I doubt it's a confession. I guarantee you that her close girlfriends all know you do this to her, and probabaly some of their husbands. It's only a matter of time before she leaves you, if you're lucky, or you end up in jail, if you're not.

  • I don't force mine, but she does if I ask. She knows I like to show her off and she says it excites her to let strangers see her t*** and hairy bush. The different reactions are great.

  • That is abuse and absolutely no way to treat your wife, a form of domestic violence. Your wife is not your puppet and to degrade and humiliate her the way you do is utterly disgusting. You say she’s cries and cries, you dispicable selfish and perverted man. I hope she divorces you and she goes on to meet a real man who will treat her with the dignity and respect that she truly deserves, you on the other hand do not deserve to be married or to have any woman in your life. Karma always has a way to always come back knocking!

  • She tells me I should have married a s** doll. I tell her that's exactly who she is. We have s** she just lies there dead fish style

  • My wife is a bit submissive and I force her to wear skirts, dresses and shorts that are borderline inappropriate for her age. The difference is that we both get very turned on by her experiences and exposure.

  • So nice.

  • I'm going to take my wife abroad soon to the sun where I will demand she wears her bikini during the day and a mini skirt when we go out at night, I want all her legs to be on show for men to see,

  • It's so nice to force her

  • I'm going to do exactly the same, as soon as I can, tiny bikini and tiny mini skirt, I can watch guys l****** after her all day and part of the night, looking up her skirt, fantastic

  • Good for you, I agree with all you've done

  • That’s disgusting

  • Hot hot hot.
    Great to see a guy getting what he wants.

  • Wow so sexy

  • Oh my god you a******. This is extremely unhealthy for her and she deserves someone better. I hope there's a divorce you despicable c***

  • You're either a maniac or pervert of some kind. If I'm that girl of yours, I'd have given you the boot earlier in the relationship!!

  • Early in our marriage we went and had dinner with her parents and I made her wear a mini skirt. At dinner she was sitting between me and her mom. She was saying to her mom how I was making her wear miniskirts and her mom came back with we all have to make sacrifices for the ones we love.

  • My wife is in her early 60's, been married 40+ yrs. when we were first married, she was a jeans only gal. I persuaded her to wear some shorts and a thin shirt with no bra. She got to the point where she enjoyed the attention. Now at her age she wears her jeans again but still goes without a bra....when we go out of town, she will wear a sheer top and no bra.

  • I admire you

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