Crossdressing After Finding Bra

I’ve recently been back in touch with an ex girlfriend of many years ago.
There’s nothing sexual yet but she occasionally sleeps over at mine after we’ve watched a movie and had some wine.
Our s** life was rather vanilla back in the day, I loved to spice things up and be experimental but she really wasn’t in to anything that I suggested.
She knew I loved seeing her wearing lingerie and would occasionally dress up in stockings and suspenders for me as an occasional treat. I loved the feel of the nylon and lace and often fantasised about me wearing it while we had s**.
I had a large collection of lingerie hidden away which I’d indulge in as often as I could but it was very much a secret dirty little hobby of mine.
Sometimes when she was in deep sleep I’d sneak over to her side of the bed, quietly gather up her sexy undies and try them on secretly in the bathroom and admire myself in the mirror as I played and ran my hands all over me before placing it all back as I found it. I loved the risk, the crossdressing and the fact that the undies were freshly worn on a woman’s most private areas.
My favourite “trophies” were and still are discarded used panties in d****** spots, lay-bys and lovers lanes of which I’ve found many over the years.
I remember once my ex (the one who I’m back in contact with now) pulled the bedsheets back one morning and just stood there looking at me.
I’d been playing during the night and forgotten to take off her panties. She wasn’t impressed as she likes her men to be masculine and manly so this was really not her thing.

To present day, we were talking about one of my ex’s who’d moved in with a part time drag queen and I joked that she was never interested when I’d suggested putting on her undies! She laughed and joked that I was into all that sort of thing, the weird stuff.

I’d not bothered with crossdressing much of late, the mood hadn’t taken me so all my lingerie was safely tucked away and hidden.
Anyway, last time she came over we decided to use the hot tub for a while. I got out before her to get some warm towels when I noticed her underwear on the bed. I picked it up and was immediately aroused at the feel of it. It sparked my interest again in a big way! I examined the bra and panties closely, loving the fact that it had recently been worn. I think girls are so lucky to be able to wear beautiful, sexy lingerie.
I couldn’t wait to drop her off home so I could dress up and indulge in my neglected dirty little hobby!

She was a little drunk when I dropped her off at home and I’d noticed her put her bra loosely on top of her other clothes in her bag. As she leaned into the car for a goodnight kiss and a thank you I noticed her bra fall out, half on the seat and half down the side. She didn’t notice and I was about to mention it but I stopped myself.

As soon as I was moving I reached over and collected my prize. My pulse was racing as I felt the lace between my fingers as I sped home.

My hands were trembling as I slipped the straps over my shoulders and tried to clip it closed. It was too small so I dug around in my underwear drawer for a bra extender strap. One extender made it fit perfectly!

I ran my hands all over, savouring the knowledge that it was freshly worn.

I still had it on when she called me in the morning to ask if she’d left her bra at mine last night as she couldn’t find it. I confessed that it was here, little did she know that I was wearing it as we were speaking!

I jokingly said that I intended to do bad things to her undies which she told me not to and laughed. She then said she knew what I was like and told me not to wear it as it was one of her favourite comfy bras. I laughingly said I couldn’t promise that but I’d wash it before I returned it!

Her asking me not to wear it really turned me on so after my bath I slipped her bra back on, added some silicone “C” cup b****, a deep waisted satin 6 strap suspender belt, some black panties that I’d found years ago in a lay-by and a pair of sheer lace top stockings.

I loved the sight of me in the mirror and vowed to dress up as often as I could after this!

I’ve stayed dressed up all day and loved every minute of it! I added some stick on French manicure nails to make me feel more feminine as I love the sensation of typing saucy confessions in nails.

I’m currently writing this all dressed up with sexy nails and my favourite plug about to surf the net for crossdress p*** and some new sexy undies.
Seriously considering my French Maid’s outfit and a risky trip out in the car to take some risky pictures!

Jan 23, 2021

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  • Im a CD also and I'm married, my wife helps me get yhings i see and want.
    I hsve bern wearing bras for years 2/47 with out forms. I just like the way it makes me feel, well recently I have had my breast grow and they still are growing, I do not know why but one night when we were cuddling she said you have b****.
    And she is right they are growing, now the strange part is now I can feel myself fill my own bra cups and it feels great, I hust hope they stop growing soon, they are big enough for me.
    I have the best wife and we will shop and buy matching women's sleep wear and we are the same size so we will share when she needs something.
    And she doesn't mind that I like to clean house whrn I'm dressed or just with my bra and panties on under my guy stuf.
    She made sure I have any perfume or body lotion that I want to try.
    All i can saay is life is Soo GOOD.
    The CD gets stronger as you get older so make sure you tell your GF when your dating!!
    When I tokd my GF she got me into a pantie that night and the next day i got my first pink teddy.
    It is not a dirty secret it is just part of you and you know she never asked me why I like to do this, she just accepts this side of me.
    When I told her I liked to wear panties all she said was " I'm a Girly girl also ".
    And my life just got instantly so much better!!!!
    Women don't seam to be surprised by this and like it. Men have real issues with it and they do not ubderstsnd it at all!!!!

  • Things turn us on for reasons we'll never understand. One of my earliest erotic memories was when I began reading my sister's 1950s era Girl Scout Handbook and the image of a girl being invested just flipped the switch.

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