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Wife and I were laying in bed. Just relaxing. She asked if she could ask me a question. I said, "Sure thing." She said, "I've been wondering something and wanting to ask you but I don't wanna start a fight." I said, "Just ask." She said, "Would you let me have a boyfriend?" I said, "A boyfriend? You want to replace me?" She said, "Nothing like that. There is a guy at work that has been flirting with me that I'm attracted to and I kinda want to f*** him." I said, "Well f*** him then." She said, "Seriously? You wouldn't be mad?" I said, "It's better that I know about it than you go behind my back and lie about it."

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  • So they have had s** a few times since we had that conversation. Two days after we had that conversation she texted me from work. She said, "We doing anything tonight?" I said, "Not sure. Been a long day. Why?" She said, "Brad wants me to go to his place after work." I said, "Gonna do something naughty?" She said, "Yeah probably. Came close on lunch today." I said, "Oh yeah?" She said, "Got frisky in the car after we ate. You sure you are ok with this?" I said, "Yes baby. Go over there and f*** him." She said, "Condoms?" I said, "Is he clean?" She said, "He says he is." I said, "Then no." She said, "I love you baby." I said, "I love you too." She said, "I'll try and not be too late."

  • Let her go for it. My wife and I had the same type of conversation several years ago and now we have a open marriage. If I see something I want I go for it, The same goes for her. We discuss the s** with have with others get turned on by it and f*** our brains out together.

  • Trust her and you will reap the rewards . trust me on this . if you totally accept her independence and her needs both in your marriage and out side your marriage . she will stick around more then you think . good luck .

  • I agree with this. My wife came to me during our second year of marriage and said she had the hots for a guy she met and he had the hots for her. I was happy that she trusted me enough to talk to me about it and also preferred knowing about it ahead rather than finding out afterwards. I told her to be careful to not get hurt and also asked that she talk to me about him and the things they do together. As it turns out, the guy has a much larger c*** than me and she told me she never knew s** could feel that good. She continued seeing him for a couple of years but he ended up marrying so it ended. She liked having her freedom to meet whomever she wanted and we've continued this throughout our marriage. Her relationships with her boyfriends lasted anywhere from a few months to a few years and she seemed happy so it worked out for us. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year.

  • If it works for you, who are we to judge. My wife would never do that. I would let her if she would agree to let me.

  • My husband gave me permission to f*** other men and we have never looked back, especially as I gave a couple of my friend permission to f*** him. My lover is another woman


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