My Mom

My mom had an affair on dad about 6 years ago. I was too young to realize she was cheating on my dad.
Dad worked night shift.
Mom sent me to bed early some nights and I couldn’t sleep.
My bedroom was above living room.
Mist of the nights she send me to bed early some guy would come over.
I would watch them through a vent in floor that let heat come upstairs from first floor.
This went on for a few years.
They would get naked and hav s** on couch
Or floor. Straight under me.
I would watch the entire time. Only thing i thought was the one being bad because i saw my mom naked.
Now i am older I understand what she was doing.
I wonder if she still does?
My dad never found out as far as i know.
I have dreams at night with my mom under him

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  • Mom and I lived in a one room apartment
    The sofa made into bed at night.
    Mom had bfs over . I can remember she would tell them i was too young to know what they are doing. She would put cartoons on for me while
    They had s**. I was too young to under stand but i knew what they were doing.
    I would get hard watching them.
    One time mom was on her knees and the guy gave me a thumbs up while he did it.
    Mom never seen him. When we were alone mom always gave me baths or we shower at same time. She never did anything sexual but
    I remember putting my hands on her when we were there and she never stopped me.
    Mom was so naive when it came to this looking back.

  • My mom did same.
    Some guy would come over when dad was at work. Mom said he was fixing the tv in her room. They would go in there for a long time
    I could hear bed squeaking.
    Idk what was happening.
    So w
    One day i go look in keyhole when i heard noise
    And saw them naked mom was ontop bouncing up and down on him. Yes i know now what they were doing. I never forgot any of it.

  • I saw my mum having s** with a man when I was 14. Dad had gone to the pub. After the man left, I went to my mother's room. I told he what I had seen and asked her if I could do the same. I said that a friend of mine at school often had s** with his mother, and I wanted to know what it felt like, as I'd never had a girl. I had a hard-on, and showed Mum my c***. After some hesitation, she agreed. It took me only seven minutes to c** in her p****. After the first time, Mum let me f*** her whenever we were alone together.

  • Seven minutes? It took me seven seconds to c** in your mom’s p****. She was a firecracker with a nice tight ass I always wanted to bang but another guy had dibs on that and he threatened me not to go there.

  • Catch them for, confront your mom and threat her that you are going to tell your dad all about her affair IF she does not let you f*** her whenever you wan! This scheme should work well for both of you.

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • How many times have you dreamed it was you on your mom?
    Was she built nice and pretty?
    How many different guys did you see her with?

  • Several different guys
    Mom built nice?
    Yea I suppose she was not fat and has a nice butt.
    The older i got the more i paid attention to that i guess

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