My brother’s friend

I have a crush on my brothers friend
He stays at our house often
And is 4 years older than me.
I always hang around them when he is over.
Is 4 years too much older ?
Idk i just can’t stop thinking about him.

Jan 26, 2020

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  • I had a huge crush on one of my hot older sister's friends, who also flirted and fed into my attraction to her. She often wore crop tops that exhibited her tanned, tight tummy and oval innie navel and fell just below her t***, which drove me crazy. She'd hug me and raise her arms high first, raising the crop top and showing more skin. We'd be in our pool, her in a bikini, and my hands would touch her body, making her laugh. At some point during most of her visits, I handled her.

    It took awhile, but, she finally gave in and let me finger her in the pool, and, after that, used her long nails to stroke and play with my c***. I had a thing for her for years.

  • If you suck his d***, be will not care about your age.

    My brother's friend was 11 I was 18. He slept over ine night. At midnight everyone was asleep and he followed into the bathroom and watched me pee. I said take off your clothes, he started crying but did it. He young ass maked me so Hard. I put my hand on his head and guided my c*** into his mouth he started sucking. I came in 5 minutes he swallowed he was really good. I asked how he knew what to do, and he said his mother's boyfriend makes he do that every night. I didn't care as long as I got that mouth and sexy ass too.

    For the next 7 years I used his body daily. I would pick him up in the morning and ass f*** him before school and he blow me after school He was totally in love with me. I told him to prove it, so i made him wear a butt plug 24/7 since he was 11. We go to a local wooded area, I make him strip and keep him naked for hours with people a few yards away as I f***** him.

    On his 18 birthday I married my little f** s***, his family freaked. But f*** them. I keep him naked all the time. I make him prove his love all the time. He had to let our dog f*** his ass this weekend.

    What kind of f****** worthless f** willingly does this for 23 years now?

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