Caught and don’t know how to deal with

I was doing laundry last night and saw my son walk by the window outside after dark. I started to yell but didn’t. I wondered what he was doing.
He walked around corner of house where I couldn’t see him. I hurry out front and go around side of house ti catch him sneaking out at that hour. and stop he didn’t see me but he was standing on a bucket looking in bathroom window.
I hurry back in not thinking and in shock.
He was peeking at his sister.
I know this is normal for boys
Idk what to do. I still have not confronted him. And really am embarrassed too.
Any advice?

Jan 26, 2020

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  • Stay out of it. I had NO idea my brother's spied on me growing up until long after I married and moved away. I came over to visit my family. When I arrived my brothers were in a huge verbal and slightly physical fight. One saw me and promptly outed his brother as having spied on me. The other retorted, "So what? They all did, even the neighbor boys." The arguments continued on other things but my mind stayed on this one. I had NO IDEA they spied on me. I laughed it off nervously and decided to leave.

    I'm glad I had no idea when it was happening. I've been wanting to ask my brothers about the neighbor boys that spied on me, but since my brothers did too, I'm not about to bring this up, ever. I hope they all got great looks because that is all they are ever going to get

  • My sister used to peep at me when I was naked. It's just a natural curiosity. After a few times of catching her spying on me I decided to invite her in while I was naked and at first she was hesitant but with some encouragement she came into my room. I let her touch me and learn about my body and obviously my p****. She was 13 at the time and it didn't take for us to start a sexual relationship. I think sometimes s** education is best learnt with family and as long as protection is used there is no problems.

  • Probably just curious. I caught my younger brother peeping on me several times back when I was 13-14. I yelled at him the first time but I wasn't really angry about it, so finally I just let him see everything he wanted to see.

    Maybe you can find your son a nudie mag to look at.

  • It is not unusual for any boy to peeping into bathroom to watch his sis or mom in nude. Do not yell at him, no good will result, rather you may talk to him openly about the matter, both in positive and negative ways. If possible show him female pics and anatomies, a part of s** education. Even you may think of showing him your nude body as you undress and let him touch you wherever he feels to do!! Be free with him and he with you.

  • That was great advise.
    A 25 year old man I interviewed was in prison for multiple rapes on older women. While committing these acts, he would call them, ‘mother’ and make them call him ‘son’ while removing their clothes and make them ask him to touch them and finally he would make them ask him to have s** with them.

    When asked how his life might have been influenced for the better he told me; if his mother had spent some alone time with him when he was a teenager, letting him look and touch and ask questions, he wouldn’t have let his curiosity get out of hand.
    His sisters were promiscuous and he said he saw them naked and could have had s** with them many times, but it was his mother that must have been hiding the best from him. It was her he needed to know and learn from.

    When discussing this with a colleague, he told me his own mother came to his room when he turned 13. She had just bathed and was only wearing a towel. She sat on the bed with him and told him he needed to learn about a woman’s body now and that she would always allow him to look, touch, and ask questions. She didn’t want him preoccupied while in school wondering about other girls or teachers instead of learning.

    She stood with her back to him and removed the towel. He looked and touched until he was comfortable. She turned sideways and then full front, repeating the process.
    She was very loving and gave him a long hug telling him to come to her any time for any reason. And he knew exactly what she meant.

    So, I asked, “did you?”
    With a big smile and a laugh, he said, “h*** yes I did. Nearly every day for the next five years”.
    He graduated from Harvard.

    Hopefully this advice will help him, and prevent him from becoming a window peeper in the neighborhood and getting into trouble with the law.

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