Literally sucked a di*k for an iPhone

I just wanted to say thank you to the guy who afford me an iPhone 6s, even though he made me suck him off but that was nothing compared to my happiness when he gave me the iPhone. To that guy, if you are reading this I'm so ready to suck you like a hungry fa*got again and let you fu*k me in the ass like a bi*ch. but make sure to bring another gift to me ;)

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  • Want you to fill me up with your cream. mmmmmmmm. yummy.

  • I would of sucked YOUR d*** AND gave you the phone.

  • Wish your d*** was in my mouth right now.

  • I feel the same as this guy^^. I read and re-read all the lovely things you write and I just want to get with you and suck your d*** over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

  • ...damn........I want to get all up in that ass........

  • Just please do ;)

  • You make me hard. You make me h****.

  • How the h*** did you get so sexy and learn so much about men at such a young age? There are men twice your age that don't know half as much as you know and aren't half as sexy. How did all this happen to you?

  • Thinking about you at the age you are makes me feel kind of pervy but I don't care. I love how young you are and I wish we were together. If that happened my wife could go straight to h*** for all I care.

  • ;) ;)

  • I wish to God you were inside me right now. I wish you would pound me and pound me and pound me deeper and deeper until I submitted to you. Right now I can feel you inside my body just hammering me mercilessly. I'm 38 and I'm married and I have three children and I want you in me.

  • Love love love the way you describe yourself as a hungry f*****. Really love that. Makes ME hungry too. FOR YOU!

  • I'm just saying the truth :)

  • I am a little younger than you but you are exactly the right age for me and I would love for us to hook up and be partners and to be f****** all the time. I bet your d*** is beautiful and I bet all your c** is beautiful too. I think you are so hot. SO SO SO hot.

  • Thank you! But I'm looking for old men ;(

  • I don't think you realize quite how good of a little c********* I am.......... :(

  • I want your hot c** all over me. Every day!

  • If you want to suck a different one, I'll give you a different addition to the belly full of c**. :)

  • I'm willing to suck anyones c*** as long as they will give me gifts ;). And yasss please please.

  • If you were with me, I'd keep you well. Of course, you would have to keep the relationship a secret, to preserve my marriage intact at least until my children are grown and gone (not more than six years from now), and you would have to refrain from sexual relations with other people, because you would belong to me. ONLY me. I know that sounds like a serious downside and lots of guys (especially the young ones like you) can’t deal with that, but there's a big upside as well. I learned long ago about the all-important "Three Cs" of a gay-kept relationship and I have had two other young men who were only too happy to play by the rules -- and keep themselves for me alone -- in order to get the three Cs. They are: condo, car and clothes. You'd be given a place to live, a nice car to drive, and stylish clothing to wear (gotta have my man looking goooooood). Those aren't gifts, as you call them. They are just the essentials. My lover cannot -- CANNOT -- go wanting for essentials. They are necessary to his existence so he'll be available to me anytime I want him and am able to get away from the family. You would have to always be available f***, even if it’s just a quickie. But then there would be gifts, as well, just because you're you, because you looked especially sexy on a particular day, or because you f***** me especially well here and there. The gifts are in addition to the necessities: shelter, transportation, appearance. Gifts are for special occasions or just because. I know how to keep a man. But the man has to know how to satisfy, and he has to be willing to keep himself for only me. Nobody else would get your d*** or your ass but me. No occasional lovers. No strangers from the gym or the grocery or the phone store. No b******* in somebody’s car. No handjobs out on the street. No group f****** in the rest room at the gay bar. You'd be my f****** property. And you would love it. And you would love me.

  • I'm sure I would daddy. You can keep me from going out and i would never protest <33

  • When I think of you, and I think of you often, I imagine you have a huge c*** and big beautiful b****, that you f*** like heaven, and you c** like h***. It's the c** I focus on the most in the fantasies I have about you. I picture you c******, and when you do that, you just keep on spewing and spewing and spewing your love all over the place. And all over me. I want you to c** all over me. And then I want you to send me home to my wife and children, with a note pinned to me that says, "This is my property: it doesn't belong to any of you anymore. It's mine." That's how I want to feel. Like I'm your property. I think there's something really sexy in that: a 19yo owning a 47yo.

  • Thinking about you makes my d*** hard. Reeeeeeally hard.

  • Please i'd like you to f*uck me with your hard d*** ;)

  • Ooooh baby! Ooooh my sweet sexy baby boy! I would love to f*** you with this hard d***. Ever since you started posting here I've been coming back to read your words almost every day, and every time I get hard and beat off until you make me nut like a wild man. Part of it is that you're just a sexy boy, part of it is that you love married men (like me!), and part of it is that you are soooooo young. I love you and I want to get in you. Oh God how I want to get in you. And stay in you. G******! I'm already hard again, and you're going to make me c** again. This is love!

  • Mmm Yas get in me and stay as long as you want to. I love the feeling of being filled with married men d**** <33

  • It is really amazing that you know so much about how to take care of a married man when you are so young. You must of been dating married men for a long time and you must of f***** so many of them that you just know what to do and say. No wonder that married guy saw you and immediately agreed to buy you that nice gift. God it's just so exciting that you are dating so many married men and you know so much about how to f*** us all. You are incredible!

  • Thank you! But I only dated 3 men. ( for their money ) Two of them were married and the third one wasn't.

  • I love it that you only been with those three. I would give you more gifts and money and I would totally f*** you more and longer than any other man ever has. I would be f****** you so good you would never let me go home to my family. You would order me to stay and keep f****** and f****** and f****** and f****** and f******. And you would call my wife and tell her you were keeping me from coming home and that I belong to you now.

  • I would call her and tell her how good you are at se*x. And how big your di*ck is ;*

  • ....same for are one severely hot piece of ass...........

  • Ok, so I'm married, 44, with two kids, and I have a young gay boyfriend on the side. Yesterday morning he emails me a link to this thread (yours) and tells me he thinks he deserves the kind of gifts that the author gets and those he's being offered by total strangers. So I click on it and read the OP's messages and the responses and the replies, and then I email him back and tell him that the only way he starts getting this treatment is if he starts being this sexy. "I'm not sexy????", he screams. "Not like this boy", I assure him. Then he calls me at work and starts b******* me out saying I don't appreciate him, etc., etc., etc. I shut him down and tell him to f*** off, permanently. So, he shows up -- at my f****** office -- crying and moaning and saying he hates my wife and kids, and how much better things would be if I got a divorce and moved him into my house. I thank him for sharing these posts with me, because it made me realize that there are some reeeeeeeally young males out there like you who would love to have a favors-based relationship, and who are super f****** hung and super f****** sexy and super f****** nasty, and who I could easily attract and keep. "So, Brandon, you should never have sent me the link to this site and introduced me to this incredible boy. You're 29. He's 18. DO THE MATH!" Well, he was right about one thing: you are an unbelievably sexy boy, and you are the kind who can have any man he wants. And everybody wants you. Damn, I got hard just reading what you wrote, and then last night I stood in the shower and masturbated twice, just thinking about what it would be like to be one of the men in your f*** life. Or more.

  • Mm. I'll make sure to make you live like a king and let you fu*ck me, suck me off and use me everyday non-stop. On the other hand you'll have to bring me new phones, laptops and whatever I want! ;)

  • You see? Does everyone else see? When Brandon asks me for phones and laptops and whatever he wants, he sounds like a greedy, selfish, demanding b****. But when you do it, you are clearly saying, "Look, these are the gifts I am accustomed to getting, and I'm comfortable asking for them because you and I both know I deserve them and I'm entitled to them, because I am by far the best f*** you've ever had and the best f*** you ever will have, and your horrible pitiful wife will never come close to pleasing you like I do." Do you see? Brandon sounds like a whiner. You sound like a lover. Like a skilled lover. Like a hung lover. Like a f****** MAN!! Damn!!!! G******!!!!!!!

  • And the best thing about all of that, aside from the fact that you are an incredible f***, is that you aren't even 19 yet!!! I think most of us would give up our children to be able to keep a 19yo!!!!

  • Yea, I'm not even 19 and I can give you the best b*******! I'll make you forget about your wife and Brandon. You'll live a heaven with me daddy

  • I'll write more later on (I have to go pick up one of the kids), but for now I'll just tell you that I love the way you think, and I love the way you express yourself. You are an amazing guy, and yes, if I were involved with you, that WOULD be heaven.

  • Thanks daddy! ;)

  • You are totally nasty. That is why all these men are in love with you. Especially the married me. Yes, I love you, too. And God how I want you! (And I would give you more than just a phone.)

  • Soo you are saying you will be my sugar daddy ? ;)

  • Yes, I would absolutely be your sugar daddy!!!!!!!

  • I have a son who, like you, is a teenager. And like you, he's gay. That doesn't bother me (well, it doesn't bother me like it used to), but what bothers me more is that, also like you, he seems to only date older married men. To my knowledge, he has already been the cause of the breakup of three marriages, but there may be more that I don't know about. He loves the idea of ending hetero marriages and says that he and some of his gay friends want to wreck as many as they can, so that hetero marriage will seem like a sham and gay marriage will seem more stable by statistical comparison and also by virtue of the fact that more hetero marriages are ending so the husbands can be with their male lovers. But the thing I hate the most is that, also like you, he asks for and accepts expensive gifts from these men in exchange for "favors". That makes him a w****. Also like you.

  • I love your son, yes. He's a wh+ore just like me. You should introduce me to him

  • No I won't do that not ever. He's just a boy and he has more s** (even tho it's all gay s**) than anyone I know (straight OR gay), so I wouldn't connect him up with someone who would show him how to have even MORE s** and get even MORE gifts than he's getting now. If he got with you he would learn too much about how to seduce married men even more than he knows already which is WAY too much. I shouldn't think of this because I'm opposed to what my son is doing and what you are doing even more but when you use the word "w****" it doesn't sound like it does when I use it or think it: it almost sounds like something to be proud of and that would make someone want to get with you which I guess is part of how you hook all of them. That's just too weird and I don't want to even think about it.

  • Hmm okk

  • I was yelling at my son about his sexual behavior and about the married men he dates and in the middle of it I told him about what you do with married men and then he got really mad and accused me of watching and reading gay p*** while I was criticizing his life. And then he told me to invite you over and he would let me watch him suck your d*** right in front of me, and then the two of you would f*** me all night.

  • You are so right about how delicious it is to have a gay affair with a married man because they are so eager and so hungry for it! I love married guys and I do them every chance I ever get. I just don't get enough chances with married guys, not nearly like you do. I really love the way you seem to kind of like "specialize" in dating married men, and even more than that I really just love the way you devour them because that's really what you seem to do to them: devour them. It's so secret and sly and sexy!!!

  • Oh. My. God. OH. MY. GOD. OH!! MY!! GOD!! This is the sexiest thing I have ever read! But please please please you really HAVE to tell us more about how this happened!!! Did it happen in the store? While you both were shopping? Did you seduce him? Or did he seduce you? Was his wife with him? Were his kids there? Did you do him in the bathroom? Or take him out to his car? Or behind the building? Did the phone store people know what the two of you were up to? Did they appreciate just how incredibly sexy you are? Did you get the man's name and phone number? Will you see him again? Have you done this before? Will you marry me?

  • And yeah I will marry you "if" you are willing to spoil me and bring me gifts every now and then ;)

  • I would totally spoil you. I'm not saying I'm rich but I make enough that I could spoil you and bring you things really often. I would love to live with you and be married to you. And most of all, I would love to be owned by you.

  • And also......I wouldn't make you blow me in exchange for the presents: you would get those just because of who you are and how sexy you are. In fact, I would give you the gifts and also BLOW YOU. I would totally LOVE having your d*** in my mouth all the time.

  • Mm You are making me so hot. I can imgine my life with you would be sooo fun!

  • Haha. Well I've known him for a while from a website and then I finally asked him for his phone number. He's married yes, but I think he and his wife are on a break for two months. We luckily live in the same city so it was easy for us to meet, a week after the new iPhone was released I was complaining about my old phone ( ofc I was hinting that I want the new iPhone ) and he was like, hey I can get you the new iPhone but you have to suck me off first haha! I was like just fu*cking give it to me!!. It was so hot

  • Oh my dear sweet Mother of Christ! You are sooooo right, that was really sooooo hot. And YOU are sooooo completely hot! I totally totally totally love how aggressive you are with married men and what an unbelievable attraction you are for married men: it seems like they just cannot POSSIBLY stay away from you or ever take their d**** out of your mouth. I would love to be with married men even a little like you are, but I guess I'm just too much of a fraidy cat. I guess I have to also admit that I'm still not completely 'out', on account of my family. I mean, I guess they know that something's off because I'm 34 and still not married or dating anybody (well, not dating any women, but they don't know about the boyfriends I have). But yeah I wish I could pursue married men like you do, and I even fantasize about doing that with strangers, and also especially with this one older man at my work who I think is heavy bi: I would love to become his lover on the side and make him cheat on his wife. You are sooooo my hero, and in addition to wanting to be with you, I also want to be LIKE you. You are sooooo sexy and you make my c*** ache for you.

  • Wow I like how old you are compared to me, I'm almost 19 and I reaaally really love having fun with older men in thier thirties and fourties. Idc if its illegal or odd I just love sucking their di*cks

  • I would love to be that guy you met. I would keep coming back to you, keep bringing you more and more and better and better presents, and I would keep filling you up with c**, from both ends. We would have to keep it on the DL, and never tell my wife, but I would totally take care of you and make you happy. I would move you from where you live to where I live, and we would be lovers, multiple times each week. Then, in 6-8 years, when the last of my kids are grown, I would divorce my wife and marry you, now that it's legal, and that is when the rampant powerfucking would start, not multiple times each week, but multiple times each day. We would be all over each other, sometimes rough, sometimes gentle, but always f******. Always f******. Always f******. Always, always f******. F******! You wouldn't be able to keep me off you. I could make you happy. And I would make you happy.

  • I love f****ing married men. They know how to do it ;)

  • You love it so because you know for a fact that there's no way the wives can complete with you. So every time a married man f**** you, or vice versa, you've given his wife a beatdown.

  • :( That should be "compete", not "complete". Sorry.

  • I knew ;). I love what you said and it made me hard

  • Mm yeah ;)

  • "What shall it profit a person if she gains the whole world and loses her soul or what can a person give in exchange for her life"?


  • Um . . . . . I don't need to google it. You asked the question. YOU just asked it. Duh!!

  • I think what you did was beautiful. I love it. I wish I was the guy buying you phones and other gifts. I would love you.

  • I'd be your fu*k toy ;)

  • You are so sweet and yummy! God, I could just eat you UP!!!!

  • I'm sweeter than sugar, I promise ;*

  • I know you are. I can tell. Just so you'll know.......I have already started masturbating to you. I think about you, and how delicious your seed HAS to be, and I dream about how often I would be tasting it. And then I dream about how wonderful your ass must taste. I really do want to eat you up. Mmmmmmm.........

  • Mmm! I will go doggy style and spread my as* cheeks for you so you can eat my boy p**** ;)

  • Oh, my dear sweet baby! I really love the way your mind works! Yes, yes, yes! That's exactly what I would do. In fact, if we were together, you would have the cleanest a****** in town because I would be CONSTANTLY licking and sucking and eating it, all day, EVERY day. I love how young you are and how nasty you are.

  • Mm yes daddy. How old are you ? I'll be 19 in 6 days ;)

  • OMG!! 19?? I am definitely in love with you. Just the thought of you makes me weak now. And makes me hard. I am 47yo, and I have a son 5 yrs older than you, a daughter 2 yrs older than you, and another son 3 yrs younger than you. I have had several boyfriends throughout my marriage, but none as young as you. God ......... 19?????!!!! I would give anything to have an LTR with a boy as young as you and as hot as you and as nasty as you. As long as he is you! I may have to break up with my current boyfriend tonight, because he is now just too f****** old, and he's not as sexy as you are. And he doesn't call me "daddy" the way you do. I really LOVE the way you call me "daddy". I want to hear you call me that . . . repeatedly . . . while your c*** is in my throat. Or up my ass.

  • You and your boyfreind can always share me daddy ;). I'm always up for more than one old man.

  • You are such a sick f***.

  • Fu*k off.

  • No, I won't, you sick f***.

  • You seem jealous because I got the new iPhone and you didn't ?? ;)

  • Why would I possibly be jealous of a f***** w****? Your disgusting. Just disgusting. And your going to die of aids.

  • Why so mad tho ?

  • Not mad. Just tired of seeing all these f***** posts by all these very sick f**** like sick f***.

  • Stfu and get outta here then.

  • U.R. H***

  • And you are pedo.

  • And you are pedo

  • What shall it profit a person if one gains the whole world and loses ones soul; what can one give in exchange for ones soul?

    do you know who asked this question? google it!

  • F*** off

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