I need to be filled

I have never done anything with another guy but I get so turned on when I think about an older guy going raw in my ass and c****** inside me, I just want someone to f*** me, I’m 20 chubby and hairy. Florida



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  • Tajay655@gmail.com got a big one for you baby ready to fill you up

  • I would love to f*** your chubby ass. I love f****** ass. I would eat your ass and then pound your ass till I c** up your ass

  • I need it so bad I can’t stop thinking about it

  • Anything we can message on?

  • Drrfiretto@gmail.com don’t wait to long

  • Please do, I need it so bad

  • I have the same need. But I'm lucky, there are two 18 year olds in the apartment building I live in who are more than willing to f*** me and c** inside me.

    They tag team me several times a day. The mornings are the best, they stop buy at 8am and my ass is still full of their c** from the 4 times they c** in me the night before. I insert a butt plug so the c** doesn't leak out.

  • A c**-filled ass is most emnjoyable as your c*** slides at ease in and you are able to plunge deep into his/her ass ass hole. The smell and sound do make the action erotic!

  • Wow u are lucky....If you were my friend I would love to be under you as you drain all that c** deep into my mouth for me to swallow.

  • You are indeed lucky 😫

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