Falling I love

I'm a 34 mwf with a daughter and 2 younger sons. I been heavy bi since 14. My daughter's best friend at school saw me kissing one of their lesbian teachers and then a few weeks later said she'd been fantasizing about me wrapping my legs around her head. So I did that in her bed when her parents were away and grinded my t*** on her face until I squirted. She loved it and said she was already in love with me. I was actually loving how she slid her tongue in and out of my p**** and ass. We've been hooking up a lot but it's hard to avoid being seen by my daughter. I want more of this girl and we actually are falling in love not just in heat. But I gotta find a better way to get more of this girl. I don't want somebody else getting this little b****. I love her.

Feb 8, 2020

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  • You are so lucky to be romantically involved with a child so young and so overheated. Damn!!! I wish I had a girl like yours! I know a girl I want but her parents would murder me if we started dating. I have talked to het about going out but she says she would be scared of her parents finding out if we started sexing.

  • I take from your narrative that you are no longer (or never were) married to or living with your daughter's father, so I think you should just be open about your relationship with Liza, even to the point of having Liza sleep I your bed when she stays overnight, and making out with her when she's there, even if she's visiting your daughter. If your daughter gets turned on enough she will want to join in, and then you've got them both where you want them. Tell your daughter that your p**** itches and Liza knows how to scratch it, and that you want Liza to show her how to do it. It's obvious you want your daughter sexually -- you never denied that even once -- so you need to go to work on her. NOW!!! Imagine the fun and pleasure of owning them both, and squirting all over both of them. You know you want that and you can't deny it. Can you????? Answer me!!!

  • Admit it: you want your daughter's fist in your intestines. You love her, you l*** after her, and you're aching to have her fist in your intestines,pumping and punching in and out of you. YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!!!. Admit it, you h**** f****** b****!! You nasty w****!!!ADMIT IT!!!!

  • When I read your accusations, I knew you were right. I don'twant to admit it, but you're right. O want my daughter's entire arm jammed up in me. I want her doing filthy things to me and I want to dosuper filthy things to her body.

  • School girl p**** is so nice love to watch you with her

  • Perhaps this young mother would rather have her little girl each through her front door, grab a handful of her cervix and turn her inside out. That might be what she's been waiting forthis whole time. We knew she was dirty and perverted . . . we just didn't know how diirty and perverted. DAMN!!!

  • I wish you would tell us more about your relationship with the girl. Like how much you meet up and where and a. All the kinds of ways you duck .
    I think we all want to know about this wonderful wonderful wonderful love story. You should write a book about your love and then make it a beautiful movie with Jennifer Lopez and Shailene Woodly. Say how you f***. And suck and f*** each other please tell so so so much more PLEASE!!!

  • What would you say I'd your daughter wanted to join in with the two of you making love.have you ever thought about that ,do you think it would put you off?

  • It wouldn't bother me if my daughter wanted to hook up with Liza but I don't think I could join them; it would just be so awkward. That said, I guess I should admit that if Lisa's mother found out about us and wanted the two of us together, I would totally go for that, because her mom is quite a bit older than me and has what I hear is an extreme bush, so yeah I'd like that a lot. Being intimate with Liza AND her mom would be hot AF. I would love to marry them both and live nasty ever after.

  • Lesbian s** is the ultimate dimension of feminine sexuality - the best no man can deliver! Try to find a safer place to be together with your gf. It should be better to avoid being watched by your children till they are old enough to understand human sexuality .

  • You sound so wise and experienced, and you offer such great advice. Have you been with young females outside your family? Are you still involved with girls?

  • Enjoy it if you are both loving each others bodies,do you make her squirt,if she is gay teach her all you know and fall in love she must be enjoying it,did she used to m********* fantersizing about you?

  • She said that she was masturbating like wild thinking about getting with me and wanting to get with me. God that was so TOTALLY flattering to have a girl that young finger-ducking herself over ME!! I really loved that idea and made me want to pleasure her even more. Even when I think about it now it makes me want to eat that dripping nasty c*** she has on her!!!

  • Omg do you get her that wet like all the time ??? I wish I could get with this particular mom of one of my friends! Tell me how to approach her about it WITHOUT freaking her asss out.

  • If you have those feelings for her just be honest with her about them and tell her you would be willing to meet up with her anytime, anywhere and do anything she wants and you will never tell anybody. Tell her she makes you insane with l*** and say "I don't just wanna get with you: any girl would do that. "I want to belong to you." Always kiss her when you see her and you leave. Occasionally cup your hand under her breast and fondle her. Stop wearing underwear when you know you will be seeing her. Slide two fingers into your sweetness and then let her smell it. Tell her she makes you super wet while she breathes in your scent. Tell her "you can have this anytime you want this."

  • I think you should just go to her house where she lives and when you get there het undressed completely and show her what your offering and then go get in her bed and start mmasterbating and begging.

  • She keeps drinking my squirt and I keep giving it to her because we are falling more and more in love every day of our lives. It's real true love.

  • You are so right. That really is true love. A girl that knows how to get you to squirt, and then drinks every drop, is meant for you and you should never ever ever let her go.

  • Stop the pedo now before it’s too late

  • Some is going to find out what your doing to her and they won't understand that it is "love". You better stop it now before you get caught scissoring or fisting or in a deep filthy 69 with this hot hot hot child

  • The child is really hot. Keep her in your life.

  • Enjoy each other and squirt in each others mouths,mmmm

  • A 3 some with your daughter would be hot

  • Both of you are whores and you deserve each other. Beautiful whores. Always remember: with a w**** like this child is, if YOU aren't doing her, somebody else WILL be. It might as well be you. Go for it.

  • This Is so true. I'm a 29 med and I have been cheating on my husband for the last 4 straight Yeats wit a girl who is your daughter's age. I love her more than I love my husband and our s** lives are really filthy. We are like the girls in 2girls1cup but even dirtier. My husband has no idea of what is going on between me and her and neither so her parents. She and me are perverted and sick in the same ways. I eat her s*** and drink her p*** every day. One of her friends wants to join

  • God!!! The 2girls1cup love is the best love there is. Please tell more about your filth with each other. Pleaase??

  • I agree. Go for that.

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