My best friend has always had feelings for me which i have always denied. He has always said he would break up with her for me because he loves me. We have the kind of relationship where we tell each other we love each other everyday and would die for each other. So about 4 months ago he started dating this girl and is "happy" with her. He constantly complains about their relationship to me though and recenttly i have realized that i think im in love with him. he just went away on vacation with her and came back claiming to have had the best time ever. And i am pretty sure i am in love with him. What do i do? because i dont think that what he had said previously still applies. and i dont know what i would do without him. So do i risk our friendship by telling him how i feel? or do i keep it a secret and wait until his relationship with her blows over, if it blows over?


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  • i thnk that feeling of yours should be kept inside... if you really love him... you must be happy for him... only destiny will tell if you really are meant for each other

  • You know what they say you only live once and also that you don't know what you have until it's gone. By the sounds of it you are in love with him. Go for it girl!

  • well, if you do say something, you won't have that nagging "what if?" feeling. It sucks.

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