Dating a Single Mom

I am dating and living with a single mom of a 7yr old daughter.
I don't think I am naive but I am starting to wonder.
I always try pitch in and help around the house and I know she loves me and appreciates me. I put in the majority of money for family bills etc.
We all live happily.

I have noticed a tendency for her to reward me with sexual behavior and often in front of her daughter. She tells me she appreciates me and often will give me a bj or hj. She pays no heed to her daughter seeing this behavior and acts as if it is inconsequential.

She often asks me to bathe her daughter and my impression is the girl is able to bathe herself quite ok but her mom insists she need supervision. Her daughter and I were having a good giggle and cracking jokes in the bathroom the other day while she was in the bath. My gf came in and her hand went up leg of my shorts and she started jerking me off about 1 ft away from her daughter. Her daughter was just grinning at me like it was the biggest joke and I was trying to protest but my gf said "she has seen it all before - its no big deal" and the daughter then said "I want to see it". So my p e n i s ended up out of my shorts and my gf jerked me off to completion in front of her 7yr old. I was shocked tbh but it was like I was watching myself - I couldn't say no or stop.

we talked about it in bed that night and apparently the daughter has been sexualized from a young age and is entirely comfortable with these experiences and even talks about and requests them from her mother.

I feel very out of my depth here.


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  • Something tells me this mom has lots of s** with her daughter. Better leave it to them, or to the family pet, as she’s too young for a man!

  • OP: Update daughter laid under our sheets while her mum and I had s**. We did it really slowly and sensually and she liffted up the sheets and watched us. I want to say that it wasnt a turn on but I am going to h***. She is 8 next week

  • OMG that is so hot

  • Any new updates?

  • Sounds like she’s enjoying what she sees. Do you get to touch her too?

  • OP: just cuddling and caressing but often pushes my hand down between her legs I have only been game to lightly tickle and rub no overt stimulation but I think it is coming. She is very confident around me now I am the nervous one for good reasons. I love her being there when her mom and I are having s** though. She gives me the shyest sweetest smiles. her mom has been encouraging me to be more active with her but I said she has to make initiate it otherwise i would feel bad about it.

  • Once you get to feel herpussy and get your fingers inside you won't ever want her mumspussy again

  • You are so lucky man. From everything you’ve said, mom and daughter both trust you a lot and that’s an awesome thing. And you’re handling yourself in a very honorable way. It would be hard to be so self contained but you’re really looking out for her and making sure she’s comfortable as well. I’m sure she will continue to let you know what she wants and you can proceed in keeping her happy. Be sure to let us know. I love reading your developments. You’re truly living the dream

  • OP: so it happened. My GF was out and her girl was on couch watching tv she kept moving around and was really unsettled and I asked her "whats going on" and she said "I wanna look at it" so I said "you can if you want" .. so she unzips me and takes out my c ock. I am almost instantly hard. She played with it and looked at it the whole movie. Nothing else happened it was just like she was curious.

  • She will be sucking it soon

  • How did it feel having her play with it?

  • Christ. I would have the hardest time not c****** right there

  • Lovely warm, soft little 7 yr old hands mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Y’all both need to be in jail for that s***. Ya nasty f******. That’s no place for a child. She’ll be messed up for life. You are a grown man and can say no. You’re just a sick and twisted as her mother

  • I agree

  • Very glad about how you guys are handling this. It is not unusual from where I come from in Northern Alaska. Kids don't see s** as taboo, but something normal that adults do. You guys in the lower 48 are just too high strung.

  • OP: Sitting on the couch watching cartoons and girl says "tickle there" - she was snuggled up warmly and got lots of caressing. Her mom has since both given me oral s** and full s** while her daughter has been laying on our bed. The girl is totally not freaked out at all it so strange and weird to me but seems very normal to her. I am definitely not going to initiate anything but I adore those girls.

  • Where did she want to be tickled?

  • Her honey hole

  • Is she nude watching?

  • Does she watch or seem curious while her mom is getting you off? Like you I wouldn’t initiate anything but it still would be hot to be in such a free and open environment

  • You should move out. Maybe the mom will continue with her poor parenting skills but you don't need to be part of it. Chart your own course. Her corruption of a young child is not an open door for you, nor is it legal. Things like this could end up with incarceration.

  • Or a really good time!

  • OP: most of the barriers are in my own head both her mom and her are constantly flirting. While having s** with her mom, her mom recently said "imagine if I was her and you were inside her right now" - I came right there and then - it was very exciting but I felt guilt as well. If anything changes I will post another comment.

  • That’s so hot. That’s one h*** of a gf. I would have gotten off so fast in that situation too. If she’s seen it all and is used to it like her mom says, you could always f*** mom while daughter is in the room.

  • Are you kidding, you can have mum I want the little one


  • Try -
    it's much better than this site

  • They took my confession down :(

  • Good

  • Yes, her daughter is already sexualized and do as her mom says. Give her good bath and soap her all over paying special attention to her budding t*** and p**** area, and talking about p**** area, start fingering. While drying her, you may kiss her t*** and p**** lips drawing the lips deep into your mouth. Soon she will experience o****** and from there she will be hooked to you for more! Within a couple of years make her a full grown teenager ready for f***.

  • I don't see a problem if she wants it and mum is ok with it too

  • Pervert

  • It sounds like she’s enjoying herself at least. I bet she would like to help out mommy too

  • When I was a young girl I was in a similar situation. I was never forced but I was so curious. I loved the attention and my mother and father were very accommodating to me. I grew out of it around 15 and we have never mentioned it again in our family. My folks were always open with s** and never hid it or barred me from it if I was interested. I think its healthy if it is open and just to satisfy your curiosity. I love both my parents for that.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm let the daughter suck it you know she wants too

  • At least, let her taste what your shooting out, or does mom swallow it all when she sucks

  • No way mum is getting to suck it if the daughter is willing

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