My wife

My wife is a secret exhibitionist. she doesn't know I know, but I do. The other day we went to a giant box store and split up because I had to grab some automotive stuff, and she wanted to look at furniture, and those departments are on opposing sides of the store. They didn't have what I needed so I immediately went to meet my wife in the furniture department. As I got within an isle of furniture I saw some outdoor items and decided to take a look at them, and I could see my wife sitting in a lazy boy chair trying it out. I could see my wife was talking to a gentleman sitting on a chair about 4 feet directly across from her. I looked at a few items and glanced back at my wife who was still talking to the gentlemen and noticed with the way she was sitting you could see right up her skirt and she had no panties on, legs open and as I sat staring in awe I noticed the gentleman she was talking to had a perfect view of my wife's shaved p****. I thought "OMG she doesn't know", but then I noticed my wife subtly pull her skirt a little higher with what looked like a fake scratch, and she opened her legs even wider. I thought "OMG, she did that on purpose, she obviously knows this guy has a great view, and made it even better for him to see", but I still wasn't sure it was on purpose, maybe she forgot about having no panties on?... So I walked out of my isle and towards my wife, she saw me, and abruptly snapped her legs shut....Yep she knew what she was doing. As I greeted her she quickly sat up, said goodbye to the gentleman, and stood up and grabbed my arm and said, "can you help me pick out a dress you might like to see me in?". I finished shopping with her that day and never mentioned it, but noticed she was really h**** when we got back home, and she was super wet. She doesn't know I know she purposely flashed a stranger her p****, but I do, and I will keep an eye out for this little fetish of my wife's from now on.

Feb 19, 2020

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  • My wife is a closet exhibitionist too. She get WAY more bold with her 'accidents' when we are out of town

  • Gos bless your you AND your wife.

  • Our daughter is 15 going on 16 and a bedwetter.She wears cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed at night as her protection.She sleeps over at her best friend Cassie's house quite frequently,mostly on the weekends as Cassie's parents go out of town often.I recently found out that the daughter takes extra diapers and plastic pants with her to Cassie's house and in the evening they put the diapers and plastic pants on with a tee shirt and call up teen boys and invite them over,then they both parade around in front of the boys! A friend of the daughter told me about this and she showed me some photos of the daughter and cassie parading around in front of the boys that she took thru a window at cassie's house.I was shocked when the friend tld me this and showed me the photos! I dont know why the daughter and cassie are doing this and find it disturbing! Can anyone advise me as to how to talk to the daughter about this?

  • First of all, you have to think about the 'friend' who took pictures and told you. It is a good thing to know about this, so you can engage your daughter thoughtfully. It is also alarming that there is a dynamic of (at best) curiosity in her circle of friends, or possibly (at worst?) jealousy and sabotage.

    Look at it objectively... parading about in diapers is about as revealing as parading about in a swimsuit, maybe less so... but it can bring odd reactions that lead to laughter, stimulate differences in reaction between the boys which is part of socialization, or lead to desire, do some degree.

    Going back to the first part, the person who reported may not be a reliable reporter. Satisfy yourself how much of their motivation to be helpful, and how much is to act out their own resentment and feelings. You have, in those pictures, potentially, the fruit of a poison tree.

  • I encourage my wife to show her sexy body to other men. I love to watch from a distance while she exposes her b****** and p****.

  • I would luv to see daviddalley408

  • Please share more stories. Maby snaps some pics

  • Email me

  • Does she enjoy showing her bits….? I would love to see it.

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