Realtor Guy hitting on Wife and She's flirting with the guy!

Definitely a weird episode a while back. My wife and I were looking for a House in Virginia. She was in Dental School, and I worked for the Highway Dept. in planning. So we met this Agent, he was around early 40's, a big VCU College football fan and a graduate. He was pretty successful divorced had one kid. Anyway my wife is my hot lil babe. Awesome body gorgeous legs green eyes and a trusting soul. As soon as we tell him what were looking for and our price range and time frame, He tells my wife that there are two open Houses scheduled for that upcoming Sunday, and they may fit our search criteria. So we meet him at his office, and we were driving with him in his Volvo X90 SUV. My wife is wearing a pleated yellow & white skirt about 3' above her knee, and yellow wedge heels and a white blouse w/yellow jacket. And of course the ole trusty Agent graciously holds open the door for my wife as she down in his truck and gets a nice peek of her upper thighs & legs as He shows her where the seat belt is by the door sill. I sit behind her next to a file box with listings. Off we go, non stop babble about the area, what do I do, where did I go to School, if we had any kids on and on. So we get to the 1st House, a 2 story with a great entry and a beautiful stairway. Several large rooms down etc. kitchen and stuff. A attached garage that had a lift in it and the area had a elevated ceiling pretty cool. After we wandered around following him, He offered us to view the upstairs on our own, while he waited in the foyer. I go up first, my wife takes her time, stopping to look at some pictures the light fixture, the banisters/railing. Meanwhile the ol Agent is getting a eyeful of my wife underside. And she's deliberately portraying herself so he can get the most of the unobstructed view. As we walk into the Master, he follows us so he can explain the features, and stuff. In the bathroom, it had a garden tub w/water jets. She asks if she can sit down in it and stretch out, he says sure. So she places one hand on his shoulder, removes her heels, and climbs in the garden tub and sits down. I'm just looking like ok babe, really....and I just laugh it off looking at he next bedroom. He helps her up, and puts one shoe in front of her and then the other, what a guy! I'm ready to leave but She's not finished, she has a lot of questions. Finally, on the to next Home. Afterward, my wife says we need to see more Homes and he promises to have more to view asap. Anyway, weekend work kept away until midweek the following week. Her plan was to meet him Downtown near her School since the search included homes near the school. She was supposed to meet him around 2p, but classes were running late and couldn't get away until 3p. She hadn't had time for lunch, and told him and he suggested a Irish Pub nearby where she could grab a quick bite. So after a bite and several cocktails, They resumed a Home inspection of the listing. My wife said he was a complete gentleman, holding the door, helping her out of the car, warning her the house had been empty for over a month and be careful of spiders and such, which freaked her out a little. So she stuck kinda close to him but she did checked the Home and its layout and asked a bunch of questions. Afterwards , He told her He had some more listings and Comp's to give her and asked her if she wanted to stop back at the Pub and go over some of the listings. She said ok, so this time, my wife said He changed a little towards her, like they were on a date or something.. He took her coat and hung it up her, ok..that was nice. And ordered her a drink, and sat close to her, not across from her. He was sitting so close to Her, that when she crossed her legs, her leg and high heel accidentally brushed up against his hand and leg, and she replied, oh excuse me I'm sorry. He rubbed her knee and said, that's ok, you have beautiful legs, you can brush up against me anytime. She blushed, and said, ok, I think I should be going, can I just get those listings or whatever you have for us. He said sure np. I can show you another House on Friday after School or maybe on Saturday if you're free. She said she was busy and would get back to him, and he said ok, great. He helped her with with her coat, and freaked her out when he pulled her hair out from the neck of the coat, and pulled her into to him and closely embraced her goodbye. That was it she said, she practically ran out of there to her car. No more meeting Mr. Nice Guy Agent! We settled on a 60's gray haired Auntie type Real Estate Agent, and had no problems!

May 22, 2020

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  • This was getting exciting..

  • I hate to deliver you bad news, but you have married a particularly calloused w****. Get out now, while you can. She's not going to get any better or any nicer. Get out!

  • Some women are that way. Our financial advisor is a single woman in her mid to late thirties. I have been meeting her at her house around once a week for several months now. We don't talk about financial planning, but we both do moan and gasp a lot.

  • She knew what she was doing. It was b/c she enjoyed it, and, wanted to get you going. My gf has done it, too, mostly if we stop at a bar, either local or chain, she'll start talking and joking with some guy or guys, they're drawn right in even with me sitting next to her and my feeling her leg or back of her hair, and she'll keep going with them. When she smoked, she'd bum a cig from a guy and go outside to smoke with them, usually out of my view, be gone longer than a smoke should take, and p*** me off. Then swear it was only a smoke and "he's a nice guy", or "he has a girlfriend..was telling me about her'.

    I'd say, sure he was. Bet it was nothing good, and he wants you instead. She'd only take things so far with the other guys, but, did enjoy the attention, flirting, and, to her anyway, saw it all as fun. What got her, though, was when I'd see a cute or hot woman I knew and would say hi, and get a greeting hug from them. That got my gf going immediately. Who's she? Looks like a s***. Jeez, she hugged you tight and long enough. What was good for the goose/her, wasn't good for the gander/me.

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