Fun out shopping with my son

I got my 16yo son to come shopping with me last tuesday as he had a day of school,when i was trying clothes on the curtain was open a little and seen him watching me, left the shop but went back 30 minutes later same thing again this time i called him over to came in and zip me up,when i turned around you could see his d*** growing in his shorts, said to him he should take care of it before someone see's it,told him to go in the changing room next to mine and sort himself out,I could hear him jerking off and don't no why but i popped in to his changing room,he just carried on like i wasn't his mom, asked if there was anything i could do when he said yeah let me w*** over your t*** and i let him, cleaned the c** of with that dress and put it back,I keep thinking about that day but he might see it as a one off.

Feb 22, 2020

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  • Lucky boy ! How old are you ?
    When I was 16 I would spy on my mum who was 46 changing to see her naked .
    I was fascinated by her hairy f**** and her t***.
    I used to steal her worn knickers and search for her stray pubes.
    I'd sniff her knickers and w*** almost.daily.
    I did ask her one day I could pull her trousers and knickers down to have a look between her legs but she just told me not to be so rude.
    Are you hairy ?

  • Oh hun.. I took my son with me to Victorias Secret once... I couldn't believe the size of his erection!!!! Mind you, i was asking his opinion on some very tiny g strings :)

  • He obviously wants to f*** you.
    Don't waste the opportunity.
    I take it he saw your.pubes and.your.slit ?
    How old both ?
    He probably wanks and thinks of you now.

  • Another lucky son ! I'd have given anything for my mum to voluntarily show me her f**** rather than have to spy on her.while sniffing her knickers.
    And before you ask I would have f***** her. I loved her bush that was trimmed to stay in her.knickers or bikini unseen.
    Describe yourself ?
    Would I want to f*** you ?

  • Take him again lol

  • Oh i have

  • Bet he wouldn't mind doing that again.

  • Lol we've been a few times now :)

  • Can't recall a time when my mum didn't suck me and have me lick her p****

  • F*** him hard and take all his c** deep in u

  • Didn't need to ask him he came to me,and yesterday morning i gave him a nice wake up call,he's no virgin anymore.

  • Sniffing licking and tasting my moms panties was the only s** I would have with her its just as good wearing her panties garters teddy pantyhose her skirts nice top I liked being.dressed like a girl in my mothers.clothes

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