When I was young I saw it happen.

I think I was 8 or 10 years old when we had a big boy living next to us. (A teenager, but I don’t know how old).
He asked me one day if I’ve seen my mom naked. I had not so he asked if I wanted to. I hadn’t thought of it before, but suddenly I did want to see her naked.
Somehow he was at the table at lunch time and he was telling my mom that he has dreams about her. He was saying that he dreamt of her every night and it was just killing him not having some of that.
Some of the things he said didn’t make sense to me, but I liked the way he said things. Mom must have liked it too. She left and went to her bedroom. He told me that he was going in there in a little bit and he’d yell at me when to come in. I was really excited to see her naked. I don’t know why but I sure was. He finished his sandwich and he went to the bathroom. Then I heard him go into moms room. She didn’t say anything so I knew it was all right.
It seemed like a long time and I was wanting to ask if I could come in but finally he hollers for me to come in. I heard mom say no but he kept yelling for me to come in. I opened the door and he was behind her and she was facing me. She was smiling and she was beautiful. She was completely naked and he was holding her and he said come here. I did and he said, touch these, and he had his hands on her boo bs. She said no but she was smiling real big so I knew she didn’t mean it. I reached out and rubbed them with both hands. They felt so good and she closed her eyes and she moaned and at first I thought I hurt her and I said I’m sorry and pulled my hands back but she said, no it’s good don’t stop. So I did it some more then that big boy turned her around and laid her face first on the bed and he had a huge pen-is that was going in her butt, (I thought) and in and out real fast and he said to me, rub her ass, so I did and it was so smooth and soft I wanted to do what he was doing but I didn’t have one that big so I just watched and she moaned a lot and he asked, you like that, and me and mom both said, yes, and suddenly he put it all the way in and she acted like it hurt or something but she didn’t say to stop and then he laid on her and I had to move my hand and I thought he was having a seizure so I left because it scared me.
For some reason that never happened again and nothing was ever said about it and I kind of forgot about it but I didn’t really ever forget it and I’d think about it a lot and wonder why we didn’t ever do it again.

Feb 22, 2020

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  • Hot. You saw your mom take a creampie and didn't even know what it was. Was your Dad in the household or was your mom a single at the time? Was your mom a "hot" woman slender and beautiful at the time? Must've been if the teenager had such the hots for her.

  • I didn’t know what that meant. Cream pie, so I asked a friend and he told me and now I know why I thought the boy was having a seizure. So it is probably right.
    My friend is 15 and I’m 13 now and he calls my mom a milf and I know what that means.
    Yes she is real pretty and my friend says she is all t and a and I know what that means too.
    I didn’t have a dad at that time but the man she was seeing then, not the big boy, is my dad now. They got married a couple years ago and she has told me not to tell him about the thing that happened.
    That big boy went to the marines and still there but he had come here a couple times and left presents for me but I was in school when he was here and didn’t see him.

  • F*** her she will love it

  • My friend that’s 15 wants to but I don’t want to. I want to see my friend do that though. I’ve seen my dad but I have to peek and he gets really mad if he thinks I’m peeking.
    I think I’ll tell mom my friend wants to do it and then I can watch. I’d like to rub her again If he does it.
    And she told me it wasn’t in her butt like I thought when I saw it.
    I’ll tell her he dreams about her all the time and he wants some of that and if she goes to her bedroom he can go do it.

  • If you're still around, I would love to hear if your 15yo friend got a go with your mom in the bedroom too since?

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