The Origin of My Fetish for Big Butts

I remember watching a lot of Disney movies as well as cartoon shows such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network when I was a kid. There was a time when I was a kid watching “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree” that still made me question my own sexuality, which was way before I hit puberty. My sexual arousal occurred out of nowhere when Pooh sings “Up, Down, Touch the Ground” while doing his stoutness exercise in front of a mirror until the seam on his bottom ripped open when he stretched down too far. I didn’t know at first why this happened since I am seriously not attracted to Pooh; however, there was a thought that almost answered part of my question, but not completely. It’s a thought that I have fantasized a girl doing the same exercise Pooh does that possibly ignited my sexual arousal. The song and Pooh’s voice remain the same while I was fantasizing.

I used to draw some pictures of a girl I fantasized wearing a one-piece swimsuit or leotard doing Pooh’s stoutness exercise in front of a mirror as well as the part when she stretched down too far causing her swimsuit’s seam on her butt to rip open just like how Pooh’s seam on his butt did. I also fantasize a girl completely naked doing the same exercise in front of a mirror and her butt cheeks spreads out exposing both of her a*** and v***** when she stretches down too far just like how Pooh's seam on his butt rips open. My sexual arousal became more intense when I kept fantasizing while watching Pooh’s stoutness exercise repeatedly over few years until one day just as I hit puberty, I’ve decided to start touching my erect p****. The feeling of my hand wrapping around my erect p**** felt so amazing that I started taking my clothes off and lie down on my bed playing with my erect p**** by moving my gripped hand up and down. My fantasy of a girl doing Pooh’s stoutness exercise became more intense than before as I listened to “Up, Down, Touch the Ground” from a video of “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree” while playing with my erect p**** without watching a video since I am not attracted to Pooh. The sound of music in the background made me felt relaxed while Pooh’s breathing noise made my fantasy even more intense as I imagined a girl with her voice similar to Pooh’s, but higher to sound feminine; however, her body in my fantasy became so curvaceous with a big round butt, thick thighs and large b******. The intense pleasure kept building up as I continuously played with my erect p**** while listening the same song over and over again on specific parts that made me want to keep pleasing by listening to some specific sound and lyrics in the song such as “up, down”, “it puts me in the mood”, “I am stout, round”, the sound of seam ripping open on Pooh’s butt, a squeaking sound when Pooh rotate his head, Pooh smacking his lips, his tummy rumbling, and another squeaking sound when Pooh ties his seam back together. I kept rubbing my erect p**** as fast as I can since I find the intense pleasure such an amazing feeling until I felt an even more intense pleasure building up all over my naked body causing my erect p**** to explosively shoot a load of milky fluid all over my bare chest.

After having the most amazing pleasure for the first time I ever had in my life, there was a thought of guilt about what I’ve done to please myself that way. A guilt of using “Up, Down, Touch the Ground” as an audio trigger for my sexual arousal and a listening material for my masturbation routine. I was thinking a lot about why I’m attracted to how Pooh does his stoutness exercise that made me fantasize a gorgeous sexy woman with a curvaceous body doing the same exercise Pooh does in front of a mirror? Maybe it’s the way how Pooh does his stretching exercise that automatically makes me fantasize about a curvaceous woman doing the same exercise as Pooh does, but in a sexier way by being naked or wearing one-piece swimsuit, leotard, or lingerie while showing off her big round butt just to get my sexual stamina going. I continuously observe almost every woman’s butt since my first masturbation experience which gave birth to my huge fetish for big butts.

Feb 23, 2020

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  • Oh my,

    My measurements are 44 - 32 -48 and I’m Five foot 10.

    You like?

    If so I’ll be happy to go up down and touch the ground

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