I have crush on someone More than 7months and I never say hi to him

Feb 26, 2020

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  • When I was a freshman at a small college they held a casual social event called a "freshman mixer" on a nice September afternoon. The goal was to have people get more acquainted. A 250 pound slob senior "advisor" was dominating the net and slammed the ball on the head of a 4' 11' freshman girl who said, "I guess this isn't my game," and walked away. I took her place and, being tall, I slammed the last two points into his chest and the game was over. I looked down and saw a red, white and blue hair ribbon on the ground and stuffed it in my pocket. I found the girl at the refreshment area with a hot dog and an 8 oz. Coke. Then came my classic introduction: "Umm uh.... I think you dropped this?" Let me jump to the conclusion. This summer that girl and I celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with our six kids, nine grandkids, and two great-grandkids.

    The moral of my story: Say something, smile, walk by twice, linger in the area an extra minute, and let him know you are alive because he might just have as much anxiety and apprehension on the inside as you do. What you are feeling is normal. Nobody can criticize you for just smiling and saying hi.

  • Let your proximity speak. Being around, being kind, etc. As an official male I can tell you we are very ignorant about picking up on the attention someone might be giving us. Don't overdo it but just be around. The worst part of my 45th class reunion was hearing a couple ladies tell me they wanted to go out with me back in high school. My response was basically, "Huh? I had no idea."

  • Hi is the shortest of words so simply say it in passing. Make him wonder why that nice girl said hi. You have nothing to lose.

  • This particular advice is good. I'd pay attention to any girl who said hi to me. You just gave him a wake up call when other ladies didn't even pick up the "phone" and leave a message.

  • If you're too shy to speak, show him your t***, that'll get his attention.

  • You are too shy--say something

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