Best friend sister

One night I was drinking with my wife and my best friend at his dad's barn . Soon after his little sister and her friend joined in we was all get drunk . Thin his sister's friend lead my friend off to the side of the barn . A few minutes later we could hear them f****** . My wife said she was going to get some more drinks from the car . As soon as my wife was out of the room my friends little sister Hayley was kissing me . I had my arm around her and my hand between her legs and we stud there making out .I wonted her so bad . After a few minutes I told Hayley that I can't my wife will be back soon so we stopped . A few minutes late my wife got back she didn't have any drinks with her . She walked up to me kissed me and handed my a condom and told me to f*** Hayley . I looked at Hayley . She had a big smile on her face and was striping . I had Hayley on the table f****** the s*** out of her as my wife watched I could see my wife setting there playing with her pussycat . Thin I hear my friend say my name thin say o I see u r busy . It was so hot know that he knows I'm in his little sister .so I started f****** her as hard as I could . Win she started to come she was so loud and it drove me to blow a big ass lood for her . to this day I with it had been Baer back and my wife will now let me do her again

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