Sorority initiation week

I was 18 when I went to college and pledged into a sorority, and I was a really innocent small town girl who just finished high school and had no idea of what it was like out in the real world. The way this sorority worked was a 2 week initiation period where an active sister in the house had to choose to sponsor you from among the pledges, and most girls there never got chosen. I was surprised to be the first chosen by the house president, and I would be her roommate for the whole first semestet. After the formalities, she took me to our room and told me she chose me because she really liked me and didn’t want me to be scared off by one of the other sisters. She said the initiation was the hardest part for her, because everyone has to perform oral s** on their sponsor for the first 2 weeks, and her sponsor was really hairy and not very clean, and she promised it wouldn’t be that way for me. I was shocked and just stared at her, so she smiled and said obviously you’ve never done that before and now I’m embarrassed to be the one to tell you about it. If you’re really uncomfortable it’s not too late to find another sorority, but I hope you would at least try and see that it’s not as bad as you think. Would it help you if I did it for you first to show you what it’s all about? I didn’t know what to do, I was a virgin and had never touched a girl, and had only ever given b******* to guys, but she came over to me and said just relax and let it happen, ok? She kissed me while she started to undress me, and then she got naked as well, and told me to lay on the bed. She climbed up between my legs and told me to just close my eyes and breathe, and she turned off the light, and started by kissing my neck and going down to my b******, and then she got between my legs, licking slowly at first, and then going to town on eating my p**** and a****** until I had multiple o****** until I had to push her away because I couldn’t take it anymore. She came up and kissed me and told me to enjoy it for a minute before doing it for her. I was scared to move and she said I could go right to her p**** and get it over with if I wanted. I got between her legs and she told me to just try kissing it, so I did and she took my head in her hands and pushed my face right into her p**** and grinder against it. Yes, just like that, perfect. Then she said she would help with her fingers, and told me to lick her ass. No, spread my cheeks and stick your tongue right inside. She was bucking and heaving and told me to open my mouth wide and cover her whole p**** and she blast warm squirt into my mouth and I swallowed most of it. We cuddled and chatted, but I was mostly in shock and didn’t know what to do. She told me this was something no one talks about, a sorority secret, and no one would ever judge me over it. She asked if I wanted to stay in the sorority, and told me a lot of pledges quit on the first night, but she hoped I could last the 2 weeks, cuz that’s was the best o***** she had ever had. The next night she asked if I knew what it meant to 69, and I might like that more because it feels like you are licking yourself and you forget the other person is even there. She got me to lay down and then sat on my face and started to eat me out. She was grinding my face so hard I could barely breathe at times, but we both came together, and my whole face and hair was soaked with squirt. This went on every night for about a week, and then one night we went to a party and got drunk, she disappeared for a while, then we went home and she was sitting on my face as soon as we got naked. She was already really wet and kinda loose, and I when I got a big blast of thick goop in my mouth that someone had f***** her at the party and i just swallowed all of it. When we were done she asked if I was okay, and she apologized for not telling me she had got 2 guys to f*** her because it turned her on to make me eat it. Some part of me absolutely hated what we were doing, but another part of me was hugely aroused and had to admit I had never orgasmed like I had been with her. The next day she finger f***** my p**** and a****** with 2 fingers while she ate me out, and then slid 3 up my ass and banged it hard just as I was c******, and I could feel my ass contracting around her fingers, and I exploded with squirt for the first time ever. She asked if she hurt me and I said a little but in a good way, and she pulled out a strap on d**** and asked if I wanted to f*** her with it. I put it on and got on top of her, and after a while she said she wanted to turn over so I could stick it up her ass. I pounded her as hard as I could and she squealed into her pillow and I actually came just watching the expressions on her face. The next day she returned the favour, but it was too big for my ass, and when I tried to pull away she laid on top of me and pinned my wrist to the bed. I begged her to stop but she told me to shut the f*** up and take it like a dirty w****. When she finally stopped and got off of me, she told me to suck it clean, and I said no way. Do you really wanna get kicked out the last night of your initiation? I got between her legs and sucked it, and she pushed my head down and said b**** deep you f****** s***! And I did it. I went to the bathroom and wiped blood from my ass, and was glad that it was all over. The next day it hurt to walk and the other initiates asked what was wrong when it hurt to sit down at breakfast. I said nothing and they laughed. One of them admitted they were listening to me getting it up the ass out in the hallway, and one of the sisters said I was the first initiate my sponsor hadn’t kicked out in the first 3 days the whole time she had been there. They told me they weren’t allowed to tell me that I didn’t have to have s** with anyone, and I was the only who was being used like that. They were all laughing and I laughed with them and told them how great it had been, but I felt like such a slit and i wanted to die. They had a celebration party for all the new actives joining the sorority that night, and all the hottest guys on campus were there checking me out. I got really drunk and one guy who I thought was so hot came over to talk to me, and we went back to my room. I asked if he had a condom and he said no but he brought lube so he could f*** up the ass. I told him I didn’t do that, and he said that’s not what I heard, but it was up to me, but people will believe whatever he was gonna say about me if you didn’t, so if you want me to tell everyone we just kissed and talked you better bend over and take it like a champ. I pulled down my pants and bent over, and he told me to spread my cheeks so he could grease me up. He had a really thick hard long c***, and he pushed it in slowly but it still hurt, and he said I had the tightest ass he had ever f*****, and he stopped for a while and then started again a few times, and I asked if he was finished, and he said no I almost came a few times, but I don’t wanna c** in your ass, I wanna finish in your mouth so you can swallow my load, like the one you ate outta your roommates. I’ve never had anyone suck their s*** off my d*** before. Just thinking about it makes me so f****** h****. I jerked off 4 times but stopped myself from
c****** so this should be the biggest load you’ve ever swallowed. I’m gonna pound the s*** outta your ass now so you never forget this night as long as you live. He rammed it up my ass and it hurt so bad I wanted to die, and then he grabbed me by the hair and pulled out and shoved it in my mouth. I swallowed his load and tried to pull away, but he said no you gotta suck it clean. I took him back in my mouth and he called me a f****** pig. You’re so disgusting. You can see how dirty it is, your lips are f****** brown. You’re the nastiest s*** I’ve ever been with, I think I’m gonna c** again! I wanna c** all over your face! He pulled out and told me to look up and he had a phone in his hand recording the whole thing. He told me to say i sucked my own s*** off his c*** and I did. He told me to go clean up, and I went in the washroom and washed my face. I went to wipe my ass and it was gaping over an inch wide, but there was no blood. He kept his word and never showed anyone the video or told them what I did. It took a while for the stories and my reputation to go away. I never had s** again for a whole year, but I was stuck watching my roommate f****** different guys right in front of me the whole first semester, and I never did a*** s** with anyone until I met my husband. I still cry thinking about that night whenever he sticks it up my ass but I always make sure to suck him clean afterwards.

Mar 3, 2020

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  • I too was a small town girl and when i joined a sorority,i was given a half dozen pairs of toddler size baby rubberpants that i had to wear as my panties for three weeks! I had to wear them to classes and up untill bedtime every day!I felt weird wearing them and it was even worse when guys would come and visit!

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