Sniffing her Knickers from the Shower room floor

I have always loved sniffing knickers. i have been doing it since my very early teens. Every girlfriend, my sister was my first pair she was 10yrs my junior and i was sniffing hers from the time she started wearing them. these days my fun comes from my wife and my step daughters. i have loved watching her grow from the first day when me and her mum got together till theses days where am not sure if am sniffing and licking her C*** juices or licking at her boyfriends c**. Does she know? her knickers are always left on the shower room floor and she always lets me know when she is out the shower so i can get mine. i always enjoyed the little cotton ones as sometimes i could see where her little p**** lips had been. these days they are thongs and g strings and i can taste where the cloth had had been right up in her p**** and also where they have sat on her sweet ass hole. the smell of both is intense and the taste of her sweet p**** is so hot. its all i can think of these days as i go down on my wife. i f*** my wife doggy so i can pretend am bagging my late teen step daughters p****. i f*** my wife in the ass so i dream it her girls very tight c***.

Mar 3, 2020

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  • Come on guys. Less of the peado chat. It's sick. Plus this sniffing you own familys??!!! Wtf?
    I'm a massive panty sniffer, but they're all adults, and no blood relation.
    Be a responsibile sniffer!

  • Love the toddler cotton ones

  • Mmm yes so do i mmmm

  • I love sniffing panties for quite sometime but love if they belong to others, not of my wife's! I rummage through the common launderette at the basement of our apartment building and look for the ones I want. Better if they lie there for a day or two to gather more smells in them...

  • Use to stop at launderettes and check for knickers in the lost property box, if nobody around but mum had laundry washing I would take some knickers but too many damn cameras now

  • I've been doing it for years as well, sniffed loads over the years & started in my teens with my sister. The best I've ever had though is currently my friends 15 year old daughter, I've been smelling her dirty knickers for the last 2 years! When she comes to visit she always leaves her leggings or jeans on the bathroom floor with her knickers stuck inside and i love pulling them out & smelling her young p**** & ass!! She usually wears black cotton & they always smell lovely & strong with stains, her ass smell drives me totally crazy!!! I really hope she starts to wear thongs as i prefer them! I think she knows & I love the thought of her knowing that i take & keep them, if she ever asked me i would tell her she smells amazing!! The last pair i got was back at Christmas. I would give anything to taste her p****, f*** her & make her c** but i'm 36 & she's only 15 so would cause myself a lot of trouble.

  • My Step Daughter at 13-15yrs was the best she has ever smelled. She had not started covering herself with body spray as that is mostly what you can smell these days unless she has just come from the gym where she gets her thong very messy while working out. age 12-13 her panties had so much p**** c** in them you could lick them out. and her ass has always been f****** hot to sniff. now at 18 i look back on the earlier years and still get hard about them. still sniff and w*** into her kickers but not as nice as the little cotton numbers she use to wear.

  • When my stepdaughter was nine she caught me lying on her bed totally naked sniffing a pair of her dirty panties and wanking my very hard c*** furiously.
    She was unsure quite what I was doing but by my reaction knew that I should not be doing it. She hadn't realised that what I was sniffing was in fact a pair of her own dirty little pink cotton panties that she wore all day the day before.
    I asked her if she had seen a mans p**** before and she said only on the internet round her friend Susan's house. I asked her if she would like to keep on watching and it will be our secret and I will buy her a new phone for being a good little girl. She nodded and I told her to come closer. I told her everyone touches themselves in their privates and I asked if she does yet and she looked down and lightly nodded. Good girl I said. Can you show Daddy your panties please I really like your little girl panties. I then showed her the pair in my hand and it was then that she realised that they were hers and that she had worn them yesterday. I then held them back up to my nose and took a deep long sniff of her little gusset and she looked a bit shocked. I told her that her little panties smell lovely as they have been pulled up against her little bald cunny all day as she runs around. I then pulled her on the bed and got her to straddle my face I buried my face into her panties and took a deep sniff. I then told her to turn around and I continued to sniff her cunny while I jerked off just as I was about to c** I told her to put her mouth over it and I pulled her panties to the side and I slipped my nose right inside her cunny and shot my load into her mouth. Her juices went right up my nose mmmm We then heard my wifes car pull into the drive. It is still our secret and I still get to lick and sniff her little cunny whenever I want or whenever she wants something new.

  • I know what your saying

  • Mmmmmmm <12

  • Mmmm young.

  • I used to see a lady with a 10yr old daughter and on Saturday when she was not at school she used to walk around in little knickers I know it was wrong but I loved looking.

  • Nicer to take her knickers off and look

  • Dam right mine tastes so good

  • No t****** and a bald kitty mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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