My mum Edna's dirty knickers

I'm sniffing s pair if my mum Edna's knickers (on my face including pubes) as I type this. It's. 3am.
Mum had them on all day today and today isn't the first day .
I can't describe the smell but it's my mum's hairy c*** and I love it.
I'll. Put her knickers back in her dressing gown pocket before she wakes.
Mum is a
5ft tall brunette and 48 years old. Judging by the pubes I find she must have Epping forest in her knickers.
I really want to see my mum's gorgeous hairy c*** ! I'd probably w*** for a week .

Dec 18, 2019

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  • I'm sucking on my sister-in-laws c** filled panties right now as I j*** off. She's a hot young redhead and I love finding her little red p**** hairs in her panties.

  • How old is she and how hairy ?
    Does she leave a good fragrance for you to enjoy of her p**** odours ?
    Takes me back my first girlfriend Denise,
    a redhead with a full bush and she f***** like a rabbit. !
    One year I went on holiday with Denise and her family in chalet with thin wall and her father let us share a bed.
    One night I'm f****** Denise and her sister shouts at us to be quieter as the whole family could here us !
    Her dad never said a word !

  • I'm with th you !
    I used to take my blonde friend aged about 23 to the Laundererette to do her washing.
    I always wanted to see naked and tried to steal some of her dirty knickers but never hot the chance.
    As she was blonde and thick black eyebrows I imagined that her f**** hair was black too.
    One day though after Laundererette I found a pair of bright red shiny silk knickers that had fallen out of bag in my car. Heaven !
    I looked inside and found a load of her long curly uncut ginger pubes .
    Melissa has a fully carpeted ginger c*** !
    I must have wanked all-day looking at and sucking her pubes.
    The next time I spoke with her I had such a b**** looking her in the eye knowing that I knew that this little blonde had a hairy ginger c*** and that she didn't know I knew. I wanted to f*** her but never did . One day she moved address without telling me why or where to.

  • My mother and sister both would leave panties and pantyhose around. Mom only had plain white cotton panties but my sister had silky nylon colorful lace panties that often were nice and damp. Pantyhose had just been invented and sis had sheer to the waist pantyhose. Mom just had regular stockings. Still, the girls in school were often just p**** teases. They wore short skirts and nylons purposely showing lots of thigh. The female teachers too all wore above the knee dresses and nylons. Oftentimes, panties could easily be seen and most of the girls made sure they were noticed by crossing and uncrossing their legs. If you were lucky you might just get your fingers wet. My mom's panties generally were available like my sister's panties and nylons. My sister's panties were nice and silky smooth. Mom's panties often also were available for my pleasure. One day I wondered exactly what wearing nylons might feel like. After all, their legs were shaven smooth and the pantyhose offered a nice effect, all soft and incredibly touchable. I thought that shaving my own legs would make them even silkier. I applied dipilitory ( Nair) and my legs were completely hair free! I couldn't wait to slip on the pantyhose. Sneaking into my room with a pair of pantyhose and a nice wet pair of silky panties I carefully slipped on the pantyhose. My p**** immediately got erect! The silky pantyhose felt incredibly smooth against my hair free legs! I then brought the satin panties to my nose and inhaled the fragrance of fresh p**** from the pretty pink panties. My e******** was immense. The pantyhose were completely inundated with copious amounts of sperm. Luckily we had a family vibrator. That vibrator got a lot of use.

  • I have always sniffed my Mums dirty panties while jerking off every day while growing up. So fragrant, so wrong but so h****. I am actually sniffing a pair of my daughters dirty panties as we speak. Really musky and tangy mmmm. They are pale blue lace thong.

  • How old is your daughter and is she hairy ?

  • Excellent....vaginal secretions from whatever source are the most additive fragrance known to men and women. Wrapping the silky panties around one's hard p**** is also a fun recreation.

  • I could. F*** her !!!

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