My fantasy about my 28 yo virgin fiancée

Nothing gets me off more than imagining a bull taking my fiancée's virginity. I want to experience all the humiliation and jealousy of knowing I have forever lost the chance to be her first to him.

I hope the lucky bull gets absolutely turned on by taking her virginity. I want him to know my fiancée chose him over me. I want him to have a huge c*** and feel every corner of her virgin c***. I want him to feel her virgin c*** squeeze his c***. I want him to tell me how my fiancee's virgin p**** feels. I want him to feel her virgin c*** have its first o***** that's caused by her first c***. I hope he makes her c** nonstop and stretches her open.

I hope he gets off so hard taking my fiancée's virginity, when he becomes the first man to c** in her. I hope it's the biggest load he's ever produced. I hope he c*** as deep in her p**** as he can reach, so that the last moments of her p**** being considered "virgin" ends by squeezing and massaging out every drop of c**.

It would make me so jealous to know my fiancée let him experience one of the most alpha situations imaginable. Not many bulls get the chance to f*** a taken virgin. He will always know he will have her virginity. He'll know how badly that dominated he me. He'll know he was the first to c** in my fiancée's p****. He'll know that his d*** is bigger than mine. He'll know why I'm losing my mind with jealousy.

It would utterly humiliate me to know my fiancée chose to make an irreversible decision about who gets to use her p**** first. I would never be able to have my fiancée's virginity. I'll never be the first to c** in her p****. I'll be losing my mind with humiliation.

This intense combination of jealousy and humiliation turns me on beyond words. I almost need it to happen.

My fiancée likes humiliating me and does indulge this fantasy, to get me off, so it could happen, if the conditions were right. I honestly want it to happen.

Please f*** my virgin fiancée. I'm going

Oct 31, 2017

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  • Put my name down for that i would love to open her up

  • Before I email you, can you tell me in more detail what you’d do to her, if you could?

    I’ll try to make things worth your while. I know you’re a stranger now, but who knows? If things work out, I hope you enjoy the significance (and the rare experience) of f****** a virgin in a commited relationship. I can’t quite explain it, but know that my own fiancée would choose you (or someone else) to be the first person she has s** with turns me on so f****** much, and forever denying me that chance.

    I hope you like having her virginity more than how tight the muscles in her wet virgin c*** squeezes your big d***.

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