My wife left me for another man

I still love her. I want her back. She is planning on being with this guy but I would forgive her. I love her so much.



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  • Move on. Do not go back under any circumstances. History proves when a woman does it once they keep riding the cockcarousal. Plenty more pu say out there.

  • Poor bitter little thing. Go back to the food court and pick out another girlfriend from whatever is there. Don't worry, she will be grateful

  • That's it , its all over. You need to get off your backside and leave. If you are lucky you may find someone who cares about you . Forget that miserable b**** you were with and get a real life.

  • You should have let her f*** other guys when you had her.
    If you meet another woman be sure to tell her it’s all right for her to f*** other men when she’s married to you and you’ll have a happy wife.

  • Unfortunately most folks cannot deal with rejection and misinterprets their rejection as being in love.

  • I feel for you man. My wife left me and I ache for her but she isn't coming back and when I am actually thinking straight, I would not take her back. Once they are gone, they are gone.

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