Just fed 96 year old Mom my Sprm

I just visited my 96 year old mother and while I was there, I fixed her breakfast in bed several days. I'd wake up early and mastrb8 for a while before I fixed her breakfast so I'd be able to add my special sauce to her eggs just before serving her. She likes her eggs scrambled and runny, and she likes omelettes. I pumped a good load into both. It just about got me hard again, watching her eat my sprm, even though I had just ejakul8ed. I'd really like to have her take her teeth out and give me a gumjob so I could give her a direct load in the mouth, but she probably wouldn't swallow.

Mar 6, 2020

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  • Why not offer her your c*** for breakfast? She'll probably appreciate it, and enjoy it because she hasn't had it in awhile.

  • I'm 24 and just finished college after being in the Navy. I have been making a vanilla smoothies shot for my mom every morning for 3 years.

    What she doesn't know is they are almost all make of my c** a little milk and vanilla. She loves them and said it the best smoothy she ever had.I j*** off 3 times a day to get enough c**.

    My mother is not bright her IQ is only 85. I get her completely drunk most nights, when she barely awake. Then I f*** her.

    On nights she goes to the bar I give her more booze when she get home until she passes out then f*** and c** in her. I started doing this at 15, and she got pregnant 3 months later. She thinks it was a guy at a bar.

  • When my mom was 60, she started giving me blow jobs I was only 20. It seems she was addicted to c**. Her father had trained her to suck and swallow beginning at age 5. She craved c** all the time and gave dad head several times a day and swallowed.

    When he died, she resisted her desire, but after a week turned to me to satisfy her needs.

    She just came into my room one morning in her robe after I had showered. She dropped her robe and was naked.

    Mom said, Baby I know this is incest but I need to swallow c**. I need your c***.

    Mom's 85 now, daily blow jobs are normal start of the day. At night it's f****** until her p**** and my c*** hurt. At 45, my c*** is well trained to f*** her multiple times. I have not been with another woman but mom for 25 years. Her mouth is like a vacuum hose.

    I feel every man should have an incestuous love affair with their mother when she over 50. Nothing is more loving than to give your mother the pleasure only a young man can give.

    I believe most mother want to be with their son. It is a bond only a mom and son can have.


  • I don't think so. I'm sure it happens more often than anyone thinks. My husband for now about half a year has s** with his mother. she is 75 and has not have s** for a long time before because she is a widow for years. I am not jealous because she is no other woman, she is his mom. I have watched the two times upto now and it was so hot! Now during the pandemic my husband fetched her to take our guestroom. I only hope, our kids don't notice it!

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