My wife found out after 40 years i am the pantyman panty theif.

When i was 13 years old is when my panty fetish started with j********** in my sisters panties.a couple of years when by then i was driving and i would steal panties from freinds wife and girl freinds,girls i know and others and put them in my collection over 500 pairs of panties.i took the trash bag and hid it from her in the attic,i came home one evening after work and i found a bag of 10 panties i used for a quick masterbating on the kitchen table with a note that she was going to leave me but i talked my way out of it.she was so p***** off at me,she was to discusted to ever have s** with me again .and i thought she was going to tell her sistes or our freinds and she kept it a secreat.i was stealing lingerie,pants, the 45 years i was stealing panties i never got caught.i like dressing up in lingerie till this day filling my fanasy every since i seen my freind joes big c*** when he dared me to wear a pair of my sisters panties too.i finally got a big c*** in my ass and i loved it.

Mar 9, 2020

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  • I too am a collector. The other day my girlfriend and i were messing around and while she was giving me head I took the panties i took off her and put them to my nose. I was sniffing them and came very intensely in her mouth. She looked up at me and said "my panties are the only one's you better be sniffing"....oh well if she only knew.

  • Sorry for your troubles. It is harmless pleasure. I have known others that like to share with their significant others, but I have always preferred to keep mine to myself. Unless with another panty addict.

    My wife never knew or any of my girlfriends. I like to continue to feel naughty. Good luck.

  • I would love to pull your panties aside and f*** your ass

  • If that narrow-minded b**** can't accept that you like panties, then she needs a good stiff d****.

  • Started younger than that, mums, sis in laws, nieces, friends daughters, friends wives, LOVE panties

  • I started when I was 9. I was addicted from the first pair. As you I will take any and all I can. I love sniffing them. The different scents are amazing. As a single parent of a beautiful daughter I always had plenty to enjoy.

  • Do u love sniffing your daughters undies? do u fantascize her?

  • I like you are into panties like me .makes me feel good i am not alone.

  • Sweetie, there is nothing as sensual as wearing a pair of ladies silky slippery nylon knickers. The gorgeous sensation of masturbating in them, feeling the nylon caressing your erection, then seeing your c** pumping into them, bliss!!

  • Mmm oh god yes, feeling them caressing your hot aching c***.....

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