One of my high school teachers

When I was in 11th grade I had a science teacher that was in her mid 30s and very attractive. she would wear skirts and pantyhose almost every day and it would drive me crazy! It was very hard to concentrate on anything but her ** lags and perfect ** and **. I spend hours after school masturbating while thinking about her hot body.
One day I noticed her car in the parking lot and I saw a gym bag on the passenger seat and her door was unlocked. I opened the door and looked in the bag and found a pair of her leggings that she must have worn to the gym that morning and also a tiny pair of string bikini **. I stuffed the panty in my pocket and took them home and sniffed them while I cranked out a very thick load which I shot into the cotton ** of the panty. I wish I would have taken her leggings too. maybe I will get lucky and she will leave her car unlocked again.

Apr 2

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  • Darling I’m sure she would be turned on knowing you are attracted to her.

    You should go back and visit her after graduation. Show her how much you appreciate her and how “grown” up you are.

    I don’t know a 30-50 year old woman who could turn down the opportunity to ride a 18 year old cocked given the chance

  • Yeah and if she isn't you'll be branded a stalker and probably end up in prison. Nice move.

  • She would not report you as a stalker. She would probably find herself a bit aroused

  • I kind of did that, I had a 6th grade teacher that was a big woman. Not fat but large tall well built. Amazing ** in tight jeans. I was back from college and at a bar and the town we are from is small and she happened to be there one evening. We talked she was married and a few years older but that ** was still amazing. She did not remember at first, actually didn’t tell he she’s as my former teacher until I was getting ready to leave back to school. That summer she did things for me that were amazing. Her husband was a work aholic so spending time with her was easy. We kept in touch and she would come visit. Once I told her who I was , she took me back into the old classroom one evening and made a dream come true. I ended up knocking her up. She left her husband moved closer to me. We have been married for 6 years now have 2 kids and still acts out the hot teacher roll. And that was is still amazing.

  • Wow! Amazing story. Don’t know who I am more happy for you or her.

    To be honest I’m a bit jealous of your teacher

  • And you got an old ** wife in the process - good for you!

  • No. He has an experienced woman who knows how treat a man and who will enjoy his youthful ** drive

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