I like Power

I am a middle school teacher and my heart fails when I see dysfunctional families. Kids come to school uncared for.

On the other hand I get excited in a perverted way when I see very strict parents.

We had a sports day at school yesterday and there were many parents there to watch and cheer their kids along.

At the end of the day the kids were each given a paper bag with some candy and a participation certificate. I was talking to a mom when her daughter came over and gave the bag to her mom and said "Here is my bag I didn't eat any". Her mom explained that she did not allow her daughter to have candy or pop or anything with sugar in it.

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  • I was a teacher for years, and many mother offered themselves sexually get better grades for their kids. Especially those on sports team.

    I got "Mom Head" almost weekly for years. It's amazing how many of these women would let me f*** and c** in their ass.

    One mom and daughter double teamed me for a year so the daughter would get an A. Watching them 69 was f****** amazing!

  • I remember the scene from Forest gump where the mom f**** the teacher to get Forest into a normal school. Women use their bodies for negotiation

  • Because guys are so overruled by their d!cks that they can't function without finding a way to get it wet. They never really move beyond toddlerhood in that respect, the little darlings :3

  • Is it the parent or the child you are excited by?

  • The power situation is what attracts me. The parent is dominant and the child is submissive and obedient.

  • Get an adult to read for you, pedo. Comprehension apparently eludes you, which is no surprise.

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