I totally have autism, doctor said, but as soon as i quit being so ableist towards myself, people think it's okay to tell me "no you don't; i dont think u have autism"
f***** up...
SO im sharing this cuz i am exhausted of living in an ableist world

Mar 13, 2020

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  • Dear i have no clue what you feel but i have everything you lack almost but still i am hollow alone unwanted and lot of other limitations but i always try to look on d the brighter side as there are people who r still lacking what i already have...i know u want all the love and respect..we all do

  • But I wants all teh attentionz

  • Who are you? Some sort of black jesus?

  • But blaine like to sit on the other childrens stomachs during recess

  • I really understand, my mom took me to the doctor and they professionally diagnosed me with ADHD, ADD, and Aspergers (a type of autism). but what people don't understand is that Autism is on a spectrum and just cause I can function doesn't mean I don't have autism I have been to 4 different doctors and they have all said the same thing, also I used to go to counseling because the fact I have autism, many people don't think I do because I'm on the higher functioning side. I have a cousin on the non-functioning side and he can barely talk or walk and people often base me off of him it makes me mad but I just let it go bc people think they know everything and are smarter than doctors with Ph.Ds

  • Thank you. I needed this.

  • When I was little, I used to like really tight clothes. Calming. Now that I am an adult, I read about this as a autistic characteristic.

  • I have a weighted blanket and I love how it feels like someone’s hugging me

  • Autism is a spectrum and you sound like you are amongst the functional types. It is best for you to be treated as though you don’t have it. Once you are labelled people will think that you are regarded and treat you accordingly. Before the advent of diagnosis most people were just considered eccentric. Food for thought.

  • I have some of the characteristics of autism but when I have done online tests they come out negative. The Ex wife used it as an excuse to dump me

  • -I- am exhausted from living in a world where everything has to have a dog-whistle label and most people's primary hobby is searching desperately for something to be offended or victimized by.

    Big deal, you have autism. Get a goldfish and calm down.

  • And you obviously “don’t”

  • No, I don't. No quotes needed. But I do have other conditions that make my life harder than it needs to be. I usually don't vent about it, but when I do I don't pretend nobody else could possibly ever have their own challenges. Autistics are typically extremely self-centered and also most have been raised by intimidated parents to believe the world revolves around them. Now you get to learn the hard way that it is NOT all about precious little YOU. Get ready.

  • Different people have different conditions. The ones who yell to the world about their "special" one have officially gotten annoying to those of us who deal with our own burdens without needing attention or validation for it. Like they said above, calm down.

  • If ur problem is not faschionable no1 cares,u have 2 b on the spectrum or some other popular problem for ne1 2 care about u online

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