Update from proud mom who posted about how she raises her daughte

I posted previously about my five year old And my hatred of little boys. After a year of bullying, she started kicking them in the parts and teaching them a lesson. Well, just today, a boy her age was bothering her. She looked at me, looked back at him, and kicked him so square in his boy parts that it could’ve been a field goal. Kid dropped like a stone and bawled his eyes out. We laughed for ages together. So proud of my daughter

Mar 14, 2020

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  • Should probably get some moslems to rape both of you in the ass.

  • The pendulum does have to swing. For so long society oppressed girls and women. We were disempowered. Things seemed normal because we knew no different. So hardly surprising the pendulum will swing a bit far the other way. My mom wanted me to grow up to be q quiet and obedient wife. At school she did not care about my grades. Only that I never misbehaved. Was always quiet and obedient. I was not even supposed to run around. If I did not capitulate, she would punish me. My whole childhood was one of being taught to accept disempowerment.

  • How’d you like to get kicked in the genitalia.

  • Sorry to hear you had such a chidhood. I can relate as a guy though. Never allowed to express who i was. Never show any emotion and if i didnt back down i was hammered down. This was from my mom and brother. Even at my age 53 i have massive trouble asserting my needs. I didnt have a childhood i had a survivalhood.

  • About to turn 51 and right there with you. It's a little appalling to think events that happened so long ago can still have an effect, but it was during a time when we were little learning sponges and didn't have defenses or discretion.

  • Does the pendulum have to swing so hard? Why are people so allergic to finding and maintaining a happy medium!! Fewer rapes, fewer kicks to the b@lls, people treating each other like human beings no matter what's lurking in their underwear. Seriously, it's NOT difficult!

  • You're addressing the wrong crowd-- humans in general, cretins that like this site in particular. Walking and chewing gum at the same time is too difficult for most of these idiots

  • What a terrible way to bring up your daughter. You're quite disturbed actually.

  • Yeah, you sound emotionally stable. How lucky for you that we don't need to pass a test to breed... YET.

  • That will never happen soon enough!!

  • And the award goes to #sickfuck mother daughter duo...go f urself

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