I want to hear your taboo stories

I love this site because I love reading all the stories about all the taboo things people do with those who are very young. Share your best story with me while I’m social distancing with a wet p****

Mar 18, 2020

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  • It's all in the family

  • I was in a sexual relationship with my 1st cousin for 6 months. Best s** I ever had. Wanna hear more? Email me wendalk7606@yahoo.com

  • When I was in my early 30s I was at a house party, there I met one of the guests' daughter whom I thought was very cute and very doable: curvy, nice full hanging t*** and a "come f*** me face". Somehow we ended up alone in an upstairs bathroom (I guess she followed me) and told me she liked Latino guys a lot (she's white), and without warning she came close to me and stuck her leg between mine and started to ride my thigh... didn't need any more signals and we went at it, fingered her and she was so wet... she told me to do her up her ass, she loved it best, so I did... After I came in it, we went back to the party like nothing happened... When they were leaving I found out she was only 16... Love young s**** like that

  • I’d love to f*** a young 16 yr old

  • I’m Interested

  • H*** yes arsencunt

  • I let my young stripper girlfriend peg my ass. It felt so good I loved it. No she dressed me up in panties or pantyhose and pegs me. I love to dress up for her. Sometimes I wear a short tight skirt and she bends me over and pegs me. I feel like a s***. I love playing with her and dressing up for her. She said she’s gonna bring her girlfriend over to join since she’s bisexual. I’m now curious about a real c*** in my ass. I may ask her to bring over a male friend.

  • Try a dog first. Let him lick your rear end and get you wet & ready and then let him do you, humping you hard and leaving his load deep inside of you... No disease risk that way, like you’d have with a dude... But the same experience of a real d*** in your buttery hole!

  • Is yourpussy bald?

  • Mine is

  • A little girl with adult t***

  • Mmmmmmmm, baby. I want you so bad I can taste you. And I want to taste you so bad.

  • I can tell you a true story of getting dominated in front of my GF last year...I had pushed her into a threesome, she did not want it, but finally gave in...the guy she picked was her fitness instructor, older guy, ex marine, 6-4/250lbs...I am 5-8/160....lets just say I lost my manhood that night....want to find out the details, then meferg at gmail

  • Did you ever find your manhood, since you said that you lost it?-lol

  • Nothing nicer than a baldpussy

  • Yep...mmm

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