Saw brother masterbating and watched

My name is Autumn, I am 16 and have a twin brother James. Growing up me and James were very close, and still are but our lives are less intertwined as they used to be. As we both got interested in the opposite s** I notice my brother started looking at me differently, especially in short or tight clothes. I have come to the conclusion that simply because he sees a lot of me he has started finding my body attractive and me being his sister is more a convenience than an issue, as he has been checking me out for a while.
I share a Jack and Jill bathroom with my brother, which is great, but have to be careful to turn both locks. He has tried a few times to accidentally catch me in the shower or on the toilet.
We often leave both doors open to chat between our rooms, and leaving them ajar by mistake has led to me being caught in underwear before by a peeping brother.
It was me who saw more than I should have yesterday, when I went into the bathroom and with his door ajar I could see him with his pants round his ankles and his hand on his hard p**** masterbating to p*** on his phone.
I confess, it's the first hard p**** I have seen in real life, having only seen pictures or someone who had their pants pulled down, and because I have not gone far with boyfriends.
I watched him for quite a while, I was captivated, curious, and to my shame a little turned on.
Then I had a bit of a shock, he reached down on to the bed and placed something against his face, I wasn't sure what at first, then I realised it was a pair of my knickers. We share a washing basket in our bathroom and a quick check showed yesterdays were gone.
While I freaked out he e********* in to a tissue, again the first time I have seen it.
I can't believe I watched him, and I can't believe he was sniffing my knickers, apart from that being gross, does it mean he is obsessed with me? What to do?


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  • Your updates are the highlight of my day!

  • So Autumn how are things going, any updates?

  • I have a couple of questions, thought I might take advantage of being able to ask a man, how else would I except here. So firstly,

    What is your view on public hair? I shave mine all off and im pretty sure so do all my friends. Yes we talk about things boys never would ha ha. I thought men didn't like hair down there, but now I'm not sure, did I ask this before? I feel I heard or read someone saying they liked it, so is shaved or hairy better? Also dare I ask, what do you think my brother would like?

    Secondly, what is this thing with tan lines, what do you like about them? I thought tan lines were 100% bad, are all girls wrong on this too? What's next, are you going to say vpl is good?

    The reason I ask, is that I can, and because it's started to rain, how dare it, so I have come in till it passes.

    Thanks Autumn xxx

  • My view on pubic hair, personally I can go either way, provided that it is kept trimmed and neat. But I would have to say that my personal preference is for a girl to be shaved down there. While I don't normally speak for others, I will have to go out on a limb here and say that you are correct in your belief that most men like a woman shaved down there.

    Tan lines... My love for tan lines started with my ex-wife, I was pretty young when I married her, she was 18 and I was 22. She had quite a little body on her and when she would lay out in the sun she had some very pronounced tan lines, and something about them I ended up liking. From what I have found out, the majority of women, hate tan lines, here in the US women spend lots of money going to tanning salons just so they can get an all over tan. As for men liking tan lines, I would say that I have found that half do, and half don't. But, for the most part it really does not matter much to most, we are attracted to a woman as a whole, if she has either a whole body tan, or some tan lines, we are still going to look. For guys, at the end of the day, naked is naked.

    It is truly a matter of what you want and like, as our friend says below. If you want to shave your pubic hair and do so, if you don't like tan lines then we support you 100%.

  • Yo, UFCaveman, I know it's sounds a bit weird but I just wanted to say this out loud.
    Of all the people Autumn could have had following her posts, I'm really glad for her that it's you here and not someone else. You are the least creepy older man (forgive me, I myself am in my early twenties) following a teenage girl's posts I could ever have imagined. You really give the impression that you have her interests at heart instead of following some seedy hidden motive of your own - which, considering most of the people who seem to hang around on these sites, is nothing short of a miracle. So, while I can't defend my own presence here as a follower (as I've said before, I do enjoy Autumn's posts sexually, which makes me feel pretty ashamed of myself. With that said, I really do want to help and support her too), it's so cool she has you. She's really lucky

  • Please don't feel ashamed A x

  • While I touched on this in my response below, Autumn's reply to you compelled me to follow up a bit. There is such a stigma when it comes to s**, and while some of it is understandable, like a person that has an obsession for little children is simply wrong, most is just a society created stigma. Besides, from your own admission, you are only a few years older than she is. Enjoying Autumn's posts and getting a sexual thrill out of it does not make you a bad person, it just makes you human. As she has pointed out a few times before, she likes the idea of people getting excitement out of this. I often put myself mentally in the position of her brother, wondering how I would respond to the situation at hand, that's part of my enjoyment from it all. I am here to offer an opinion and to help where I can, I wont be judging anyone.
    Your fantasies are just that, yours! What goes on in your head is for you to enjoy!

  • Thank you both for your support! So long as Autumn gets a little thrill because of what I do, rather than feeling discomfort, I will gladly stay and continue to help as best I can

  • Thank you. I guess that you can say that I remember, all too well, what it was like going through puberty. I remember being constantly confused, and I had millions of questions that I didn't feel comfortable in asking, sadly for me this was in the days before the internet. The worse part was I did things that haunted me for years, I thought that I was a freak because of them, to which I found out was perfectly normal.
    Autumn, found herself in a confusing situation, much like I did 36 years ago, and because he body responded in a way that society says should not have happened, she felt ashamed. I just showed her that he feelings were perfectly normal, and she was not the only one that this has happened too. A person's sexuality needs to be explored, it is not something to be ashamed of... Plus she got to learn the most dangerous lesson of all... The power that women have over men! (cue thunderclap and sinister laugh!) All joking aside, s** is not something to be ashamed of, it is something to be enjoyed. The biggest lesson, she is the one who is in control. (By the way, if you are enjoying her posts of her sexual discovery, don't feel ashamed, you are human too, you remember what it was like being her age.)
    I just want her to be comfortable in her own skin, and I am also helping her brother as well, you know that he is truly enjoying this. That's where I am getting my satisfaction from, helping them both.

  • My view:
    I like pubic hair. I like it because it's natural and it smells (to my nose at least) pleasant. But you've said before, I think?, that you're blonde. Black pubic hair generally looks a bit better, so perhaps you look better shaved...
    I'd go with whatever makes you feel confident, though. If you're ever going to show off what's down there, you should feel good about it!
    For my part I probably prefer girls without tan lines. Not my thing.

  • Hey Autumn, I hope all is well, any updates?

  • Hi, sorry I have not been on in a while, I forgot I had a following ha ha. There was something you might be interested to hear. When we had some sunny days a bit back, our parents were out at work, so it was just me and my brother, I decided to sunbathe. My mum has a really comfortable lie flat lounger which you could almost sleep on. I thought I could tease my brother a bit by wearing my bikini. I have a blue one that's quite revealing actually, and I used to lack the confidence to wear it so it has been in a drawer for a while.
    My brother was in the garden kicking a ball about, but paused with interest when he saw me wrapped in a towel. I undid the towel and laid it down and stood before my brother in what we have previously discussed as little more than underwear, and he was staring at me and blatantly looking me up and down.
    I laid down on my front, knowing he would be admiring my bottom as he kicked his ball up and down. He went quiet and I assumed he was just staring now, and I have to admit I was enjoying the power.
    I wanted to make him more awkward so I did the cliche asking him to put sun cream on my back.
    He nervously came over and knelt next to me so I handed him the cream. I could feel his hands shake at first as he started rubbing cream in to my back. When he had done my back, he said he was finished, and I turned to thank him. As I turned my head, because he was kneeling my head was at his shorts height, and I could see he had a full erection in his shorts and no way of hiding it. I wanted to make him feel more awkward, so I thanked him for rubbing the cream in, and said it felt like a massage, very nice, and pointed out that he obviously liked giving me a massage, but he wasn't finished yet.......

  • Carrying on....... He tried to hide his erection but he had thin shorts on and there was nothing he could do. I told him he had not done my legs, I handed him back the cream and he went to it. He started on my lower legs, but as he worked higher I was slowly moving my legs apart, and I reached back and pulled my bikini bottoms up tight exposing more bum cheek and kind of pulling it tight across my crotch, l****, (what word should I use? Everyone seems to use p****, I don't like it but I can use it, but it sound like p*** to me ha ha) anyway I think I was very slutty basically, showing what i did. I remember thinking this feels like the plot of some p*** and suddenly feeling really naughty and nervous, but then enjoying the feeling.
    Anyway, sorry went off on one. I have to admit feeling his hands on me was quite arousing, but not as much as it seemed to be for him.
    I thanked him for rubbing the cream in, and then for some reason I said is there anything you want me to rub. I meant sub cream, but my mind must have been on other things. I froze having realised I basically offered to rub his c***. Eventually he said no thank you and tried hiding his erection again.
    Again I don't know why, but I said you don't need to be embarrassed, you don't have to try and hide it, it's ok and normal, I guess it happens. I turned round and sat up, now he was even more awkward than when I was looking round. I asked him if he wanted to talk about it, if he wanted to talk about why he was getting hard looking at me. He was frozen, so I went further, and asked if he wanted to show me. He was so embarrassed now, he got up and said he had to go inside and literally ran away.
    It felt a bit cruel but also fun and sexy. I have a feeling he went and watches me from the window whilst playing with himself ha ha, if that's what he wants to do, I don't think I care.
    That's it, a bit of naughtiness on my part, definitely has the upper hand. Autumn xxx

  • Glad you're having fun still!
    As usual, I agree with UFCaveman. Don't worry about being cruel - your brother's confused, but clearly enjoying himself too - if he were upset his reaction wouldn't be what it was. He's just unlucky that he doesn't have us giving support and advice like you do.
    Well done for trying to talk - next time you do you're bound to have more success, and it's the safest approach. (Though of course you're welcome to stick your hand out yourself the next time he's close and go for a more direct approach!)
    Good luck and keep us updated! (but only if you want to)
    By the way, if you're still interested in things to try, have you thought about getting a toy for yourself?

  • Do you mean a vibrator? I really wouldn't know where to get one, and be too scared that it would be found. I think I am happy with my fingers anyway🙂
    Also, I have only seen a few in films etc but they all look a bit scary huge, either I am very small or they get special big ones for comedy reasons in films, but either way I don't think they would fit 😟

  • I think that people forget that you are only 16, to get a sexy toy is a little more difficult than they think. Save that for when you are 18 and above living with a steady boyfriend, something that you both can be adventurous with. If you are happy with what you have then there is nothing wrong with that. Another thing that everyone forgets is the embarrassment of having a parent find your toys. Back when I was 16 I sure as h*** would not want to answer to my parents about a s** toy. From the way you described it, it sounds like you have found your happy place when it comes to self pleasure, whatever works for you stick with it. I know for me it was always what ti was that I fantasized about that was a bigger influence in my overall satisfaction over the process used. The hard part for me is, it changes daily, LOL. But one of the things that always got me going, Tan lines! And I think that we all can pretty well guess what your brother has been thinking about lately! LOL

  • That's a fair point. I just felt a bit guilty that my suggestions had all concerned Autumn's brother, and not herself. I don't want her to feel like I'm pressuring her to do anything risky.
    I was only thinking of safe ways of mixing things up. You can get s** toys on Amazon though, so they're actually easy enough to get, but of course hard to hide.
    Autumn, I'm glad you're happy with touching yourself the way you are!

  • It's ok, I like suggestions, I just don't think this one is for me, I am happy as I am. I had a thought on this one last night though. I am obviously a virgin, and I have never put anything inside, well not very far, so I might not know what I am missing out on, but if I put a fake p****, in me, which is what a toy would be, would that mean I am no longer a virgin? That doesn't seem right, but what's the difference? Just a thought going round my head.

  • It depends on how you define virginity, unfortunately. If you think it is about not having s**, then you'd be fine with a fake thing. But if you think it's about whether your hymen is broken then a fake thing would affect that. However, it's worth bearing in mind that your hymen can break naturally (and perhaps already has, if you can put things in there?).
    For example, I read that girls who do lots of horse riding can have it happen to them by accident. So it's not really a good test of your virginity. As with everything, it's just a question of how you feel and what you're comfortable with thinking of as a definition. You are in control here!

  • I think that's what I worked out, but thanks for confirming it for me

  • Welcome back Autumn. Ah the power of the bikini over the male soul, I am in my early 50's and I still feel its power over me. If you really want to mess with, not just your brother, all men the next time you are looking for a new bikini try shopping here, there is some bikinis there that would send your brother into vapor lock! Anyway, the other positive for bikinis, and turns out to be another personal favorite of mine, tan lines! Tan lines were always my weakness, and I have to admit I am sure that I got my fetish for tan lines from watching my sister. And without a doubt your brother is watching you soak up the sun and I am sure the whole time thinking to himself, "I hope she turns over, I hope she takes her top off," and "I wish that I had a telescope to watch her better!" LOL
    Again, don't be worries about being cruel to him, trust me he is loving every minute of this, I am actually more surprised that you can't hear heart nearly beating out of his chest. I have a feeling that he is going to be dreading when this summer is over and everything returns to normal, I know I would.
    So, any idea on what you would like to do next?
    Like I has said sometime before, you need to find a way to keep your brother from running away, of course I am sure part of the reason why he runs away is to keep from exploding! LOL He needs to 'Relieve the Pressure!'
    I laugh cause I completely understand your brother, for I would have been the exact same way when I was his age, very shy. But, as you became braver over time he will as well, before you know it when you ask him to show you he will.

  • I have to confess, when I thought he was watching I wanted to lay on my back and take my bikini top off, but I was so scared, I kept thinking what if mum or dad came home, or what if the window cleaner came round, or someone delivering a package? I was just too scared to do it. I'm sure my brother's heart was racing, he was bright red, also my heart was pounding so hard, and I was the one in control. If I knew I would never be seen, I would like to sunbathe naked, as unlike you, I hate tan lines, I just think they look silly. It reminds me actually, a couple of years ago, when we were away with our parents on the south coast, we were on the beach, and wandered on to a nudist beach, it was so funny, my parents were flapping trying to get us out and stop us seeing. I just remember seeing lots of middle aged very tanned men kinda stood there showing off, and old naked ladies lying on the sand. it wasn't sexy, but educational ha ha.

    I looked at those bikinis btw, and OMG, they are almost not there, surely you can't wear one of those in public. Also I don't think they are sexy, is that just me? Do you like them, I think they look tacky, or something from p*** !

    I don't know what will happen next, I'm not trying to make things happen, they just do. Also, I'm not sure I want my brother to stop running away. If he called my bluff, I think I might run away, I scare myself sometimes.

    It's hot today btw, going to be in my bikini again, just to give you a mental image 😉. A xxx

  • I actually know quite a few women that wear those bikinis, that's how I found out about the website, their big claim to fame was a bikini that when wet became nearly see through, if I was a women I could not wear something like that either, they are not for everyone, but would they not send your brother into vapor lock? Now my ex-wife on the other hand, would wear them in a heart beat, she had a good looking body and loved to show it off. Let's just say she wasn't shy at all. On the subject of tan lines, it's funny how most men like them, but most women absolutely dislike them, my reasons for liking them goes way back, LOL.

    As for your brother running away, you know him best, and if you are comfortable with him doing so then don't change a thing. As I have said many times before I am just enjoying you poking the bear, and without a doubt he likes it too. Again, if I was in his shoes I would be acting the very same way. Without a doubt I would have to say that by now his watching and peeking at you has increased a hundred fold. without a doubt, unless he is preoccupied with something else, he is observing you. I have to ask, is he still taking your used knickers? I was just wondering if that has increased or not.

    Well, proceed as you see fit, as always you are the one in control, and the rest of us will be standing by waiting to hear about what happens next!

  • Oh btw I have no idea what vapor lock is, sorry.

  • Interesting you ask about my disappearing knickers. I think after he found out that I knew he stopped or got more secretive, I guess worried I might tell mum or dad. I have noticed again now that they are moved or gone, so I guess he decided I wouldn't tell or challenge him about it so has gone back to it.
    What has changed is that I have gotten a bit body conscious about it. Whilst I understand his interest in them being that they have been pressed against my v*****, and may be wet or smell of my wetness, and this is sexual for him, the reality is they are underwear and are sometimes a bit gross (sorry to spoil the fantasy). So I have found myself assessing my knickers, and if they are nice and sweet smelling etc, positioning them on top of the washing pile to be found, but if they are gross, hiding them at the bottom.
    This makes me feel conflicted, as I don't want to be ashamed of my dirty underwear, but also, by giving him only the nice pairs I am re-enforcing his misplaced fantasy that girls are all sweet smelling and lovely, and that as we go about our lives, sweet smelling perfume soaks from our vaginas in to our knickers, and the smell is pure sexual desire.
    Sorry it's not always like that and he should be aware of that. But I really don't want him to see the other pairs ☹️
    I have to confess there are times I have buried a pair before a shower, then worn another pair for about half an hr before placing them in top of the pile, as if it's today's pair.
    Oh and I know he took my bikini bottoms for a while!

  • Vapor lock is an old term we used to use in the military, what it means is when you get so stunned that your eyes get big and you inadvertently stop breathing, we all have done it, usually when we are shocked over something. It is a term that is commonly used in my circles, but I need to remember that not everyone understands.
    The reason why I asked about the knickers again is because this is pretty much where it all started, and you had said that you have been leaving some out for him to enjoy. I was curious if, being that his interest in you has increased now that he has gotten to see more of you, they have been disappearing more often. I completely understand about not wanting to have him see the others, we all have bad days, and girls are not all rainbows and sunshine all the time, lol. It is rather nice of you to make sure that he gets a pair to enjoy... Actually, now that I think about it, it is brilliant, hiding the decoy pair in plain sight so he wont find the unflattering, dirty pair, that is actually very brilliant. As for your bikini bottoms vanishing for a while, to that I am not surprised, after what you told us the other day, I expected nothing less from him.
    So any ideas on how you might poke the bear next? By the way, having him rub suntan lotion on you was a stroke a genius I have to say.

  • It's so hot, I think I will sun bathing again today, so I may repeat the experiment again. I had to sleep in just underwear last night it was so hot. I was glad of a shower this morning, so refreshing. I confess I did a little naughty thing, I deliberately didn't bolt my brother's door. I think I mentioned before, we share a Jack and Jill bathroom, so you bolt the other door when you go in. He didn't come in, so not really exciting news, but it was exciting to me that he might do. Because I was excited I had a bit of me time in the shower as well, too hot to do it in bed. I shaved as well, so much opportunity for him, but I think he was having breakfast actually ha ha never mind, his loss.

  • Good luck, have fun today and enjoy the sun! I'm sure he'll "catch" you soon enough ;)

  • Truly his loss, if I was in his position I would have at least tried to spy, more than likely he didn't know you were up there. Poor guy. But as he discovers that you have left the door unlocked, maybe leave it ajar a bit, he will be watching.
    I was going through our past conversations, and it is obvious that you really enjoy watching how he responds to the control that you have over him. I have suggested this before, one time when your parents are out, ask him up to your room for 'A guy's perspective,' on different outfits. And while he is there in the room with you allow him to watch you try on different outfits. You will get to see his responses, and he will still have an avenue of escape if things get to be too much for him. It is an innocent way to give him a little poke! Something for you to think about.

  • I did think about that before when you suggested it but couldn't think how to do it so it was not obvious,. Still thinking on it.

  • Does anyone have any ideas of anything I should try?, I feel confident

    Nothing stupid tho, and don't worry I make my own decisions, so I won't blame anyone for their ideas if they don't work well

  • What is it that you yourself want? That would help me and UFCaveman to give better advice.
    You can always escalate your teasing of your brother, but you should think about what your goal is if you do decide to do that. If you set clear boundaries, you can become more physical in a safe environment and both of you would get plenty of pleasure out of it. After all, you said that you enjoyed it when he touched your b****. You've said yourself that you are close to him - could you trust him to keep everything secret? You've already crossed quite a few barriers already, and your only complaint seemed to be about embarrassment, which would pass, leaving only pleasure.
    Just be careful if you do go down that route. Speaking as a guy we can have a lot of trouble reading any kind of sign, and often misinterpret things. If you do decide on trying to have more fun, just be ready to communicate with him about what it is you are after and what you aren't. Safety, communication, and trust are always the most important things, in all types of relationships (including families), but once you have them in place, you could have a lot of fun with what you have.
    UFCaveman seems to be the guy to give concrete advice though. Maybe you could try teasing him by touching his body like he tries to touch yours, or else you could try to get him to catch you naked in the bathroom somehow. If you're feeling really daring, then of course there's always the option of letting him catch you m*********, just like you caught him at the very beginning of all this.
    But follow your heart, Autumn. Do what you think you will enjoy. It seems like you're already in a good place. Please don't let internet strangers, however well-intentioned we sometimes seem (and hopefully are), decide what you should do. Look after yourself!

  • You really got me thinking this morning. It is usually right about now where I turn to my best friend Tina for suggestions. Tina is the female version of myself, I am closer to her than I am my own sister, and I have discussed with her on several occasions your story, and she has come up with suggestions for you as well. But she is in the middle of buying a house right now, so she is quite busy. So I am kind of on my own here.
    So I re-read all of your postings and came to this conclusion... You have been doing all the hard work, and your brother has been benefiting. Well, truthfully you both have, but the point I am making, it is time for your brother to do a little work here. But of course only if you are interested. Maybe it is time for he to show you what he has hidden under the hood? Yes, you have already seen him, but he doesn't know that. Of course if you are not interested completely disregard this suggestion. Now, as suggested above, guys are really good about misinterpreting things, so make clear your intentions, you are the one in complete control here.
    If you don't wish to go that direction then my suggestion is to continue your exploration, it is something that you both have been enjoying. As I come up with Ideas I will be sure to post them here.

  • Okay I have been picking at my brain a bit. I have been thinking about how to one up what you have already done, but maybe you need to go a different direction. You have been talking about the different outfits you have, how about throwing a little fashion show for your brother. I know, seems a bit silly this idea, run with me on this one. Invite him to your room and ask him his opinions on different outfits, of course here is where the shoe drops, allow him to be in the room with you as you change into the next outfit, and so on. You will literally get to watch him sweat, and how uncomfortable sitting down will suddenly become as he grows more and more aroused.
    Yeah, it's poking the bear a bit, but I think that you will enjoy his long term reaction, so don't let him run off! LOL Just an idea.

  • I have another update, I have let my brother play with my b**** and kinda ashamed to say I really liked it.
    The teasing of each other has been going on all the time, and he keeps slyly trying to touch my bottom, it's so obvious, but so what.
    A couple of nights a go we were watching TV together in my room, and I had pyjamas on. I don't wear a bra with PJ's, never have and with the hotter weather I had decided to wear the satin shorts and best top, so silky mmmm.
    As the top was thin and light my b*** were quite clear, and I had even seen my dad struggling not to look, so maybe need to keep them for bedroom only. They are loose so if I lean forward you can see a bit down the top.
    I had been leaning over a bit watching TV and notice out the corner of my eye my brother trying to look down my top. I can see what you are doing I said, and he apologised, but was back at it straight away. Do you want to see one I ask, a nod replies and I slipped a strap down and pulled one out. He held out his hand and kinda grabbed my b*** before caressing it with my finger. As I moved to get comfortable the other strap started to slip and I let it happen. I was toppless. My brother could not contain himself, he was in awe. My sitting position was awkward so I layed down, and he moved with me.
    To my astonishment he moved his head in and kissed my right nipple, then the left, and then all over my b****. I got a bit carried away with it all and let it happen. I was also really aroused, my nipples were very hard and I know I was a bit wet.
    There was movement downstairs and my brothe r panicked and pulled back. He was full on hard in his trousers and that seemed to embarrass him. I covered up and he scuttled off through the bathroom to his room. I think I know what to do, because I did it too. Shame on me. Autumn x

  • It is nice to hear that you are having fun with it, as I have said many times before there is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality... And without a doubt your brother is enjoying it as well. Just keep being the one in control, so if he starts doing something you don't like, call knock it off!
    I have to admit, I am to enjoying your journey, think about how much you have grown in the past two months. At the start you were a scared young lady witnessing your brother in his private time, now you are exploring your body driving your brother crazy and really giving him something to m********* to! LOL Stay safe love!

  • Thank you again, I do feel my life has changed so much over the last few months. I feel more mature and feel I have discovered my sexuality ( if that's the right word).
    Three months ago I would have gone bright red and quiet if someone mentioned m*********** and now I am comfortable talking about it with complete strangers, and that has helped. Thank you. If you have any questions I feel comfortable to answer anything now?
    I have one question for you. You have commented a lot, which is great btw, but I wanted to know, out of curiosity if hearing about my voyage of sexual discovery has brought you any sexual pleasure? Please don't be shy if it has, I just want to understand.
    For me posting here is about getting something off my chest and it helps me process things, I also welcome advice. What do you get from reading it? Have you ever masterbated while reading it? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I don't know what's ok to ask here. Sorry if I cause offence. A x

  • I remember all to well what it was like back when I was your age, it was all new and it was all equally confusing. Some things I did haunted me for years because I thought that I was wrong, or that I did wrong. It wasn't until years later that I realized I was as normal as the kid next door.
    When I first saw your story, I saw in your what was in my heart at the time, fear, excitement, all resulting in confusion. I wanted to help, I didn't want you to be like me and go through your life with that shadow of doubt thinking that something was wrong with you. Discovering one's sexuality is fun, and it even more so for a young woman, especially when she discovers herself and the control she has over boys! To use a movie reference, you have the power of the old Jedi mind trick, if you are a Star Wars fan you will get the reference.

    Now to answer your questions directly, Has hearing about my voyage of sexual discovery has brought you any sexual pleasure? Well, a little bit, but not as much as you think. I am in my early 50's, and getting sexually aroused is not like it was back when I was half my age. What do you get from reading it? I said above, I like to help, I do enjoy hearing about your self discovery, and seeing the door to your adult life opening up in front of you. It also takes me back to when I was your age, remembering what it was like when it was all new and exciting, that is where I get my big thrill out of it. Also I am not just helping you, I am helping your brother as well... Though he doesn't know it. Sometimes I laugh, thinking about how I would have handled things if it was me at 16 in the same situation... Yeah, I don't think I would have done any better. LOL Lastly, Have you ever masturbated while reading it? Honestly, no I haven't, again back to my age, if I was 25 and reading this, I probably would have exploded like your brother does every night. But I am sure, without a doubt, that a lot of your readers here have! LOL

  • Sorry ran out of room, Autumn, I hope that answers your questions. You are a very polite young lady and it has been my pleasure to have helped you as much as I could through your journey. If you have any other questions to ask please do.

  • Hi Autumn, I found your posts recently and I just wanted to say thank you for writing them and sharing your journey. You give a wonderful window into a completely different world, and I'm very excited for you, getting to experience it. Do keep writing, enjoy yourself, and stay safe!

  • Hey, thank you, that was such a nice thing to say.
    A xxx

  • Hi again, I feel I should also answer your questions about why I enjoy reading your posts, since you write that you're curious about it.
    Of course your story brings sexual pleasure - you're writing about sexual things, after all, and we're all human. And I confess that I've masturbated to your descriptions, just as you masturbated to the events themselves. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, but you've confessed so much that it's only fair I tell the truth too. (I'm very ashamed to admit it, and I'm very sorry if it makes you uncomfortable).
    But all that's only half of the story. To be let into your life through your confessions is in itself exciting. In the modern world with social media putting so much pressure on people to show something perfect about themselves it's hard to feel like anything is real anymore. For a reader, it's so enjoyable to feel, for a moment, that you are seeing something honest and true when I read what you write. It's hard to explain, but I value the feeling (perhaps wrong - it's the internet, after all) that you are who you say you are and doing what you say you're doing - it just gives me a kind of deeper enjoyment.
    Concerning advice, I'm not much older than you so I can't really give any. I only beg that you do not feel pressure because we like what you write. Of course, reading about your sexual development is exciting, and I confess that I hope you will continue, but you should do only what you're comfortable doing. It's not my place to try to persuade you to do things. If you want encouragement, I'd prefer it if you asked for it first - otherwise I'd feel wrong giving it.
    I have a question, too. What would like from us as readers?

  • Hi, thanks for replying and telling me the truth, I am glad you did. I have come to understand that m*********** is totally normal, so please don't feel ashamed, especially not because of me. It does not make me uncomfortable to know that you have masterbated whilst reading about my life and sexual discoveries. I just wanted to know if you did, and now I know I want to say it's ok.
    I know you might live on the other side of the world so whatever you do sexually is not with me, so I don't think it's wrong. It trying to understand sexuality and m*********** I thought i had to know whether my words were in any way arousing.
    I will have to think about what I want from readers, I can't think right now, but I will. Can I ask, and again you don't have to, but what are you thinking when you m********* while reading about my experiences. If that's too much to ask, sorry, if it's ok, then please don't be shy, I am very curious, and won't be offended.
    Thanks. A x

  • I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. It's not very exciting. You describe, not in great detail, experiences, which my imagination is able to fill out. I simply have images in my head of what might have happened, and these turn me on.
    But I think there's another component too, to why I like this. You're a girl, and girls tend to think differently about s** to boys. Compared to something like p***, what you write is far more emotional and thoughtful. If I wanted to m********* to people having s**, I could go elsewhere. But what you write about, as much as events, is emotions - because you're thinking and experiencing at the same time. I've always been quite in touch with my "female side", and when it comes to masturbating I suppose it has had an impact on what I most enjoy.
    I hope that clears things up a little?

  • I read this while in bed this morning, and thought about what you said about detail. I confess I masterbated this morning and thought I might share the experience with a bit more detail, so here goes:
    It was very hot yesterday, and I remember when I was going to bed thinking it would be hard to sleep, I thought about sleeping naked but talked myself out of it, I think I could do it, it would somehow feel naughty or too sexy, and stop me relaxing. Instead I chose a silky nighty, I'm more a PJ's girl and lack the confidence for something sexy, but it was so light it was nice. When I put it on I looked at myself in the mirror and it looked sexy. It hid nothing, every curve of my body was visible, and my b****, though small, looked amazing, with my nipples clearly visible. I felt the nighty was made for me and I looked hot beyond my age. Turning around it sat perfectly on each bum cheek and made my bum look so pert and round. The nighty ended just below my bum, and my legs looked long and slender, but it was the feeling I got when the nighty lifted a little when moved my arms, nearly exposing my bum cheeks that made me feel so sexy. I have always been slender and had a good shape, but for a moment I felt like a model, and enjoyed it.
    I went to sleep happy, and as I squirmed in my silky nighty I felt sexy too.
    Run out of space, carrying on below...

  • Carrying on..... I didn't sleep well, it was hot but I also had things on my mind, those things being boys, and my own body. When I woke up I was slow to come round, drifting in and out of sleep as my mind wandered. As I finally got with it, I let out a big yawn and as I did, stretched my arm down. My nighty had ridden up as I had squirmed, and after my hand had stretched down my leg it came up over the crotch of my knickers, and went no further. My knickers were very hot and quite damp, it had been a hot night but my thoughts had been hotter, and I was clearly quite wet. My hand squeezed what my friend calls her mound, pulling my middle finger over the damp part of my knickers. I lifted the palm of my hand, so only my middle finger was touching and more delicately this time stroked my knickers arousing feelings inside.
    My finger took a journey, from my knickers, down my inner left thigh, across to my right and back up. I pulled the nighty further up and ran my finger over my tummy, round in many circles, then delicately along my sides before reaching my b***. I stroked the underside feeling little shivers of pleasure run through me. My b**** my be small, but in that moment I felt lucky they are pert and rise from my chest even when I am on my back. My mind had wandered, so I picked up where I had left off. My nipples were already poking up hard like a little watch towers on top of my little hills. I lay there for a moment just running my finger in little circles round my left nipple as my breathing got deeper. Running out of space again....

  • Carrying on...... My hand moved across from one b*** to the other, and I laid there a little dazed running my finger round in little circles. I felt a sudden shudder of arousal and as with my yawn, as my body tensed my hand ran back down between my legs and grabbed a handful of my knickers. As it faded I relaxed back, and almost fell asleep again. I arched my back and slid my knickers down, the crotch clinging to my v****, where my hands had pressed. As I kicked them off under the sheets, I kicked off the sheets as well and pulled my nighty back down before I spread spread out on the bed. I squirmed around on the bed, sliding on my silky nighty, my hands ran all over my body but through not under the nighty this time. I rubbed my b****, tummy and hips, and even rolling over to feel my bum through the silky material, in my head I was picturing that my hands were someone else's, I craved the feeling I had felt from my brother's hands but from another boy or man, maybe that cute boy who live at the house behind ours?. I wanted to be caressed and stroked, my mind wandered further as my hands moved over my body. A bit more to follow.....

  • Carrying on...... My hand moved further down my body off the bottom of my nighty and as my hand drew back up, my legs parted out wide, my nighty rode back up, and my fingers reached my hot and damp l**** lips. My lips as I call them are not visible from the front, my friends call it an innie, like on belly buttons, but as my legs parted my hips rocked back an I opened up. As I ran my finger up and down my slippy wet lips I tingled with pleasure, and with my mouth wide open I took short sharp breaths. With every pass I got slower but my finger got a little deeper, increasing the pleasure, until with a huge gasp my finger went all the way in, and I slid it as deep as it would go. As I held my breath I imagined that would be the feeling I would get when I have s** for the first time, and imagined what it would be like to feel a p**** rather than my finger. I let my breath out and relaxed a little as I began to slide my finger in and out my increasingly wet v*****. Each push with my finger timed with my breaths and getting better as I went, my body started to well up with pleasure. After a while each finger movement was accompanied with a wet squelching noise as I got wetter still. I pulled my finger out to see it glisten wet in the sunlight pouring through my window, and feel a bead of moisture run across my bum hole and down to the sheets. I was wetter that I had been in a while. I confess looking at my wet finger curiosity got the better of me and I tasted this clear liquid I had so much of this morning, it was slightly sweet, and not unpleasant.
    My hand returned to where it was, but this time my finger ran higher to my c******* which was so sensitive I almost let out a little help as I touched it
    I very gently rubbed it through my skin, going quicker and pressing deeper as the initial sensitivity eased off. Need more space again.....

  • Carrying on...... As I wiggled my finger rapidly now my buttocks clenched and I could feel my v***** tighten as the pressure built up in side of me. Twice I had false alarms, thinking I was about to o***** before my finger tired and I had to slow down, but each time the feeling increased. On my third go I built up slower, my body tensed as seemingly every nerve in my body lit up and with one big gulp of air the cup of pleasure I had been filling inside of me over flowed in dramatic fashion
    My whole body went in to spasm, I pulled my hand away as I was far to sensitive to touch, my legs closed, my buttocks began to quiver and I let out a little squeal I couldn't hold back. As quickly as it had arrived it was gone and as the air returned to my lungs I relaxed back on to my bed, feeling rather hot and flushed and with the occasional quiver still happening in my buttocks.
    I had a few moments of perfect complete relaxation as my muscles just did not seem to work, before reality returned. As I laid there I realised I had blocked out the world and had no idea if I had made a noise that would have been heard, I had been in my head and in my body and not in my room. I laid there basically naked with my legs apart again as I recovered, and my hand drifted south again as my fingers gave a little thank you stroke, and assessed the resultant wetness I had caused.
    Finally with normality back I slid off the bed and went to the mirror and stood looking at myself as I had done the night before, admiring myself, as I pushed the shoulder straps off my nighty off and let it fall to the floor, then stare at my naked self admiring my womanly body I have come to love as it has developed and embracing the feeling of sexual confidence, before a sound raised panic in me and I bolted for my underwear drawer, dressed and went down for breakfast, as a girl a daughter and a sister, my secret safe in my head and body.

  • Hope you liked more detail, and I don't mind what you do with it or what thoughts you have, it was fun to write. Lover Autumn xxx

  • Autumn, that was so unbelievably hot. Thank you so much for sharing. I don't know if I've ever been so turned on, which I suspect might have been one of your goals while you wrote this...?
    I have a question - how does it feel for you to know that people are touching themselves while they read your posts?
    I want to say one last thing. I have read a few posts like yours on various sites, but yours are different. Not because of what you do so much as because of who you are. You come across in your posts as thoughtful, curious, intelligent and fun. And while I don't know you, I guess in my head it turns me on even more to imagine you as a person. I don't mean that I want to meet you or anything like that - that's not the case at all. But I enjoy seeing your posts not just because of what you write, but because of your personality too. What I'm trying to say is, I hope you that you feel attractive as a person as well as as a girl, because you definitely are!
    Thank you again for sharing your secret here

  • Thank you and glad you liked it. I guess when I first asked I was just curious about what you got from it. When I found this site, I was very nervous, I wanted to write about my feelings, emotions and experiences anonymously, as writing about them helps me to understand, but I read a few posts and was shocked about what I read, and hoped many were untrue, but maybe there are lots of people who need to write to help them understand.
    I don't normally write with the idea that it may arouse, but I did try this time to give more detail for that reason. Secretly I'm glad my words helped you to m*********, it's actually quite a powerful sexual feeling, and a feeling I achieved something, so you're welcome, and thank you, hope it was a good one ;)

  • I'm in agreement with you about this site. Lots of the stuff here is pretty shocking, but if it's any consolation I like to think that most of it is fake too. Perhaps even what you write is, but I think you tell the truth. At least what people write, when it's about s** anyway, can't hurt anybody too badly. And in your case it can by contrast, as you've seen, bring pleasure to readers and yourself.
    I'm glad also that you enjoy knowing that your descriptions turn me on - it must be a wonderful feeling, and I feel better for admitting it now. It was "a good one", but I admit I'm quite jealous of you and other women. It seems like masturbation for you is such a sensual, full-body experience. For guys so much of it is just an up-down-up-down with our hands. Although, when I read your post this time I lay down on my bed (I have a kind of fur-like blanket) and tried to just enjoy the sensations, as you did, of being touched all over and feeling sexy. So you did inspire me to try to approach it differently, and I had a lot of fun too!
    I know what you mean about writing things down. I keep a journal and it often helps me to understand myself and what I'm going through. I'd recommend the habit, but then you might stop sharing here, so perhaps I'd better not...

  • Detailed, oh yes! I certainly don't have any criticism here. Then again I never did before. Maybe you need to write a blog or an online diary, being that I am not the only one who comes here to read your stories. I have to admit, it is the highlight of my day to find that you have posted. Looks like you are gaining fans.

  • Glad you liked it too, I guess it's a nice safe way to share some pleasure. I'm not sure I could do a blog, too much pressure, and I have been sharing moments as they happen, many have now passed to memories. I have to confess that reading back over what I wrote was even quite arousing for me, and brought a smile to my face.
    Looking back to my first attempts to experience an o*****, I was lost, poking around seeing what works, and being so ashamed, feeling dirty and slutty, but now I feel like a pro ha ha. I know what to do, how to get results, and most importantly have the confidence that I am healthy happy and normal. People should talk about it more, just maybe not with parents ha ha A x

  • Our parents understand what is going on, after all they were 16 once as well, but they are in 'protect my child mode' and frankly will always think of you as that cute little girl, instead of that beautiful young woman that you have become. They don't want you to grow up, so talking about s** with them does not go over well.
    In my day, talking about s** meant talking with your friends, and of course they were not exactly full of the best ideas. But even when you talked with your friends, there was a lot of things that you would not dare tell them about.
    Now we have the internet, where you can ask questions of complete strangers, and being anonymous allows you to be completely honest and get the answers you are looking for. As I had told you in the past, I envy you for having this outlet, I so could have used something like this myself back when I was 16.
    S** is fun, sexuality needs to be enjoyed, and as you get older you will find that some of your best moments in life will deal with s**. I do think that you have come to conclusion as well.

  • Something else has happened. Sorry I haven't posted but nothing really has happened, until yesterday. My brother put his hand in my knickers.
    I had been keeping my distance in general, picking my moments to tease him, and it had been fun, but it seemed he had his own game. I noticed he had been trying to touch me, mainly my bottom, accidentally brushing it as he went by, things like that, but trying to do it without me realising, which didn't work.
    so I called him out on it, asked him why he has been trying to touch my bottom, he shrugged, so I repeated that he only had to ask, expecting him to run away as usual, but he didn't, he asked if he could touch it. I had soft pink joggers on which were quite fitted on the bum and so I think he had been looking. I said ok and he reached around and placed a hand on each bum cheek. As he did, he gasped, and I could tell he got an erection, he looked excited but also very nervous. I calmly said, anything else? He looked at me silently, so I asked him, Is it my bum you like best? Again shocked silence. So I said, One time offer, if you want to feel anywhere else do it now. He looked so nervous, his hands came back from my bottom and to my shock he grabbed my waistband with one hand and slid his other hand down inside. I don't think he meant to put his hand in my knickers but grabbed them as well by mistake.
    I felt his hand slowly reach down and under, with his middle finger coming to rest on my v*****. I was a little wet and he could feel it. He curled his finger and it ran through my wet lips (are they called lips? Ha ha). I stared him in the eye and raised an eyebrow. He looked so scared, pulled his hand out and ran off to his room. Have fun I shouted.
    Can't believe this happened. Autumn x

  • If you have not already figure it out yet, guys are about as sly as a bull in a china shop, we think that our moves are smooth, but they are clumsy as h***. Always keep in mind that you are the one in control here, if he ever makes you feel uncomfortable or takes things too far, stop him immediately. But from the way it sounds you were the one in full control here. So I have to ask, how did this make you feel? Did you feel excited or afraid?
    If I remember my biology studies correctly I think it is officially called the v****, but everyone just says lips as well. After all of that, I guess that you can say that you now know for a fact what your brother is doing when he disappears into his room... You sure gave him a lot to think about! LOL

  • Excited and afraid, like a rollacoaster I guess

  • Sorry to interrupt your conversation with UFCaverman but you are so lucky to be experiencing this with your brother. I wish i'd been sexual with my sister, i had opportunties but never took them. I'm 43 (married) and she is 34 (married with kids) and even now i still want s** with her! Enjoy your brother because life is too short.

  • Like I said before, you are the one in charge!

  • By the way, you were missed, glad to see you back for the update!

  • I am so tired, I didn't sleep well last night, I have not been able to get thoughts of my brother out my head and he has no gotten in to my dreams.
    When I awoke this morning my underware was very wet, at first I thought I may have wet the bed, but my underwear was sticky, and there was not enough liquid, although some had gone through to my pajamas.
    I recalled having dreams, not the specifics but having dreams that were at times very sexual and very inappropriate. This must have been what made my underware wet, did I have an o***** asleep, is that possible? Or has my body just been turned on all night and the wetness built up?
    More importantly why did this happen and why do I keep thinking of my brother's body and seeing his c*** and him touching himself and worse things. What is wrong with my body, bad body !!!
    Wanted to get this update of my chest, Autumn

  • Again, what you are going to through is perfectly natural, more than likely the reason you are thinking about him is more due to the close proximity you have been with him lately, with everybody being in lockdown status will do that to you. While it does happen to guys, one has to think that it is perfectly possible for a girl to have a "Wet Dream" as well. Your body is simply responding to the visual stimulus of the only male in your general vicinity, and it does not care that it is your brother, it is running that program that I was telling you about. I know exactly what you are going through here when you say you keep thinking about him and it disgusts you, it was the same with me and my sister, just stopped thinking about it being my sister and pressed on.
    To answer your questions below, no I am not grooming you for photos, far from it, I am just trying to help you build your confidence, the best way to do so is with doing things a step at a time, like when you go swimming and the water is cold, you step in wait a moment to get used to it, and then you move in further. Before long you are swimming. The way I look at it once you gain confidence in your sexuality, things like this wont bother you so much. You will learn that a woman as a lot of control over a man, and has fun with that control.
    As for my photography, I do many different types of photography from simple group pictures to boudoir photography (artistic photos of people in sexy outfits) and I will shoot tasteful nudes, but I draw the line at p***.
    You will get through this Autumn, I have faith in you!

  • Something new has happened. I was in my room, and I could hear my brother was in his and my body was thinking on my behalf again, so I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had my PJs on, the kind that button up. I had seen how he had looked at my b**** in vest top pjs, cos I don't wear a bra with PJ's, they show a bit and often you can see down a bit too. I decided to unbutton my middle buttons where my b**** are, by accident and pay my brother a visit.
    My heart was pounding and my hands tingling, I don't know why I did this, but I somehow convinced myself at the time it was ok, or even a good thing.
    I went in, and it nearly back fired as he was in bed in just underwear, but only his chest on show.
    I sat down and started chatting to him but could see him looking at my chest, so I just said, what are you looking at, he sheepishly pointed at my undone buttons. Oh I said, why are you always looking at my b****, they are just b****, what's so good? He paused and looked awkward, so I said do you like them, he went red and nodded. Well I said, if you want to see them you only have to ask.
    He looked shocked and paused, so unbuttoned my pj top and showed him my b****, he gasped and stared but said nothing. I rebuttoned up and got up, and said, you only have to ask, and left.
    I got to my room and nearly had a heart attack, I can't believe I did it, exciting tho. Ha ha. Might be time to stop though now I am thinking more level headed

  • Autumn.Would you like a different perspective?Also Do you plan on going any farther?

  • What different perspective?

  • And I am sure that your brother's heart nearly beat out of his chest. And if you think about it you finally paid him back for what you got to see, you both are squared up! LOL. I have to agree with you, it is time to throttle back and let everything settle. Over this past month you both learned a lot, he learned that his sister is is fact a woman, and you learned the control that girls have over guys. I envy you both for getting to feel that wonderful rush of energy from the excitement of it all. If you really think about it, you and your brother have built another bond between each other, again I envy you too for how close you are to each other, for my sister and I were never really close at all. I am very proud of you for taking these steps, and from the way it sounds you now feel a lot better about yourself than you did a month ago when you first told you story here.

  • I think we are really close because we are twins, in some ways we are the same person, and it's something I think only a twin would understand. I think also because we are twins it's a bit different to normal brothers and sisters, we were born together and that makes us as close as one (actually I'm 10 mins older, so I'm in charge ha ha)
    I definitely feel more comfortable in my own body now, and I have been looking at some new clothes online that I wouldn't have looked at before, and I have been looking at new underwear, it's exciting and I feel confident. Confident to ask mum for her card to buy them. Some of the clothes are quite sexy, not slutty, just sexy, but that's how I feel.

    I am going to try and leave things alone with my brother and let things settle, before it gets out of hand. I feel much more comfortable with the differences in our body's now, and what it means to be a woman or a man, and comfortable with my thoughts and the thought my brother or another boy or man may have about me.

    I think I might focus on my own body and what enjoyment I can get from it ;)

  • You have come so far in a months time, I am very proud out you. Like swimming in very cold water, you have finally grown comfortable with the temperature, and you are now enjoying the experience. I do agree, it is now time to focus on yourself, and it is time to give your poor brother a rest. You have gave him a lot to think about, and I am sure that he is thinking hard about everything ;) LOL. But on occasion, poke the bear once in a while, just to let him know you care, maybe 'forget' to lock the bathroom door once while you are taking a shower, again all up to you.
    You have entered now a bigger world, the world of being a woman, you also have discovered how use your, As my friend Tina calls it, 'Womanly Super Powers!' But remember, "With great power comes great responsibility!" LOL Ah to heck with that, have fun and misuse it from time to time, all women do! LOL.

  • I have started touching myself a lot more and I am really enjoying it, but also I have been trying to do it in unusual places and ways. Last night when we were all having dinner, I had a skirt on and as I ate with my fork, I had one hand under the table tickling the crotch of my knickers, it was so much fun. I also tried it in the kitchen while talking to my dad who was sat in the living room. The kitchen cabinets hid what I was doing. I have been going to the downstairs bathroom to finish, rubbing my knickers. I have been able to c** with my knickers on.
    Whilst this has been such fun and distracted me from my brother, it made me think, maybe it was what he was doing all along. Perhaps he was touching himself in different ways when he found my knickers and found them interesting. Wouldn't it be funny if we both got to this stage together, must be a twin thing.

  • As bad as this is going to sound, your brother's fascination with your knickers might have more to do with having your sent on them. No, I am not suggesting that your brother is a dog, but he still would be able to detect the sent of a woman or even your pheromones, that might be why he gets scarification from smelling them.
    You are discovering that there is a connection with risk and pleasure, as in the bigger the risk the more the pleasure. I am sure that as you continue to push the boundaries you will find it more and more pleasurable. Very much like the boundaries that you were pushing with your brother, you said that you felt like you were going to have a heart attack, but instead that was your heart reacting to the excitement.
    I do think that it would be safe to say that you and your brother did in fact reach this stage together. I am sure that he considers himself lucky to have a teenage sister that is helping him through all of this. While at the same time you are lucky to have a teenage brother that is helping you through this as well. You becoming more away of your sexuality, and using it to tease and mess with your brother has, I am sure, been a benefit to both of you! I'm sure that he is still masturbating to the thoughts of seeing your b****! LOL

  • Still, how long can he hold an image of his b**** in his mind. I didn't really understand what you meant about scent, so had to do some research, and at first I thought it was made up, then I found it a bit gross, but I see it's a natural thing. I always found it confusing why boys exercising we're kinda attractive, even though they are sweaty and smell, but now you have said this, there is a boy smell that plays with my mind, it's not a nice smell, but it gets my attention big time, and I find myself sniffing more of it.
    So I know understand why my brother likes my knickers, any wetness from my v***** is leaving my scent t in the fabric, and perhaps he can smell it through the washing hamper when I can't. It does not sound as bad when I understand.
    This leads me to me doing something a bit silly. As I have said I have been playing with myself a lot, and getting myself quite aroused. This has meant by the time I put my knickers in the wash, there is many wetness stains from the day. After playing with myself round the house, I finally went to my room and rubbed through my knickers till I had an o*****. My knickers were sticky, and I would see clear goo in the crotch of them, they were very messy. In an act of madness, when I went to the laundry basket I folded them neatly on top of the basket, knocked on my brother's door and run away, they were still warm.
    I heard my brother's door open and close, so I think it's safe to assume he had his fun with them, but now I think maybe I shouldn't have left him my present?

  • At least you are enjoying poking the bear a bit, and trust me your brother is enjoying it as well, even though he is more than likely completely unaware of it being intentional.
    It is kind of hard to think that the stink that guys emit is actually intended to attract women. Well I guess that you can say that life is strange.
    Keep being silly my dear and keep having fun!

  • Oh, one last thing. I would never suggest to you to do anything illegal, taking pictures of yourself, in the nude, under the age of 18 is illegal and could get you into a lot of trouble... first for even taking them, and second for sending them to someone. Please keep that in mind if you ever have a boyfriend that tries to talk you into doing something like that. I have had long conversations with my niece, who is around your age, about this very subject. I don't blame you at all for wondering if I had bad intentions here, it is the Internet after all, sadly the bad people overshadow the good ones!

  • Thanks for the advice, I wouldn't take pictures of myself as I would have no control over them, that scares me. Sorry for worrying about you, I have grown up being warned about the internet and strange men, distrust is sadly the norm I think. I'm sure you are lovely. A xxx

  • As I told my niece once, never trust a boy with something so personal, because out there on the internet their is millions of selfies that were received with promise of, "I wont show anyone!" If you want to see them all you have to do is do a Google search of "Nude Selfie". I don't blame you for worrying at all, after all I am just some faceless clown on the internet, who knows what I can be up too? You have learned the right lesson, always be cautious.

  • You are both 16, you are both going through puberty, it is perfectly normal for you both to be curious about each other. You perfectly nailed it on the head when you said, "me being his sister is more a convenience than an issue." When he thinks of you sexually, he is thinking of you as a girl first and not his sister. It was the same with you as you watched him, you were not seeing him as your brother but instead as a guy. Has he spied on you or will he try to see you naked? Without a doubt, like you he is curious, and i highly doubt that he wants to do anything more than fantasize about your body. I know from my own personal experience what you both are going through. I was 14 when I discovered that my 17 year old sister showered with the bathroom window wide open. Additionally I found that my bedroom window was in the perfect place to observe everything that went on in there.

    If you really want to blow his mind, (and I am not joking about this.) walk into his room one day and tell him what you saw and offer to let him see you naked. Don't do anything sexual, cause that's crossing the line, but it will help both of you answer a lot of questions you have about sexuality.

  • I have gone and done it (kinda). I didn't go in to his room and get naked, but I walked from the bathroom in to his room in just underwear, withe the excuse of just asking a boring question about towels.
    I was so scared when I decided to do it, and decided I needed to change my underwear first, not sure why. I looked for something sexier, not that I have sexy underwear, but I found a blue silky set with white lacy trim. My heart was pounding so much I was struggling to keep it together. I paused, focused, listened to make sure that he was alone, then knocked and went in.
    At first he didn't look, but then he must have caught a glimpse, because he turned and stared, eyes wide open, looking me up and down. I said my line, asking where the towels were and tried to calmly walk out, with him staring at me.
    I went to the bathroom, and had my shower.
    Now I know he has seen me in a bikini before so this wasn't that special, but underwear is kinda a forbidden area, and I know he enjoyed it. If I am honest I did too. Thanks for the advice A xxx

  • Good for you Autumn, wasn't it kind of fun messing with his mind? And from your own admission you were probably just as excited as he was... Well, he's a guy, so maybe he was just a bit more. It is kind of funny how, in reality there is not much difference between wearing underwear versus a bikini, in our minds the difference is night and day.
    If you really want to blow his mind, forget to lock the bathroom door from time to time when taking a shower, make it obvious the first time around, leave the door open a crack, and keep on the lookout for him, I am sure that you will be entertained by what he does.
    Of course, proceed as you see fit, don't let some faceless clown on the internet push you into doing something that you are not comfortable with. You are the one who is in control here, have fun with it.

  • You are so right about swimwear and underwear, why is it so different??? I remember when I started getting b**** etc, I found my body awkward, and where I used to be fine changing in to swimwear I got very shy. I felt everyone was looking at my body, and I guess some boys/men were. I was very conscious and nervous at the pool or on holiday, but that faded and I'm fine now.
    This took me right back to that, I felt like it was the first time a boy had seen me in underware and there was so many nerves.
    I know my friends have kissed boys and been touched. I think one friend may have had s**, no-one is sure.
    I know I am getting to that time, and I am interested in boys and they are in me, but till now I have been a little nervous, and focused on friends.
    I think what I did may be a sign that I am ready to take that next step with a boy. Maybe I should thank my brother for forcing me to have confidence.
    Don't know if I will let him see me in the shower, but I am less worried about him looking at my b**** or bum now ha ha.
    Thank you. Autumn xxx

  • Speaking from experience, don't be in a rush to take the next step with the boys, and heaven forbid, don't let them pressure you into doing something you are not ready for. I remember all the pressures I had as a teenage boy, all my friends were having s**, they weren't in reality but they were talking a big game. S** can be both very wonderful, and devastating if you are not careful. So, do it when you feel you are ready with the right guy, not because you were pressured into it by some clown who wants to use you as bragging rights.
    Right now you are getting to see the control that a young lady has over boys, I will never forget the power that the girls had over me back when I was young, I am sure that they enjoyed it. LOL

  • Now my brother has done it to me! He can in to my room in just his pants. He had short and quite tight boxer trunks on, and I could clearly see the bulge made by his c*** and b****. I feel so cross, firstly I'm cross that he did it back to me, taking control and making me look week, and double cross that I couldn't stop myself looking. I even looked at his bum as he left.
    I don't know what to think, I feel a bit ashamed for looking at my own twin brother like that, and as much as I pretend I didn't, I really did like his body.
    So now what? I feel so naughty and ashamed, but I loved how it felt when I had the power over my brother, and how sexy I felt. Help me???

  • Oh wow, I really did not expect him to take it up to the next level, makes you wonder, did he do it intentionally, or accidentally? Let's tackle the first part... Don't feel ashamed over your response to seeing him, yes he may be your brother, but he is a boy first. kind of think of your body as a computer, running a series of complex programs, it is programmed to react a certain way to what you saw, and it worked as programmed, it's only your mind that says, "Eww, that's my Brother." You body does not know, nor does it care, about the difference, so don't feel ashamed about what you cannot control.

    Well let me tell you, you are still in charge here, and why do I say that, well that program that makes you look at him, runs even stronger in his body. So this next part is clearly up to you and how far you are willing to take it, it's called 'Escalation!' As they used to say in war, "If your enemy uses a stick, then you need to throw a rock!" For starters, try to find something sexier, but I am sure you know where this is going, and that is allowing him to see a little bit more. Again, do what you feel comfortable with doing. I do have another idea, which just came to mind, you said that he has been stealing your panties, catch him! (Yeah, I know, I am sure that he hides them well, so get sneaky.) Plant a pair in his room, so when you are over there talking to him for whatever reason, 'Accidentally' find them and say, "What are these doing here?" You will get to watch you eyes bug out of his head, and you might even get to see him sweat, as he tries to explain his way out of the problem. It will be even worse if you are in sexy underwear at the time! It's sneaky, but it will put you in control, for he will be wondering if he had forgotten to return a pair of your panties.

    So let me ask you something, do you enjoy the rapid beating of your heart and the sudden rush of adrenaline you get when this all goes down? Good luck!

  • I think you have really helped me understand the battle between brain and body, and that it's ok how my body feels, it my brain that's running the show so to speak.
    I think that being twins is an interesting part of this. When we were little we looked the same and were treated the same, we even had baths together. As we have both grown up, nature has made my brother more male and me more female, and we are no longer the same. Nature has also made me desire the male body and my brother desire the female body, and that is neither or ours fault.
    To answer your questions, I really do enjoy the rush it has given me, even though at the time it feels like fear, but I am scared to escalate.
    I am afraid to 'catch him' because that may force a conversation about m*********** and I think I will get shy go red and run away, it's just something you don't talk about.
    I can confess here anonymously that I have done it, I remember being quite young when I discovered good feelings down there, and after finding out from a friend at school the idea of an o*****, trying hard and failing to have one, and giving up thinking it was made up! I did try again and I can now, and do occasionally, but not very often, and I am very secretive about it. I basically need an empty house for an hour and some mental inspiration from my day. Anyway, there is no way I want to talk to my brother about it.
    Any thoughts. Very grateful Autumn xxx

  • You are blessed to have a forum like this to use, when I was your age we had nothing like it. The only person I ever told about my experience was my best friend, he told the neighbor girl and she proceeded to try to spread it around my high school. Thankfully for me, her creditability was garbage, and nobody believed her. So in return, I sat on that secret for years, fearing that there was something wrong with me, when it truth there wasn't.
    As of late, I discovered many with similar stories, and like you, very ashamed, not of what they saw but how they reacted to it. So my first message, "You are not alone!" That alone turned out to be comforting to many people, including yourself. Then on to my second message, "There is nothing wrong with you for how you felt." And then, "It happened, now have fun with it." I can't change what happened, nor would I if I could.
    With you a took a little bit of a different approach, I wanted you to have fun with it by showing you that you are not alone with how you feel, and you got to see the reaction on your brother's face. You have also gotten to experiment with the 'power' that women have over men. Of course don't feel bad for your brother, he has not been suffering here, I am sure that he has been enjoying every part of it.
    You will one day have a conversation with your brother about what happened, I did with my sister, but it will be years later when you are both are a lot older. Oh and don't worry about your brother having a conversation about what happened, there is no way in h*** that he will tell you what he was doing with it, there is just some things teenage boys will never talk about, and masturbation is one of them.
    You have just discovered the relationship that fear and excitement have with each other. This is why adrenaline junkies do stupid things like jump off buildings, that fear gives them excitement. But yes only escalate when you are ready.
    Continued below...

  • I found a way to take control and it was so funny, our parents asked if we could do a family photo to send to grand parents during the lockdown, so we all gathered round. Mum said to my brother, put your arm round your sister, he was hesitant, so I grabbed his hand, but instead of putting in on my waist, I placed it on my bum cheek.
    My brother froze, I guess he didn't want to move his hand but he was scared of being caught. I could tell he was feeling me, but it was awkward for him. Here is the funny bit though, I saw the picture after and you can see his jeans bulging, I think he got an erection ha ha ha. Good job mum didn't notice.
    It has made me realise I will always be in charge, because all I have to do to 'get' him, is give him an erection, and he can't do it to me, as there is nothing to see. I think I got him back, and it was exciting. Not sure this is a game we should be playing though.
    You have given me such confidence by helping me understand this is normal, many boys and girls do it and you have done it.
    I hope you have more ideas or stories. A xxx

  • You have to experiment, see what makes you feel comfortable, and then take it to the next level. Let me give you an example, being that I am a photographer I often work with models. Some models are open to do anything, If I want to do a nude shot there are girls that I work with that would undress and not even think twice about it, while others are much more conservative or shy. A lot of the times, it's not that they don't want to do a nude shot it's just that they have never done it before, so I start them easy. I have skimpy lingerie in my costume closet see if they would like to wear it, but I let them try it on first in the dressing room, with no pressure to use it. Most of the time they will put it on, look at themselves in the mirror and say, "I look pretty damn sexy in this!" And we will then take a bunch of pictures, then when we are ready, I ask them if they would like to take it to the next level, are they willing to do some topless shots? And I would say that about 80% they are now comfortable enough to take it to the next step. And that's how you build up confidence. I guess that you can say it is simply, practice.

  • Hi, I have posted a new update at the top (feel free to post up there) , basically I have got my brother in my head and he is now in my dreams and I think those dreams have gone pretty sexual, I am quite worried.
    I notice you talk about taking naked photos of girls, do you make p***? I had been very happy with your comments, so supportive, really helping, I hope you are not just grooming me for photos? Sorry to judge but you hear about it. I am happy to assume you are nice.
    Your comments have given me a thought that maybe I could get the buzz alone by imagining my mirror was someone looking back at me. A xxx

  • Redacted

  • I am a part time photographer, and I do many photo shoots... I was just thinking how you would probably love to have access to my costume closet during your little battle. I have many pieces of lingerie and sexy underwear, for my models to wear, that would simply make your poor brother go into vapor lock! LOL

  • Hi, is it really crossing the line? If they are both of legal age then surely it acceptable with the use of birth control??

  • Thank you for your advice, not sure if I am brave enough, but I think you are right I could blow his mind if I wanted to be a kind twin. Thanks A

  • Hi Autumn. My name is Summer. And now that I've read your post, I've decided that I'm not coming after all.

  • I have been keeping an eye on our dirty laundry basket, and my underwear is moving or disappearing almost every day, think he may be doing it every day !!!
    Going to try and get proof.
    Autumn x

  • Why don't you speak to him about it?

  • How? Can't just ask him if he takes my underwear, or why, that would be so awkward!

  • Because you have a right to know and you sound a little interested. Take control.

  • You are right I should be in control not him

  • I have never understood the fixation that some have with underwear, I was always a visual person.

  • Me thinks maybe its someone else whos fixated

  • I'm confused and curious, but I don't fancy my twin brother

  • It's not an attraction to the person, it's a healthy desire to see another human body.

  • Yes I get it now, you seem pretty wise ha ha

  • It's just that I have been there myself...

  • What was your situation?

  • This was in the days long before the internet existed. I came from a very Christian household, where subjects like nudity were very taboo, so that meant no Playboys in the house. One day, when I was 14, I made a startling discovery, my older sister would shower with the bathroom window open, and my bedroom window was in the perfect position to observe this event.
    I was in the middle of puberty, so this was the first naked girl that I have ever gotten to see, in person! I remember my heart beating beating so hard, excited by both what I was seeing and the fact that I was doing something that I should not be doing! Then she caught me. She ran to my mother to tell her about how perverted her brother was, and my mother, just laughed!
    To ensure privacy, I hung an old beach towel over my bedroom window... Though I was sketchy as to whose privacy was being protected. My sister continued to shower with the window open and I continued a silent vigil over her, watching through small holes in the old towel.
    I was 14, going through puberty, it was hard not to watch, I didn't want to have s** with her I just wanted to watch. For years, I had been quiet about it, nearly forgot all about it, until a conversation with a friend made me remember. I started doing my homework and found out that not only was my actions very normal, for a kid of my age, but I wasn't alone. I even ran across a poll that was conducted a few years back, in this poll boys were asked, "If you had an opportunity to spy on your sister in the shower would you do it?" Over 75% said yes. Even more surprising, when girls were asked the same question, but about their brothers, over 73% said yes as well! Something to think about.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, really pleased to hear this is totally normal, and that we are in the 75/73% majority.
    Can I ask from the boy side of things, how far did you go? I assume you masterbated while watching through the hole in your old towel? I understand if you don't want to share, no pressure.

  • You can ask me anything you like, being that I am much older now, I am generally not prone to shyness and I tend to be very open. Did I m********* while I was watching her? Actually no I didn't. Yes did m********* to what I saw, but not while I was watching. I enjoyed more the feeling I got while I watched than what I actually saw more than anything. It is kind of hard to explain, but what I enjoyed most was the rapid beating of my heart and the flow of adrenaline I would get, doing something that I know I should not be doing. I guess that you could say, it felt good to be bad! I am sure that you felt the same thing when you saw your brother, doing what he was doing, the other day. I guess you could say that I miss more of how it made me feel, than what I saw.

  • Maybe just do it for fun? Or just try it and see how it feels?

  • Kick him in the b**** really hard

  • He wants to enter in you let him do that

  • Ewe hope not, that's gross

  • I reckon he wants to f*** you.
    I'm guessing at 16 you have a hairy p****- that'll be the interest plus your t***.
    What colour is your hair ?
    Be honest , do you imagine him.f****** you ? I do !

  • I'm blonde, I have started shaving down there though, I got embarrassed when I realised my friends were and I was not and it was a bit out of control, I tried trimming but i needed to shave the edges, and I just went further and further till it was all gone, but I think that's what all girls are doing???
    I know he is interested in my b****, as soon as I got them I noticed him looking at them, but that didn't bother me so much.
    I can't imagine having s** with him that would be wrong.

  • Try not to overthink it. Try to think of s** with your brother as fun rather than something too serious. Siblings experiment loads and that is completely normal and I think healthy. Once you have had s** with your brother, any doubt or feelings of guilt will disappear. Try talking to your brother about it and see if you can reach an understanding. It can be really positive.

  • Yeah think most brothers have done that at some point.

  • It's more common than you think!

  • So do you think it's a phase he will get over soon? Thanks for your comment A x

  • Yes he will get over it, eventually, you really can't put a date on it. But if he gets himself a girlfriend, and he becomes sexually active with her, you will see his interest in you drop off drastically!

  • It’s normal for him to do that .. most men get pleasure at different times of their lives...

  • Is it normal to do that with my panties though? His sister's panties? Does he fancy me or am I just an available girl? Should I just chill out and let him do it?

  • He does not fancy you, it's just that you are a girl, that's what his body is responding too.

  • He probably sniffs your mum's knickers too.

  • He is young and would do it with anyone. He is your brother .so no it's incest and not normal to have relations with him .
    Don't .

  • Not going to have 'relations' ha ha

  • Who cares if it is incest! If you use birth control then it is absolutely fine to have a sexual relationship with your brother. Lifes too short, have some fun!

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