Saw brother masterbating and watched

My name is Autumn, I am 16 and have a twin brother James. Growing up me and James were very close, and still are but our lives are less intertwined as they used to be. As we both got interested in the opposite s** I notice my brother started looking at me differently, especially in short or tight clothes. I have come to the conclusion that simply because he sees a lot of me he has started finding my body attractive and me being his sister is more a convenience than an issue, as he has been checking me out for a while.
I share a Jack and Jill bathroom with my brother, which is great, but have to be careful to turn both locks. He has tried a few times to accidentally catch me in the shower or on the toilet.
We often leave both doors open to chat between our rooms, and leaving them ajar by mistake has led to me being caught in underwear before by a peeping brother.
It was me who saw more than I should have yesterday, when I went into the bathroom and with his door ajar I could see him with his pants round his ankles and his hand on his hard p**** masterbating to p*** on his phone.
I confess, it's the first hard p**** I have seen in real life, having only seen pictures or someone who had their pants pulled down, and because I have not gone far with boyfriends.
I watched him for quite a while, I was captivated, curious, and to my shame a little turned on.
Then I had a bit of a shock, he reached down on to the bed and placed something against his face, I wasn't sure what at first, then I realised it was a pair of my knickers. We share a washing basket in our bathroom and a quick check showed yesterdays were gone.
While I freaked out he e********* in to a tissue, again the first time I have seen it.
I can't believe I watched him, and I can't believe he was sniffing my knickers, apart from that being gross, does it mean he is obsessed with me? What to do?


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  • You are both 16, you are both going through puberty, it is perfectly normal for you both to be curious about each other. You perfectly nailed it on the head when you said, "me being his sister is more a convenience than an issue." When he thinks of you sexually, he is thinking of you as a girl first and not his sister. It was the same with you as you watched him, you were not seeing him as your brother but instead as a guy. Has he spied on you or will he try to see you naked? Without a doubt, like you he is curious, and i highly doubt that he wants to do anything more than fantasize about your body. I know from my own personal experience what you both are going through. I was 14 when I discovered that my 17 year old sister showered with the bathroom window wide open. Additionally I found that my bedroom window was in the perfect place to observe everything that went on in there.

    If you really want to blow his mind, (and I am not joking about this.) walk into his room one day and tell him what you saw and offer to let him see you naked. Don't do anything sexual, cause that's crossing the line, but it will help both of you answer a lot of questions you have about sexuality.

  • Hi, is it really crossing the line? If they are both of legal age then surely it acceptable with the use of birth control??

  • Thank you for your advice, not sure if I am brave enough, but I think you are right I could blow his mind if I wanted to be a kind twin. Thanks A

  • Hi Autumn. My name is Summer. And now that I've read your post, I've decided that I'm not coming after all.

  • I have been keeping an eye on our dirty laundry basket, and my underwear is moving or disappearing almost every day, think he may be doing it every day !!!
    Going to try and get proof.
    Autumn x

  • Why don't you speak to him about it?

  • How? Can't just ask him if he takes my underwear, or why, that would be so awkward!

  • Because you have a right to know and you sound a little interested. Take control.

  • You are right I should be in control not him

  • Me thinks maybe its someone else whos fixated

  • I'm confused and curious, but I don't fancy my twin brother

  • It's not an attraction to the person, it's a healthy desire to see another human body.

  • Yes I get it now, you seem pretty wise ha ha

  • It's just that I have been there myself...

  • Maybe just do it for fun? Or just try it and see how it feels?

  • Kick him in the b**** really hard

  • He wants to enter in you let him do that

  • Ewe hope not, that's gross

  • I reckon he wants to f*** you.
    I'm guessing at 16 you have a hairy p****- that'll be the interest plus your t***.
    What colour is your hair ?
    Be honest , do you imagine him.f****** you ? I do !

  • I'm blonde, I have started shaving down there though, I got embarrassed when I realised my friends were and I was not and it was a bit out of control, I tried trimming but i needed to shave the edges, and I just went further and further till it was all gone, but I think that's what all girls are doing???
    I know he is interested in my b****, as soon as I got them I noticed him looking at them, but that didn't bother me so much.
    I can't imagine having s** with him that would be wrong.

  • Try not to overthink it. Try to think of s** with your brother as fun rather than something too serious. Siblings experiment loads and that is completely normal and I think healthy. Once you have had s** with your brother, any doubt or feelings of guilt will disappear. Try talking to your brother about it and see if you can reach an understanding. It can be really positive.

  • Yeah think most brothers have done that at some point.

  • It's more common than you think!

  • So do you think it's a phase he will get over soon? Thanks for your comment A x

  • Yes he will get over it, eventually, you really can't put a date on it. But if he gets himself a girlfriend, and he becomes sexually active with her, you will see his interest in you drop off drastically!

  • It’s normal for him to do that .. most men get pleasure at different times of their lives...

  • Is it normal to do that with my panties though? His sister's panties? Does he fancy me or am I just an available girl? Should I just chill out and let him do it?

  • He does not fancy you, it's just that you are a girl, that's what his body is responding too.

  • He probably sniffs your mum's knickers too.

  • He is young and would do it with anyone. He is your brother .so no it's incest and not normal to have relations with him .
    Don't .

  • Not going to have 'relations' ha ha

  • Who cares if it is incest! If you use birth control then it is absolutely fine to have a sexual relationship with your brother. Lifes too short, have some fun!

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