53yo gran

I'm 53 and have a 35yo daughter,I'm s** mad and need it everyday it doesn't matter how young they are either,over the last year or more my 17yo old grandson has been staying at the weekends,I can't bring anyone back because of him, nearly 2 months ago i came back to get my purse and seen him wanking with my knickers,I didn't say anything to him thinking it was just a one off but it wasn't,the thing is i done something i can't undo, when i seen him again wanking me being so h**** i walked into the room and told him not to speak and took over wanking him off,I would of been ok leaving it at that but he wasn't,he sent me a text message last week saying he's coming around to f*** me,he hasn't yet should i ask him if he really wants to?

Mar 19, 2020

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  • Incest s** is so lovely my mother loved it and i loved my mother she always told me you don't need a girlfriend i am your girlfriend

  • Have you f***** him yet?

  • Show the young lad what it's like to be f***** by a woman,you got the chance now.

  • I see no problems with you two having s**.

  • You should ride him untill he can't walk.

  • Yes I thought that.

  • To come to mine and s*** me.

  • I bet u wanted his young c*** for years be honest.

  • I have but if my daughter found out are relationship is over.

  • Yes it would be over but you still want him don’t you. I bet it turns you on that ur fuckung her boy.

  • What age did u start wanting to suck his c***

  • When he was 16,why?

  • Be I’m a grandmother too and think like you

  • Wish I'd had a grandmother like you two

  • This sounds so.h**** !
    I'm.guessing but I think both you older ladies have hairy p****** am I right ?
    That'll be the attraction over young hairless girls..
    I'd f***. You for sure.
    I'm 30 and have wanked over my 53'yeer old mum.Edna's hairy bush many times while sniffing her dirty knickers and sucking on the pubes that she.leaves in her knickers. I do f*** her too it's only natural..
    That glorious hairy brown untidy f**** that just fit In her knickers.
    I bet if you.have a son he.uses your.knickers and thinks of
    You while wanking .
    Am I wrong ?

  • Yes you are wrong I want my grandson to f***. Me.

  • Are.you h as hairy or bald ?
    I hate bald it seems unnatural and illegal.
    Love a hairy f****.

  • Ilegal bald is the best

  • What do you want him to do ?

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