My son jerks off

Walked in my son's bedroom as he was having a w***,I stood in his door way and he had his back to me,after about 20 seconds and still not knowing i was there i was interested in what he was wanking over, walked up behind him and called him a naughty boy he was wanking over a picture of me,I made him stop but wasn't going to let it end, when I sat on his bed i made him come up close to me and told him wanking over the real thing is better,it's a huge turn on having his c*** in my face as he's wanking then watching him tense up as he's c****** over my t***,now i want to to f*** me like s*** and give me his s****.

Mar 26, 2020

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  • Good girl

  • Just show him your c*** and ask him what he thinks, then invite him to f*** you. He will !
    I wanked over my mum and she knew but I never saw her naked.
    She caught me sniffing her dirty knickers once when I was 19.

  • Did you manage to get your mum in bed?

  • #Seriouslysickfuck

  • Why do you think it's sick?? Especially if it's consensual.

  • I hope his dad takes his child away from you forever. I hope you never get close to any other child ever again. I hope you go to prison and I hope this child isn't suffering any more abuse. This is not love this is abuse.

  • It is not abuse. Open your mind and really think about it. It may not be your thing but is it really that bad. Also, you don't know how old her son is.

  • Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem. This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control. Even if it's consensual! The person is only concerned about themselves and their needs. It becomes self-centered. They can rationalize and justify their behaviors, but in reality they really are hurting themselves and others with no regard. They most likely cannot develop healthy relationships outside of family. Lets put it this way: A healthy brother and sister will not/never engage in s** with each other. Either as children or as adults. But, those that do are really sick psychologically, and need intense therapy to get well. Eventually down the road people involved in incest will have to face their demons, and I can tell you that it will not be pretty. It will be painful. Incest is just plain wrong

  • I believe your explanation may be right for some cases but certainly not for all. S** should never involve a child whether it's incest or not. But s** between family adults is acceptable with the use of birth control. I it's very easy to generalize when we are talking about incest and to assume that all incest is abusive or bad when that most definitely is not always the case. It is not uncommon for siblings to experiment with each other as they grow, it may not lead to intercourse but touching or masturbing is very normal. I had a sexual loving relationship with my mother and I enjoyed it. I was not abused and i was able to give consent because I was of legal age. For me it was a positive in my life because I feel I learnt a great deal from this experience. I haven't been harmed in any way and I've gone on to have a successful career and marriage. I still remain close to my mother but we no longer have s**. Please keep an open mind on the subject of incest and don't forget incest in some countries is actually legal between adults.

  • Wanking should be illegal. It's immoral. Anti biblical. It's cheating on your wife. It's cheating life. everything should be done to prevent boys from doing it so that they learn manly self control.

  • There is no use to preach these s** maniacs they are on the way to h***...They just post to get encouragement from more filthy people like just leave it

  • What is so filthy about a mother and son being close??

  • Nothing . I want to f*** my mum.
    I know she has a hairy f****.
    I sniff her underwear and w***.

  • I don’t want to have this conversation do whatever u want and yes you are a sickfuckk

  • Ok fair enough but done judge too quickly :)

  • It is better than opting to incestuous relationship, rape, whoring and LGBT. If wanking is declared illegal then these sexually deviant acts would increase!

  • What's so bad about incestuous relationships? It's never caused me any harm.

  • If both people are willing and not forced I don't see a problem, my step sis and I learnt together

  • Exactly

  • This is why you all should be supervised.

  • Supervised?

  • Yes, but only in a place where "supervised" means "euthanized"

  • Mummy supervising us wanking?

  • Mummy can join in .... too.

  • Exactly, mums should get involved.

  • Loved mine wanking me

  • Did youcum?

  • I was too young to

  • Too young to e********, but im sure she made you scream in pleasure. What lube did she use?

  • Hand lotion

  • Really. Wow. How weird. Buy I guess that's why we are all here.

  • How old is he

  • Enjoy! suck hisdick for him too get some nice boy juice

  • How is she sick?

  • Well done life to short do whatever makes you happy

  • Exactly, life is too short.

  • I never had the chance to have s** with my mother I only had the next best thing that was her panties I tasted. Sucked licked her panties

  • I always wanted to f*** my mum but like you had to make do with sniffing her dirty knickers to know what her f**** smelled like.
    I used to suck on her long uncut pubes that I'd find in her knickers too.

  • Nothing comes anywhere near having s** with your mum.

  • What a sick f*** you are. You need psych help and arrested ! Twisted piece of s***!

  • Why sick? WTF is the actual problem?? Seriously there nothing wrong with this what so ever. I'm all for it!

  • You are retarded. IF THID CARRIES ON IT WILL F*** UP THE CHILD. they will know no boundaries at all and what it is to have a normal relationship. The mother can manipulate the kid and she will f*** up the child's future relationships. If she pushes it and gets pregnant there is a high chance of there being birth defects on top of that it's just wrong.

  • You don't know how old the son is. What if the son is an adult?? We need to keep an open mind here and not rush to conclusions. Let's not forget incest between adults isn't illegal everywhere and nor should it be. I think people who have a sexual relationship with their family should use birth control because the risk is slightly higher but it doesn't mean that s** shouldn't be allowed to happen. I had a sexual relationship with my mother and I enjoyed it. It hasn't caused any harm, if anything it has been a positive in my life. Not all incest is bad or abusive. I'm in a good job and I have a wonderful marriage. The key word here is choice.

  • Just hypocrites that click on all the "kid stuff", read it to j*** off then whine

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