Cross dresser

I’m a straight male but love cross dresser. I love to hear what your wearing or how I would dress you up. I love a nice bubble butt. I want to tell you what I want to do to you. If interested let’s chat.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • Hi I’m a closet cross dresser. Sissy baby to be exact, want to that.

  • Yes I would love to know what your wearing. I would love to watch you walk around my house dressed up. I would love to have you tease me walking around showing me your ass. I love a nice ass in pantyhose with the back open. I would love to see you bend over in front of me and spread your legs and ass. Is this something you would like to do?

  • Darling, you are a naughty boy!!!! My name is Chiffon Sissy, I live in Oxfordshire in the UK. I love wearing silky floaty ladies clothes. I have a great body (male) and go out in public fully dressed as female. I am single, gay transvestite, but only into regular relationships with older married men. I am into a passionate relationship with my retired neighbour Jack right now. I am sure his wife Elsie knows we are f******, its the way she looks at me!!
    I have long blond hair (my own) and long legs which you would love to feel.
    At the moment I'm wearing all white matching undies!! Suspenders, stockings with white nylon full bum knickers. A white lacy bra and a gorgeous white vintage nylon slip with full lacy inserts, so sexy. I haven't put my dress on yet as I'm wearing a flowy white vintage negligee, open in the front but tied with a naughty bow, as I sit here posting.
    I am sooooo! h****, I would love to know more about you, are you married?
    Old Jack loves me to wear vintage 50's clothing, flouncy petticoats, French knickers, swing skirts, the obligatory suspenders and stockings and flirty see-through blouses, he adores my bottom. Jack also likes to see me walk around, it gets him really erect.
    I own a small ladies boutique but we are closed at the moment due to this retched Covid19, so jack has access to me most days. The shop gives me great choice of clothing which never ceases to excite me.
    Would you like me to tell you what Jack and I get up to in the bedroom????
    Signed Chiffon Sissy

  • I would like to be a sissy baby and wear a diaper and be spanked hard for wetting myself. I need to be told what a naughty disgusting sissy I am for peeing in my diaper.

  • I shave all over so I can truly feel the bras knickers and soft flowing nightie I wear each night. I have a massive collection of dresses skirts tops knickers nightie and bras. In cooler weather I wear sexy women's underwear. Pantyhose feel so good on my smooth legs. My favourite are thigh highs with corset and suspender. I also wear high heels around home. I have got pregnancy pants and made myself a bump. It feels so erotic looking pregnant. I wear it to bed with my maternity bra and nightie.

  • Wow u sound really hot. I would love to see you in black pantyhose.

  • I will wear black panty hose for you as long as I can take your massive Hardcock rammed in my mouth and swallow your huge hot creamy load. I want you to fill my stomach with your spe rm.

  • I enjoy looking convincing and dressing like a real woman. I am shaved down below and on my legs. This helps when I wear sheer tights (black or nude, sometimes gray) and feels good when I wear silk panties.

    I love wearing wrap dresses of business clothing, knee length or short skirts. I absolutely adore leather and wear leather skirts and pants. Boots and shoes are my real weakness though. I have had a pair of Nine West black "Botomy" boots for years, these are my go to boots although I have loads of different court shoes too. Luckily I am a US size 9!

    Hope thats enough for you to work with. I am bi btw...

  • Hi I’m bisexual also and u sound very sexy and classy. I love your wardrobe. I love heels and panties. U got me excited. I would love to hang out with you when your all dressed up. Respond if you want to chat

  • I would like to dress up In my pantyhose heels and panties for you but only if you allow me to get on my knees and take your co ck in my mouth and receive your huge hot creamy load filling my mouth. I need to swallow your sp erm and fill my stomach with it. Am dressed up now in full sexy gear just for you.

  • I would love having you pull my panties to the side as I slide my d*** into your 👄..momspantysniffer

  • You are more than welcome to pull your panties to the side and slide your di ck into my eager co ck hungry mouth. I need your hot creamy load to fill my mouth and swallow your massive load.

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