My hobby

I only started doing this after seeing videos on the internet of other guys doing it, I have a sorts car and a licence plate I found one time when walking down an alley way, I put the fake plate on my car, Put on a wig and sunglasses and drive to other towns and show girls my...c***. I am a fit, good looking, 24 year old white guy, Circumsized and packing a thick, Veiny 9" c*** which I know is not normal for a white guy and I could tell you how I did it but then everyone would do it, Being white I think it catches some women and girls off guard and I have over 20 hours of video that I keep to myself of all the girls but I thought I would share a few of my favorites here.
The very first time I did it I wasn't thinking about trying to keep it hard which I quickly realized there are some different ways to make that happen and now it nothing to rock a hard c*** for 3 or 4 hours while I give girls what they want. First time I did it is still one of my most watched, I drove 2 hours to a small town where I figured no one would know me and drove around in the middle of the day, I attempted to stop and show off 3 or 4 times but chickened out until I seen a woman walking down a side street.
I quickly circled the block and pulled up beside her, I had it out but hidden under my shirt, I called her over and she came to my window, I asked what she was doing and she said she was on her way to get her kid, Probably mid to late 30's, Blonde, Decent rack and a muffin top showing with her top being a bit shorter, I said "Well...Instead of that would you like some of this?" and lifted my shirt, She looked at it and took a deep breath and sighed saying "Wow, ahem, Y-Y-Yeah". I drove her out to a back road, Threw her in the backseat and f***** her while she came all over my seat and on the way back to town she cried the whole way about cheating on her husband and letting me come inside her.
I got more bold as time went on and one day I was driving to visit some friends 8 hours across country, It took me 18 hours to get there LOL, I went through a small town and seen a group of 6 girls walking, Lunch time on a tuesday and I couldn't resist, I pulled up and already had it out, I asked "Sup ladies" they all turned and were all like "OMG". Well, within seconds all of them were crowded at my widow with their phones out, One girl went around and jumped in my passengers seat and her friends said "ASH!!!", It wasn't long and I had two more in the back seat and three at the window. Two of the ones outside the window I was able to get them to show their t*** and touch my c***, The thrid was like "F*** no" but she wouldn't stop looking.
I tried to pile them all in the car but the three outside were like "F*** no" and tried to get the three inside to get out of the car, I told them we would just go for a drive and I would bring them back but we spent two hours sitting in a campground parked way in the back by a river and just messed around "ASH" ended up totally naked, the other two I managed to talk into getting naked in my backseat while I leaned Ash's seat back, Took out her head rest and had her leaning over the back seat while I was getting her friends to d*** out and touch, Kiss and finger each other and laugh the whole time.
The blonde in the back seat had huge t*** for her age and everyone was playing with them and sucking them, The brunette in the back came from being fingered and I tried and tried to f*** ash, I licked her and got her as wet as I could while her friends played with her t*** and made out but I barley got the k*** in and she was like "Oh god stop, Too big, Too big" and she clamered into the back seat holding her p**** as she switched places with the brunette, The brunette laid on her back, Spread her legs and put her feet on my dash, I laid her seat all the way back so it was resting on the back seat and the other two made room. I licked her and when she was wet I started working it into her, She was super tight but I got about half of it in, Ash and the big titted blonde played with the brunettes little brown nips while I f***** her and in less than 5 minutes she came and begged me to stop, I pulled out and shook it at the big titted blonde who almost crawled across the brunettes face to get to me and I f***** her while the brunette watched from the corner and ash sucked her big pink nipples.
When I was done I came inside the blonde who seemed to have a bigger p**** than the other two and was more happy to have her feet on the roof of my car than anywhere else, I have 3 cameras in my car, Dome light, Dash and door and all three girls got recorded but the blonde put on the best show right after she came I did and when she stopped shaking she said "Did you?...No, No...Tell me you didn't, Please tell me you didn't", I just laughed and we all got dressed, I drove them back to town and the whole way she kept trying to get my number, i dropped them off at the brunettes house and they were all talking about how much s*** they were going to be in for skipping (Oops), The big t** blonde stood outside my window begging for my number while I kept pulling her t*** out of her top and finally I said "Why do you want my number?", She looked sad and said "I'm not on the pill" and I said "Stand back", She stood up and I peeled out with my finger out the window.
So after that I carried on my way, About an hour and a half from my friends I stopped in another town and it was a bit late but I found one girl outside a pub waiting for a cab, I showed her and asked if she was down but all she wanted to do was look and show me her b****, She had a kid before I would say and they were saggy and wrinkly but I played with them for a bit until I realized she wasn't going to do anything fun so I said "I am sorry but your t*** are ugly and they are making me limp, Do you wanna f*** or no?", She looked at her b**** and had tears in her eyes as she shook her head no and pulled her shirt down so I drove off.
Three days later I drove home but didn't stop anywhere, There was one more, Middle of the afternoon, Parking garage at the mall and a sexy little milf comes my way, I showed her and she bit her lip, Jumped in and told me to drive. Turn here, turn here, Keep going, Right here on the left. She made me pull into the garage of her house and we went inside, I used my phone to video tape her as we f***** all over the house, I had her on the floor in the living room, Big fake b**** jiggling as she moaned "Finger my ass, Finger my ass...ooooohhhhh fuuuuuucccckkkk yeeeesssss" and came all over the floor. She flopped her legs open and laid there in her own puddle and then rolled over, Grabbed a towel and started to mop up, I got on my knees behind her and she straddled the towel while I pounded her doggy style and thumbed her ass.
The whole time I was nailing her I kept looking around at her wedding rings, pictures of her and her husband and her four kids, Finally she said "Stop, Stop, Stop" and then she drug me into the shower, Her phone was dinging on the counter as she sucked me off in the shower and gobbled my load down. When we got out she said I need you to drive me back to the mall and took off her towel, I grabbed her and tossed her on the bed, She said "No, No, No, Not on the bed and i could only manage a half hard c*** but I shoved it in her and eventually did get it hard, She came a second time and I kept going until I dumped a second load inside her. We got up and she looked at the soaked bed and said "F***, I said not on the bed", We got dressed quickly and burned back to the mall, On the way I asked how old she was and she said "Why?", I said "I dunno...Cause you are f****** hot", She wouldn't tell me but when we got back to her car she said she had to get home and change then bedding but as she got out she said "1971" and walked away, That was this year (2020) so you do the math.
Well, There have been close to 50 since I started and not all work out great, Some just touch it, Some suck it but 19 have gotten it in them if you count sexy little Ash, and the school girls in small towns LOVE it, Most can't handle it and a lot end up in tears after but almost always they bring a friend who either watches or joins in at some point. 12 singles - and 5 times were with two or more and 4 of those were mid day or late day school girls and that doesn't count the school girls who just giggle and look or stroke it or suck it, there have been a lot of school girls in small towns. 1 time was just two s**** I picked up half a block from a nightclub and went to their appartment and talked them into going down on each other for apparently the first time.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • You are kind of a scumbag the way you treat the girls, but I like the exhibitionism. Done it many times. Like the LP idea

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