I am an idiot

I voted for trump and I've never regretted anything in my life half as much as I regret that. He is an organgrinder's monkey and a spectacular moron. Saddest of all, he can't even see how much of a fool he is making of himself AND our country. He surely does not deserve a second term . . . . but he will most likely be reelected, because the majority of the electorate is even stupider than he is. He fooled me once but never again.

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  • Good for you! With Obama we had steady growth. Hopefully, that will return when we dump Dumpty.

  • First no President has ever had to shut down a country and destroy our economy. He had to do it. We can all play Monday morning quarterback and be captain hind site. But before this pandemic started, the economy was strong , we had the lowest unemployment on record, He shut up North Korea no more nuke, missile testing. We got a fair trade agreement with China. Like it or not we where doing something about illegal immigration. And most important manufacturing in the USA was higher then the last thirty-five years and was still growing. This pandemic came from China and they are to blame for what's happing to us and the world. China needs to be held accountable for this and Trump will be the man to do it. Joe Biden will not have the b a l l s for it. As he is like Obama who let countries walk all over us, as all he cared about getting Obamacare passed and making sure it stayed that way. And don't get me started with Obamacrap as a healthcare system. Eight years of a stagnant economy and you want the vice President who was behind that trying to restart our economy again.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU&list=PLE88E9ICdipidHkTehs1VbFzgwrq1jkUJ&index=1

    watch these. Rich Central Bankers are the real ones that run the Country. Families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are worth Trillions thanks to the corrupt money system put in place. They control everything, Media, Politicians, hollywood, Big Pharma and other things. They purposely keep us divided.

  • They also start every single War

  • Do you really think it matters who you vote for? Deep State controls both parties. Just look into who prints your money and you begin to see how everybody is being screwed.

  • Yeah. I am sure you did. Kill yourself shill rat.

  • Everyone is overcomplicating the trouble with Trump. It's simple: the man is allergic to the truth. It turns his hair orange.

  • It turned his hair synthetic and his skin orange. Except for the purply bits around his eyes. Very attractive.

  • Dumbass

  • Awww, did somebody hurt your little feelings, MAGAT? That's really too bad. Go p*** on a hotwire fence.

  • Maxine Waters to Trump: "stop congratulating yourself!! You're afailure!!!!!"

  • You mean she should of said Obama is a FAILURE. His policies failed to break America. Which begs the question. Why do you who are free hate A free America? Why not go to Venezuela if you hate it here so much.

  • Why do YOU hate a free America whenever there's a Democrat in office? I know which one of you two I'D send to Venezuela.

  • Maxine Waters should not be calling anyone a failure, except herself. She is the stupidest woman in Congress. She looks like a raisin.

  • Thanks to Maxine!! That is the total truth!!!

  • How was all of that not plainly obvious to you before you voted?

    I don't know how to receive former-Trump confessions. It's like, good on you for seeing the light and all, but... just how hellbent on denial were you previously? Had you been in a coma? Sustained a head injury? Couldn't get laid and were bitter? Temporarily overtaken by drunken Thetans?

  • He was a business man and people though that was what Washington needed.

  • A very, very FAILED businessman. But people refused to see that; the childlike and unquestioning among us were capable only of being dazzled by the gold accessorizing and hearing (from the man's own mouth) how very great he is.

    People *that* easily distracted and lied to ought to not be allowed to vote. Or operate heavy machinery. Or reproduce.

  • No excuse. Businessman or not, he is either mentally or emotionally incompetent and only went after the job because it is literally the biggest one in the country.

  • More competent than Shillary and the savior Barry

  • How many failed businesses do Hillary and Barry own? How many contractors have they swindled? How many "universities" do they "run"? How many disgusting steaks have they stamped their names on? How did they avoid the military?

    We await your accurate and easily-referenced answers.

  • That WAS what people wanted. But he'bankrupted multiple businesses and he will soon bankrupt our country. He's toxic AF.

  • This country is bankrupt. Where have you been the last 50 years?

  • So the people voted for a businessman, which they thought Washington needed...

    ...and voted for a businessman with a very long track record of not just bankruptcies but also s******* over employees and contractors as a matter of course??

    Oh, but that's right. He's actively in love with himself and likes to put his name on large things, often in gold. So disregard that previous paragraph, because OBVIOUSLY he's competent and successful. (That was sarcasm, but it was also how many 'Muricans genuinely "think".)

  • ^ lol

  • Don't beat yourself up. He sold a mislabeled product to millions and millions of people. I think it speaks well of you that you're willing to admit to having buyer's remorse. My personal hope, and my prayer for this country, is that he won't be reelected , but I agree with you and bow to your prognostication skills. I, too, think it's nearly a foregone conclusion. As distasteful as it is, I'm going to support Biden (yes, with money), and then, come November, I'm going to hold my nose and vote for him, as well. I'm with you. I won't be chanting "FOUR MORE YEARS!". I'll bechanting "NO MORE YEARS!".

  • Joe Biden is out of his ever-loving mind and has no business even running for president. Your post shows your idiocy.

  • Omg, there was nothing "mislabeled" about his "product"! People just saw what they wanted to see, and ignored the pathology. And now that he's slipped enough that more pathology than distraction is showing, people are-- haha-- "waking up" to the fact that he's more sick in the head than he is entertaining. Neither of these are leadership qualities, so they displayed poor judgment when they voted in '16. They won't get applause from me for realizing they got played, not when intelligent people were screaming "YOU. ARE. GETTING. PLAYED." like every three seconds.

  • No! They didn’t want any part of Shillary.


  • This is nothing new. The serpent appealed to Adam's and Eve's egos (convincing them that they were God's equals, and thst he (the serpent) was on their side, working to better their poor situation, when all along he just wanted to drive a wedge between them and God. Does this not sound familiar?

  • He was a slick --- and sick--- combination of P.T. Barnum and Adolf Hitler. It won't work a second time.

  • It shouldn't have worked the first time!! All 2016 did was prove that too many Americans are idiots.

  • You mean 2012 and 2008

  • Try to keep up, sweetheart.


  • I hope you're right too, but don't underestimate just how many idiots are infesting this country. Stupid people have been allowed to breed unregulated for quite some time now.

  • I guess your speaking yourself and other high minded peoples on the East and left coast.

  • Aw, are we feeling inferior to people who are capable of thinking beyond the walls of their double-wide? Sad.

  • I hope you're right. After 2016, I lost my last ounce of hope that there are more intelligent Americans than idiots. It is going to take a LOT of dedicated work to win back that lost yardage, if it's even possible.

  • No. We’re sick of losing our freedom. And No, not the freedom’s your thinking about, pot, p*** etc.

  • Drain the swamp? No! Drain the White House!!!!

  • You had more faith than me.

  • I wish that someone would explain to him that word "please " rhymes with "knees" and not "frizz". He sounds like a huge 'tard every time he says that word. I mean, yeah, there's a lot more that makes him seem like a 'tard, but that is a really obvious sign.

  • So you really liked smooth talkin’ Barry? How did that okie doke go?

  • Explain to we grownups what you think an "okie doke" is.

  • Yes!! What you wrote is a perfect proof that there is NOBODY around this clown who's willing to tell him
    things he doesn't want to hear.....I'm glad you wrote what you wrote.

  • You’re easily impressed

  • There are people who tell him what he doesn't want to hear-- you can tell who by the elementary school type names he calls them on Twitter. Yah, SO presidential.

  • There are people who are willing to contradict him, yes, by they aren't around him, not close to him. All the people we might consider insiders are scared of him and his pathologies, so they don't offer contrarian views for fear of reprisal. They're what we called "Yes Men", in my day. Modern lingo? "B******".

  • No, the Yes Men are the ones actively encouraging him for whatever reason. The ones who know better who are just hunkered down and not saying anything are sheep.

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