My Online Friend and Me

Alright, this might be a long post but you need to know all the details before I get to the point.

I am talking to this guy online. We met on a dating site and ended up switching to discord (maybe 3 weeks in). Well, he isn't my type and I've told him that. Since then, he's been acting strange. He will text me in the middle of the day, knowing I'm at work, and he'll blow up my phone. 'I miss you,' 'respond soon', 'how is your day going'. Normal stuff for a woman, so I thought no biggie.

A month or so into talking on discord, he starts to tell me how he's shown my pictures to his friends, and they've rated me a 6/10. Obviously I'm upset, but I'm more upset by the fact that he would show his friends my pictures from the dating site. I delete my dating account on the spot, and ask him why. He says he doesn't know what I'm so upset about, he tells me I'm overreacting. That's fair I guess.

From this moment on, I started talking to him less. A week goes in between conversations, he's not happy about it. Eventually, he stops being weird and we share a good conversation. So I get online the next day to talk again, shoot the s***, pass memes back and forth, talk about whatever you know? He suddenly says that he's always loved me (we've known one another for about 3 months now). He's positive that we're soul mates, and that it is destiny that we found each other.

I kind of laughed it off. I realize he is serious, so I emphasize that we are friends and nothing more. He ends the conversation soon after this. I haven't been on discord to talk to him in about 8 days now. I'm afraid that he's taken our relationship a little too far.

I have told him multiple times that I don't like him. I've said (because he's normally polite) that I consider him a good friend. I've also told him some personal stuff, including my social anxiety disorder. He knows that I'm not going to date him, but has mentioned that he 'can't help but to imagine it'.

So, in your honest opinion- am I overreacting, or has this behavior gone too far? I don't want to cut all contact but I fear I might have to. He makes me extremely uncomfortable. I don't know what to do.

Mar 27, 2020

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